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By Steve Falconer

November 24, 2022

Dr Peter McCullough has recently come out with an article on Substack, falsely claiming through circular reasoning to have proof of isolation of the SARS-CoV-2 “virus”.

As they always do, he is citing a virology experiment that claims to have done such isolation in it’s conclusion, but showing that it clearly failed to do any such thing in it’s methodology section.

It does have pretty artistic pictures though, of normal dead cellular tissue debris fragments created by the cell culturing and electron microscopy procedures themselves.

You can read his full article here if you wish to redden your forehead with facepalms. https://petermcculloughmd.substack.com/p/electron-cryotomography-of-sars-cov?r=17h73c

The point of this article is not to debunk the fallacious paper McCullough presents as his “proof”.

That has already been thoroughly done by both Dr. Tom Cowan https://www.bitchute.com/video/Jau2sixlsnt3/

as well as Dr. Sam Bailey. https://drsambailey.com/dr-peter-mccullough-says-he-has-seen-a-picture-of-a-virus-up-close/

The point of this article is to simply look at McCullough’s opening statement and the ludicrous logical flaws in his opening argument, to question if this is perhaps why he does not seem to possess the basic logic needed to understand what isolation is and what isolation isn’t.

Not to mention why any experiment without strict, thorough and valid control experiments is pseudoscience, not science.

He comes out with the usual pretty artistic pictures and even admits so at the bottom, highlighted in yellow…

Exactly! Works of ART, not science or fact.  The next time you don’t believe a person can have a nose sticking out of the side of his right cheek,  show him a Picasso work of art.  What more “proof” do you need?

Let’s examine his opening statement and point out the fallacies in blue.

“Laboratory methods in virology are well accepted… 

By whom? Virologists? Of course they are.  That’s what they are taught to blindly accept and not question. You can “accept” that pulling the hearts out of sacrificial victims will appease the angry Sun God, but can you prove it?

and utilize a series of experiments to demonstrate cellular invasion, replication, transfer and repeated infection. 

There are valid and invalid experiments.  This beer can weighs as much as this candle. Therefore, it’s a candle.  The weight experiment was scientifically repeatable and verifiableTherefore, a valid experiment? Hardly.  

Whole genomic sequencing has aided in identification of variants and subvariants and helped greatly in forecasting what is coming next.

Genomic assembling is not the same as genomic sequencing and the world’s top geneticists in 2006 all agreed and admitted genomes are not static and constant but ever-changing constantly. 

If it were real science, it wouldn’t be aiding in and helping greatly in forecasting anything.  That would imply that another factor was being used to make these assumptions and not the genomics themselves.  What are they helping and aiding?  A crutch helps and aids you in walking, but certainly does not walk for you. 

A mouse is alleged to have a 97.5% genetic match to a human.  Does that make a mouse a human variant? If so, shouldn’t you go to jail for murder for setting up mouse traps in your basement?

The CDC Nowcast system is an excellent application of targeted sequencing of viral samples.

A giant net, pulley and lever is an excellent application for catching unicorns and pink flying elephants. That doesn’t mean using them will actually catch one.

Nonetheless, some have said if SARS-CoV-2 cannot be cultured like a bacteria and “isolated” then it does not exist.

They would be correct.  They are the same size as much smaller bacteriophage and the technology to isolate them has been around longer than any of us. Molecular chemists and biologists isolate much smaller things.

I have always responded that the principles of laboratory virology, sequencing, and the mass production of viruses such as that done by the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems are concrete processes that rely on the presence of the virus. 

The actual definition of a principle is a basic truth, law or assumption.  I have always responded that the principles of the Taliban oppressing women are sound and correct, as they have been well thought out and practiced for hundreds or thousands of years by experts in oppressing women.

My understanding from the body of medical literature and firsthand clinical experience are consistent with the conclusion that COVID-19 is indeed a unique illness distinguishable from influenza and other viral infections.

My understanding of the Bible is that a guy named Jonah literally got swallowed by a whale, somehow lived inside it for 3 days under water without oxygen to breathe and then got spat out on shore and lived to tell about it.  That doesn’t mean it’s not an allegory and I failed to understand the literature I read correctly. 

The FDA announced on 7/21/2021 that their PCR test couldn’t tell the difference between alleged Sars-Cov-2 and Influenza viruses.  Clinical diagnoses are just a doctor’s best guess opinion, based on what they can remember from med school decades before and what they guess might be going on. 

Anyone can guess what Wednesday’s lotto numbers might be, but that doesn’t mean that’s what they will be.

I have always been impressed with the absence of bacterial superinfection and micro- and macro-thrombosis being features that separate COVID-19 from influenza and other viral syndromes.

I’ve always been impressed with the absence of bacterial superinfection and macro thrombosis being features that separate a vodka hangover from a Covid clot-shot injection.

Calder, et al, at the Francis Crick Institute has gone a step farther with advanced forms of electron microscopy to see the virus up close and personal.”

As if the thousands of other people who have been looking into electron microscopes for 80 years didn’t know how to do it. 

If the Francis Crick Institute is that advanced in electron microscopy, why can’t they see a virus particle “up close and personal” right in the sputum sample taken directly from a sick patient?

If you want to read a real virology paper by someone who really understands virology and basic logic, I can highly recommend Dr Mark Bailey’s paper, “A Farewell to Virology”. You can read it here: https://drsambailey.com/a-farewell-to-virology-expert-edition/