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I Reserve All Rights… All Rights Reserved

The NAME Game, How it Works

By Graham in Cornwall

If any so-called AUTHORITY comes to your home, do not open the door. Never, never…let them in. 

Do not engage with them unless you are forced. It’s the same if you are approached when out in public; or anywhere.

If they do, we are now down to using just four words when speaking to AUTHORITY.

I reserve all rights“.

That’s the only statement you need to make, nothing else!

Occasionally, you will want to be asking one question. “Am I free to go?

Repeat both phrases as is necessary.Apart from that, stay focussed and keep your mouth shut! 

When you receive an offer of CONTRACT, where there is a demand for money by letter, and you’ve received no services for it, such as a speeding ticket or parking fines etc:

If you open the letter to read it, do so as carefully as you can. Put the document(s) back in the SAME envelope, then re-seal it with adhesive tape. Put a white sticky label over either the envelope window or your name and address, and write:
Return to sender
All rights reserved.

When signing off on any Commercial document, always write below your signature:

John Doe
All rights reserved.

But WHY is all of this necessary and in your best interest and self-protection?

Your name is written many different ways on various legal and commercial documents…for example:

1. JOHN DOE – THE CORPORATION/COMPANY NAME – TESCO, Morrisons, WOOLWORTHS, Boots, ETC. Also used in writing*. All upper case letters or symbols.

2. John Doe – The Contracting name. Used in Commerce & writing*. Both upper and lower case letters.

It is crucial that you fully understand that both names in bold above are NOT YOUR names. Please understand the true meaning of both before you play. Otherwise, you will lose the game

They both belong to THE GOVERNMENT.

You have a receipt using either one of them from the Government, via a COPY of your Birth Certificate. usually in the top left hand corner, you will have a stock number. example: KC213456. 

Your parents register you at birth as livestock, human resources, property of the Government, just like cattle on a farm, and you are given fictional names and numbers to identify you as both their property and to differentiate you from their other owned human cattle property.

3. john doe – is your real name, your ONLY name. It is your god-given name.

Only this all lower case (true english) name is your name. when challenged by so-called AUTHORITY, always “act” under this name.

It is yours, given to you through your parents and by god (grantor of dominion). 

They cannot ‘do business’ with your god-given name, so they want you to submit to their names.

john doe lives only under god’s law. “cause no harm or loss”; and nothing else.

The other JOHN DOE and John Doe live under fictional, Corporate, Commerce, Maritime, Commercial and Statutory law owned, controlled and dictated by the law society, i.e. the GOVERNMENT.


(For more information, search “The Justinian Deception” by Romley Stewart.)

lower case is the only english language there is in god’s kingdom, so stand in god’s law and feel the power! Although we use the two together in writing, as done in this article and most common taught writing, in the eyes of  common law, this is a mixture of two jurisdictions, which is not possible and makes all so-called legal/commercial documents null & void; but that’s another story.

If they come for your Children…they can take them. However, they cannot take your property!

“I reserve all rights and he’s/she’s/these/is/are my property”.

* To the best of my knowledge, this has not been tried nor undertaken in the UK. However, in the USA, Karl Lentz successfully got his son back from the state by claiming the child was “His Property”.

“THE NAMES GAME” is all about staying out of court. It’s about having “no contact” with any so-called AUTHORITY. 

Use whatever of the above you need to keep it that way. It’s simple. No contact = No Contract. And everything is about contracting. Everything!

We were all deceived. Our parents unknowingly and unwittingly gave away our power at birth. By reserving all of your “God given rights” you are taking back what is rightfully yours.

It’s all about losing the fear. They may kidnap you for a period of time into temporary custody and try to wear you down, but stand firm and dig in. They can’t ARREST you because you’ve caused no harm or loss. Keep reminding yourself of that. Sooner or later, they will have to let you go.

JOHN DOE and John Doe may be punished for violating victimless statutory rules of their GOVERNMENT Legal Society, since they are both the property of that GOVERNMENT, but john doe in all lower case is not bound by any of those rules, as no fictional society comes between him and his creator… and he must cause another soul harm or loss to be judged or punished.

If you cannot avoid contact with members of a GOVERNMENT Legal Society, like the police or a Judge, and they try to question or address you, john doe as JOHN DOE or John Doe, remember:

I reserve all rights“.

That’s the only statement you need to make, nothing else!

You need not bother with the other Freeman / Strawman hassles that are taught, BUT they may also be helpful in certain situations while in police custody or being addressed by a judge, if they are taking actions that are not respecting your reserved rights, such as:

1. “are you addressing me?” (the living man john or john doe, NOT the corpse John Doe or JOHN DOE)
2. “is this a civil or criminal matter?” (civil means legal statute rules of their law society that apply to JOHN DOE and John Doe, criminal means harm or loss was caused and applies also to john doe )
3. “who is the injured party?”  (Present the accuser that claims john doe has caused them harm or loss)
4. “i will neither assist or resist”. (Do not resist police orders and instructions but don’t follow them. Make them undress you, walk you, dress you, but do not resist or fight while they do it. Stay passive)

If you are DETAINED – (highly unlikely) “take me before a judge”…where you start the same procedure again until you win.

I reserve all rights“.

if you stand before god, you cannot lose. you have caused no harm or loss. and that’s gods law. The highest law in the land and the law of the western / european lands of christian culture.

If you must speak, you may wish to ask: “Are you asking me to testify against myself?” A totally unanswerable question. I reserve all rights.

If you have material up for the viewing of the general public, such as videos or articles on social media platforms, you should also put a disclaimer and clarify: I reserve all rights. All rights reserved.

The first time you try this, the adrenalin will be pumping and you will probably find it tough going. However, if a 67 year old man not in the best of health can do it, so can you. And winning, is euphoric. Oh! Winning is so euphoric! 

All rights reserved. I reserve all rights.