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Stoneman Douglas False Flag Inquiry: Shomrim, Chabad and DNP. When the unspeakable becomes Unspeakable. Could it Lead to 5G PATSCAN Microwave Technology in all Florida Schools and Nationwide?

the crew

By Areyou Sure, with special thanks and research by Annie Logical and Yoichi Shimatsu

The following information is highly occulted from the general public and target number one for censorship and removal.  It is complex and detailed, so apologies for the volume of this article, but the details and proof that Nicholas Cruz is a patsy and was not part of the three man shooter team dictate the length of this article, as they are many.

On Thursday, February 15th at 1 p.m., Florida legislators were set to pass Senate bill SB740, which was filed November 2, 2017, was set to go to appropriations for funding.  This bill had snuck a startling proposal into the bottom of a 98-page agricultural appropriations bill, SB 740, that would force the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to grant a concealed-carry permit within 90 days of filing — even if the applicant’s background check has not yet been completed.

Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam personally asked legislators to tuck the provision into the bill. There appears to be no rhyme or reason for the measure — no one has offered a full explanation as to how it would help public safety, other than arguing that “more guns make people safer.” (A companion bill, HB 553, easily passed through committee and awaits a floor vote in the House.)

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 08.38.27

Just three weeks before, the company Patriot One Technologies released it’s 2018 goals for it’s PATSCAN Cognitive Microwave Radar concealed weapons detection system.  This will run hand in hand with the upcoming 5G network and Internet of Things (IoT).  If you’ve never heard of this company or product, please read the above link.  You’ll be seeing this name more and more in future school shootings in Florida, the midwest and Canada this year.

So what is PATSCAN and what does it do? Taken from their website:

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 08.45.58

As they announced January 25, 2018:

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 08.59.04

Did you catch that?

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 08.48.00

It is no secret that gun and ammunition sales immediately skyrocket in the US after every reported mass shooting.

It is also no secret that the NRA has paid millions of dollars to high-ups in the Trump administration, congress and even Florida lawmakers to pass legislation to loosen gun laws and background checks to make it easier for unstable crazies on psychotropic drugs to buy high end fire arms and bullets, but WHY?

An average AR-15 costs anywhere from $700 to $900 and if you want to customize or trick it out to blow away 30 people quickly, you are looking at upwards of $1,200 to $2,200 plus $150 for 500 rounds of basic copper ammunition.

Aren’t there plenty of well off, responsible gun customers enough out there to keep the gun market going?  Aren’t the police, military, national guard and militia factions buying enough?

Do the NRA and gun manufacturers want us to believe that unemployed teenage psychopaths on psychotropic drugs, who can’t afford to fill their gas tank or eat at a fancy restaurant, are the best or even needed customer market niche for a $2,000 killing machine?  Or is it possible something else is going on?

Given the fact that an estimated 170 million to 360 million men, women and children were victims of government Democide in just the 20th century alone, you would have to be insane to support all out government gun bans and gun confiscation.

But you would have to be equally insane to not support certain common sense gun laws, regulations and background checks that ensure that guns don’t easily fall into the hands of highly unstable or psychotic people.

So are we to believe that these millionaire politicians are so greedy that they are willing to shrug all ethics and morality, to accept NRA bribes that are insubstantial compared to their total wealth?  Are we to believe they are just crazy and moronic to the point of no common sense whatsoever?   Or is it possible something else is going on?

In 1991, former Naval sergeant, author and radio host  William Milton Cooper (aka Bill Cooper) wrote the following about what is now commonly referred to as the “Deep State” in his book, Behold a Pale Horse:

Bill cooper

Nearly all of these school shootings have a few things in common.

  • Confusion.
  • Stories and timelines that don’t make any common sense or add up to the average person.
  • Conflicting reports and widely differing eyewitness accounts, including changing number of victims.
  • Reports of multiple shooters or number of shooters.
  • Strange unemotional or laughing victims, witnesses and relatives on the mainstream TV news screens. They often seem to lack any compassion, sensitivity, fear or most human natural qualities of those who witness and experience trauma.
  • Strange “on the scene” interviews with the same few witnesses with blatant studio green screen backgrounds.
  • A lack of multiple witnesses for television interviews; it is always the same few people giving interviews all day and night on all of the different channels.
  • Changing stories and timelines by law enforcement, media and witnesses.
  • An immediate relative and eyewitness call on gun laws or gun bans (or inflamed anti-gun lobby, as Bill Cooper called it) who seem to be reading from scripts and not speaking from the heart, often accompanied by seemingly fake tear-less crying.
  •   Some kind of vehicle or person with Free-masonic regalia on display for media shots.
  • A “drill” going on that same day for the same scenario, either nearby or at the actual location itself.
  • Cached and dated articles on Google search results from 1 to 3 days prior to the event giving details of the location of the shooting and number of victims, days before it happened and often later changed or deleted by Google.
  • Recently turned off or removed security cameras and lack of police body cameras.
  • Often a lack of birth records for victims, no obituaries, registration on the Social Security death records or in FBI shooting statistics by State.
  • Unusual Police and FBI incompetence (they may have some expected corruption, but incompetent they are not)
  • School will be torn down immediately and no professional clean up crew ordered.
  • Strange emphasis on unimportant details in all of the media reports about the shooters height, weight, age, exact time to the minute of the events, accompanied by an obsession with numbers in media reports (more on that later in the gematria examination)
  • The name of the town and or school having an exact numerological match with the date and often time of the shooting.
  • A young, deranged, loner type killer in psychotherapy and on psychotropic drugs, known already by the FBI and by police arriving on the scene of the shootings.  This shooter is either shot dead on the scene or turns up in court looking completely drugged up and zoned out and admits to everything.  They evade local security, easily hide and conceal large guns and ammo and seem to be able to bypass door buzzers and security cameras, if there even are any.
  • An AR-15 Assault Rifle.


Given the strange phenomenon of the above mentioned consistencies with all of these US school shootings, the strange gun policies of the US lawmakers,  the PATSCAN 2018 Florida goal, the timing of Florida gun control bills SB 740, HB 553, HB 6013 and the fact that the February 14th Stoneman Douglas shooting matched nearly every single one of the above mentioned checklist points, there is no wonder that the alternative media and researchers are screaming false flag right now.

In fact, before you continue this article, which will touch on many of these points in detail, I encourage you to read this bullet point list compiled by the journalist Annie Logical to show you just how absurd this Stoneman Douglas event is and how all of the above bullet points have happened on this school shootingYou can review them here.

Have you read it? It sounds unbelievable, right?  That’s because is it simply that.

What is a false flag?  The official definitions are:  A political or military act orchestrated in such a way that it appears to have been carried out by a party that is not in fact responsible  Or A flag flown to disguise the true identity or affiliation of a ship.

Sometimes lots of innocent people are actually killed in false flags.  Sometimes nobody is hurt, paid crisis actors are used so it is just made to look like people were killed.  Sometimes both.  Sometimes it is actually just some bat shit crazy loner with a gun and a grudge and nothing better to do than kill people.

The desired psychological effect on the public and desired political aims are both achieved in all of the above cases.  In false flags, a team of what are known as crisis actors are already there on the scene to pretend they were either victims of or witnesses to the event, to steer the television media and newspaper journalists to tell the story-line that they want the public to see, not actually the truth of what really happened there that day.  They have many reasons to do it.  Money.  They agree with the political aims of the event and feel the end justifies the deception and means.  They like the attention.  They are being blackmailed, bribed or offered reduced sentences for other things by law enforcement in exchange for participating.  There are many reasons.

By now you have probably seen Stoneman Douglas senior David Hogg on CNN  with his retired FBI father, defending himself from the accusations by alternative media and researchers that he was a crisis actor, and that his presence there proves that it was a pre-planned false flag and even, as some claim, that nobody really died that day.

David was the one who was turning up on various news channels and rallies claiming that first 4, then 3 then 2 of his sisters friends died in the shooting, then 3 again.  He was on blatantly obvious studio green screens during some of these interviews.  One would think you wouldn’t mix up those kinds of details in an event as horrific as this, especially if 4 of your sister’s friends made up nearly 1/4th of the total 17 shot, what horribly impossible odds and coincidence.  He was also the one who was filming students about taking away guns at 9:32 a.m. that morning, nearly 5 hours before the actual shooting took place.


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.43.46

The fake story that he was not really a student at Stoneman Douglas started from a twitter post and video by Laguna Beach Antifa claiming that he went to Redondo Shores High School in California and graduated back in 2015.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 14.51.56

It was then compounded by the fact that David Hogg just happened to appear on CBS Los Angeles on a vacation trip last year after filming a video that went viral on social media of a lifeguard on a power trip over his friend setting his body board on a garbage can.  Someone made a fake news meme that went viral claiming he was on CBS news reporting a shooting, which was not in fact the truth.

hog and cohort

That coupled with the viral photos of him wearing CNN T-shirts and sitting at a CNN desk on a tour is what set the alarm bells off for everyone.


It needs to be remembered that just because David Hogg is not a crisis actor imported from California, it does not mean he is not acting as a crisis actor in some form or another to steer the narrative of the Stoneman Douglas shooting.

While it is easily explainable that David’s good looks, professional etiquette on camera and experience as a school journalist are the reasons he is both the best spokesman for the Stoneman Douglas shooting and the media darling camera food preferred by the mainstream media outlets, there are a few things David Hogg has done that the mainstream media is not telling you about or showing you.  Each on their own can be written off or forgiven, but taken as a whole, alarm bells should be going off.

First of all, David Hogg told Fox News in this interview that “First I heard one gun shot and we thought it was a drill.  After we heard that gunshot, we headed down the way because the person who was shooting up the school pulled the fire alarm to get more soft targets so we headed down the way to get to our zone for the fire.”

How did he know a person was shooting up the school if they heard one gun shot and thought it was a drill?  How did he know the shooter pulled the fire alarm? Why would he say that?

Later in that Fox interview, he claims they ran into a large group of people who were running down the hall, so they started running with them.  Sounds like a smart enough plan.  But that he says “little did we know we were running right towards the shooter.”

Are they all deaf or stupid? Why would a group of people all be running towards the gunshot or shooter instead of away from him?

Then he claims the janitor and another teacher “saved hundreds of lives because they stopped all the students and got them in one single room” which he immediately follows by saying “there were easily 30 or 40 of us packed in together for like an hour-ish.”

He told a similar story to CNN on that day, but in that interview, because he is in the senior building, he claims they were all going towards the freshman building because that was their designated code red space, when the janitor cut them all off and turned them back because the shooter was in that dorm.  He also told them they thought it was a very well executed and realistic drill at first.

This could be easily written off except that while he is allegedly hiding in this room with the 30 or 40 people who are hiding from a gunman on a rampage, he decides calmly to pull out his telephone and start making two videos on his cellphone.

Sure, you’ll say he’s a student journalist, he’s got the scoop of his lifetime here and won’t pass it up.  Fair play, but as you watch this video, be aware of these things:

  • Notice his calm demeanor.
  • Does he look like he just ran down a hall and is hiding from a gunman?
  • Why is he talking out loud when they are trying to hide from a gunman? Shouldn’t they be dead quiet? Why is everyone talking around him?
  • Where are the 30 or 40 students packed into the room?
  • Listen at 34 seconds in he says “initially we thought it was a drill, cuz we had had a fire drill that day.   If they just had a fire drill that morning, why did he not say “we had just had a fire drill today”, or “we had just had a fire drill this morning?”   Who on earth would say that day for something that just happened hours ago, allegedly?

Here is the video, which was posted in the Sun Sentinel, the Broward County newspaper.


As if this isn’t strange enough, at 51 seconds into that same video on the Sun Sentinel just posted, he starts to interview “several students” according to the news anchor, and a student student named Isabelle Robinson.  Watch the video from 51 seconds and notice these things.

  • Where are the 30 to 40 people crammed into the room? Who is the woman in the pink walking casually behind her on the left?
  • Why are they talking in the background and doing interviews and talking while hiding from a gunman?
  • Why won’t Isabelle look at the camera?
  • Why is she talking about gun control issues instead of making a last testimonial or telling her family she loves them?
  • Pay close close attention to where the media cut her face when she turns away from the camera and looks to her right, our left!

Now I’m going to show you the same video, but the longer version of it, that the mainstream media cut out.

  • Notice what she says, which the Sun Sentinel cut out.
  • More importantly, notice her face when she turns away from the camera.  Why is she smiling and laughing?

But more importantly, notice at 28 seconds the interview he does with a girl named Alex View, right after the Isabelle Robinson!

  • Why does he say “This is Alex View, this recording is taken at 9:32 February 14th, 2018″?  The shooter allegedly entered the building at 2:21 in the afternoon and started shooting around 2:30 in the afternoon.
  • How in the hell is David Hogg making these gun control interview videos 5 hours before the shooting even took place?

Again, How in the hell is David Hogg making these gun control interview videos 5 hours before the shooting even took place? Why?

To top that off, David then changed his story after several mainstream media interviews.  He told most of the press he was in class when they heard the first “pop” go off, meaning gunfire.  But in this interview, he told the interviewer that he wasn’t in school that day and that he heard about the shooting, got on his bike, rode three miles to school to interview classmates in the middle of this mass shooting.

To make matters worse, these photos went viral as well.

usual suspects



the crew

david hogg 3

All anti-gun activists and on camera, very serious and disturbed with a great massage.  So why is everyone laughing their asses off and having a grand old time after just going through the biggest school shooting in history?

You can see it is daylight in the first picture, so these had to have been taken right after the shooting, not later that night.  Sure, you might be excited to meet the news crew and be on TV, but didn’t 17 of your fellow students just get murdered and 14 others injured (on February 14th)?   David even had a wardrobe change for the interviews.  He is seen wearing a black t-shirt in the news interviews and on Fox.  We know the Fox interview was the 14th because the interviewer has her ash cross on her forehead.  In school that day he is wearing a black button down on the media interviews.  Was he put through wardrobe right after a mass shooting? Perhaps.

As for the fire drill that David alleged happened earlier “that day” in his Sun Sentinel video, there is no mention of it on the Stoneman Douglas daily announcements.  I checked all the way back from December and there isn’t one mention of a fire drill or shooter drill to be held on February 14th or any other day.  You can check for yourself here.    Here is the daily announcements for February 14th at Stoneman Douglas. No drill mentioned.  This is not to say it couldn’t have been a surprise fire drill, there are other witnesses who claimed there were a drill that day.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 15.32.05

If you go to 3:01 in this video, this witness says they have been running these drills and so they all thought it was a drill at first.  She also mentions 3 shooters, definitely 3 shooters!  We’ll get back to her testimony again later, but please listen to what she is saying.  Does this match the story that Sheriff Israel and the mainstream media are giving us?


Stacey Lippel is a language arts teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. That afternoon, she was in her creative writing class when she heard a “popping sound” followed by the fire alarm moments later. She unlocked her classroom door and a flood of students came running in. (ABC News)

In the video below, Lippel told ABC’s Good Morning America what happened next (1:18):

“And then I suddenly saw the shooter… standing in the hallway, actively shooting down the hallway. Just a barrage of bullets. And I’m staring at him, thinking, ‘Why is the police here?’ This is strange ’cause he’s in full metal garb — helmet, face mask, bullet-proof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before.

I don’t know when I decided that it was the right time to close the door. I grabbed the handle with both hands, and that’s when I got nicked [pointing to her upper left arm] or grazed, or whatever you call it.”

At the 2:04 mark, Lippel says:

I had a good visual of him [the shooter].

”This witness here also claimed she thought it was a drill, and that there was gunpowder all over the floor.  She said it seemed so fake, and that the reason she thought it was a drill was because they had heard rumors that police were going to do a code red drill with fake guns at the school.  Is that David Hogg standing next to her?

But an eyewitness saw Cruz arriving at the school in a small, gold-colored vehicle (the Uber), wearing a maroon shirt, black pants, and a black hat and carrying a black duffel bag and backpack. The eyewitness watched as Cruz, still wearing a maroon shirt, black pants and a black hat, walked towards one of the school buildings. Moments later gunshots were heard.

Recall that according to the official timeline, 2 minutes 33 seconds after he had been dropped off by Uber, Cruz walked to began shooting, where he was seen by teacher Stacey Lippel as dressed “in full metal garb — helmet, face mask, bullet-proof armor”.

Here’s the official timeline issued by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel himself:

  • 2:19 pm: Uber driver drops off confessed shooter Nikolas Cruz at MSD School at 5901 NW Pine Island Road, Parkland.
  • 2:21 pm: Two minutes later, Cruz enters the east stairwell with a rifle inside a black soft case. He exits the stairwell after pulling the rifle out of the case.
  • 2:21:33 pm: 2 minutes 33 seconds after he was dropped off by Uber, Cruz begins shooting at classrooms 1215, 1216 and 1214; returns to classrooms 1216 and 1215, and then to classroom 1213. He then takes the west stairwell to the second floor. He shoots one victim in classroom 1234. In all, the shooting lasted 5 minutes 27 seconds.
  • 2:27 pm: Cruz takes the east stairwell to the third floor. He drops his rifle and backpack and runs down the stairs. He exits building 12 and runs toward the tennis courts.
  • 2:29 pm: Cruz takes a southbound turn, crosses fields and runs west along with others who are fleeing and tries to mix in with the group running away.
  • 2:50 pm: Cruz arrives at the Walmart at 6001 Coral Ridge Drive, buys a drink at the Subway inside and leaves on foot.
  • 3:01 pm: Cruz arrives at the McDonald’s at 5741 Coral Ridge Drive, sits down for a short time and leaves on foot.
  • 3:41 pm: A Coconut Creek Police Department officer detains Cruz at 4700 Wyndham Lakes Drive. He is positively identified and taken into custody.

Recall also the testimony of Alexa Miednik, who said she was walking with Nikolas Cruz after she had heard shots being fired, and told Cruz she was glad “it wasn’t him” who was doing the shooting.

So we are to believe that in the space of 2 minutes 33 seconds, Nikolas Cruz managed to:

  • Walk from the curb where the Uber driver had dropped him off, to the east stairwell.
  • Put on a full metal garb of helmet, face mask, and bullet-proof armor, and began shooting.

It was also reported that Cruz was in the care of two doctors who specialized in the same voice to skull technology that Dr. Barry Trower discusses at 11:07 in this video here..

But more on that later, back to the drills.

Here, teacher Melissa Falkowski confirms that it was indeed the second time that day that the fire alarm went off.

David Hoggs himself says he thought it was a drill to CNN in this full interview.

In fact all of them mention they had been doing drills since back from break and all thought it was another drill.  Now it is possible the gunman somehow knew this and took advantage of it, but still it raises suspicion.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 14.37.54

What raised more suspicion was when this video surfaced of David Hogg being fed his lines by a mainstream media news camera man.  He was not telling the story as it happened, it was clear he wanted to mention the multiple drills but was being told not to.  Also Youtube has been censoring and striking this video from channels left and right, as quickly as they get posted.


This is also why everyone insisted that he must be a crisis actor.  At any rate, it shows he is being directed what to say to help steer and spin the desired media agenda.

Before we go into depth about the actual false flag itself, it’s important to dispel one more of the myths going around.  This happens before all of these false flag shootings.

There were videos and screen shots of Google searches showing that this event was cached and posted in several publications already on February 12th and 13th, days before the shooting happened.  These articles even had the number of victims correct, the name of the school, etc.


It needs to be cleared up that these articles were not posted days before the shooting!  When a page lacks a meta date tag (or a more modern meta article:published_time tag), Google has to try to find the date itself, and it picks the first one on the the page, that was the date from something else, usually an advertisement on the top of the page.  You can see the Broward county one debunked here.

Alternative media and false flag watchers had been ready with eyes on Broward County for months before this shooting happened.  Researchers Ole Dammegård and Zachary K Hubbard had noticed that the gematria, numerology and a photo-shopped clue in the alleged picture of Stephen Paddock in the Las Vegas false flag pointed to a next false flag shooting in the vacinity of FLL, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport and the shape of Broward County with an arrow pointing to th next location.

Ole had been on several radio programs since the Vegas false flag predicting exactly this and Zachary K Hubbard called the Valentines Day date as the perfect day for it to happen.


We will get more into the Freemasonic gematria and numerology used in these rituals at the very end of this article.

First we need to talk about the shooter, Nicholas Cruz.  Despite the fact that several teachers and students described three shooters wearing black unmarked special forces outfits, body armor and face-masks, similar to the ones the IDF uses in Palestinian raids, Nicholas did claim to have heard voices in his head and claimed to be the sole shooter.  But is it possible there is more to the story?  Who is this kid?

There are parts of this story that raise huge questions.

  • Why did a 19 year old kid who had been expelled from school shoot up the freshman building full of 15 year olds he didn’t know and not the senior building full of those students and teachers he would have known and hated?
  • How did he manage to kill 17 people and wound 14 (on Feb 14th) in 6 minutes, when gun experts and police are saying it’s pointless to arm teachers because it’s hard to accurately shoot a moving target, let alone kill them.  This untrained kid managed a 55% kill ratio out of all of the victims allegedly hit, something any special forces gunman would boast.
  • How did he manage to pull three separate fire alarms in three different buildings within 10 seconds of each other if he was acting alone as the sheriff, FBI and media have told us?
  • How did he get past deputy officer Scott Petersen, slip through the security cameras (which were taken down, we’ll get into that later in this article) and get into the locked doors of the school?
  • Why did the story keep changing on his background, history, parents, etc?
  • Why did one student claim she was walking out next to him when they were finally evacuating and he seemed unarmed and unaware, while they were both hearing gun shots going off?
  • Why did he go directly to a local McDonalds and Subway to eat if he knew the entire police force was outside looking for him?  Who is hungry after an extreme adrenaline rush, when adrenaline is a known hunger blocker?
  • How did he slip past police when police radio scanners reveal they knew his name and identity when they finally stormed the building?
  • Why did Coral Springs police say there were 4 Broward County Sheriffs outside the school waiting behind their car and allowing him to shoot up the building, when they already knew his name and identity and that he was acting alone?
  • Why would a kid who had just inherritted $800,000 throw that all away by shooting up a school and risking being shot to death or certainly life in prison?
  • Why were groups claiming he was affiliated with them when he was proven not to be?
  • Why does the video phone camera footage from students in the school show a SWAT team coming in through the building, telling kids to put their phones down and stop filming, or dragging kids out, if the Broward County Sheriffs and Coral Springs sheriffs turned up to stop the shooting?
  • Why was this kid under the care of Dr. Lupin, of all people, and why did the media keep changing his name several times after the story if police and teachers already knew who he was?

So teachers and students reported three shooters.  Who’s three bags are being removed here in this video?

So if Nicholas Cruz is a patsy who couldn’t possibly have done this and was drugged, bribed or coerced into confession and there were indeed three shooters as witnesses said, drills going on that day and David Hogg and his father involved, who did do this and why?  It is clear to see the massive 33 million dollar Soros funded campaign these 5 kids have embarked on.  They are on the cover of every major magazine and newspaper.  They are professional anti-gun lobbyists now instead of high school seniors who just went through the most horrendous school shooting in Florida history.  It is clear to see this is all propaganda.  As Bob Dylan rightly said, all is phony.

The brilliant journalist Yoichi Shimatsu has done extensive and brilliant work uncovering the plot, so it will be best to relay the most important parts of his research here.

Honoring the fallen with blessings from Saint Valentine, let us bow our heads to the children denied their adulthood and grieve with their loved ones, so that their souls may find the peace in eternity that is so absent from this terrifying world. In the turmoil of conflicted emotions of sorrow for the innocent and fear of the perpetrators, we must find the strength to hold onto the cold clarity required to prevent more such evil deeds in this endless coil of mass murder. In the wake of tragedy, let us muster the courage to face the harsh facts to learn how to prevent a repetition and save the young ones.

Let us not resort to easy outs or cheap shots, for example the politicized bandwagon against the citizenry’s right to self-defense, since these sorts of anti-social crimes arise from political “necessity” born of ambition, greed and anxiety in the human heart. They will surely strike again, and our defenses must be strong and resilient. Uncovering the complex of motivating forces and quelling the corruption that eats away at a nation’s moral core requires lifelong commitment, not one-shot panacea. We must stay the course.

Teachers, protectors of the children, at least those who are capable should bear arms in line with the spirit and the letter of Second Amendment. Qualified parents should also enlist in a school guard on a voluntary basis, or as emergency responders after background checks, of course. As shown time and again, paid security men cannot be as reliable and dedicated as members of the community organized in a citizen militia of a free and indivisible society, as also mandated in the same clause of the Bill of Rights.

Incoming Evidence

Over the past week, more pieces of the puzzle have emerged from witness testimony, confirming the initial analysis presented in the earlier two parts of this series. Here, in Part 3, other key elements involved in this heinous crime are probed. These include:

– description of the body armor and tactics of the reported three assailants are here compared with the IDF (Israel Defense Force) commando operations in Gaza, for which local Shomrim vigilantes have volunteered and participated (see part 2 for an expose of Shomrim cultist movement and its links with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel);

– the falsified public report by the Zionist ADL (Anti-Defamation League) in less than a day of the shooting, claiming suspect/patsy Nikolas Cruz is a member of a white supremacist organization; whereas in fact his bloodline is Jewish;

– the psychologist for Nikolas Cruz whose background in research for Army Intelligence focused on neuron-control systems is disclosed here, along with questions about the lad’s earlier confinement in state juvenile and psychiatric facilities; and

– more details about the Cruz family fortune left to stepson Nikolas.

The Real Deal, Not a Drill

Now allow me to set aside the erroneous assumption that easily arises from this sort of incident. The suspicion that a “drill” was held at Parkland school on St. Valentine’s day lacks support from facts on the ground. The school resource officer (SRO, security guard) in charge of emergency drills, Deputy Scott Petersen, was not present on the school premises that afternoon but was “called away”, probably by the Sheriff’s Office. The SRO is personally in charge of running all emergency drills. His absence has not only gone unexplained, Sheriff Israel lied that he was presence somewhere on campus.

The presumption of a drill arises from the confusion over the Code Red alert just prior to the shootings. That automated lock-down was immediately followed by three separate fire alarms in different buildings, which electronically unlocked the classroom doors and compelled the students to evacuate through hallways where they came under direct gunfire. One assailant fired down a hallway prior to a fire alarm in building 1200, an out of sync sequence that proves teamwork than the actions of a lone gunman.

The fact that gunmen had timed the three alarms by their slightly differing wristwatches indicated that they maintained complete cell phone and radio walkie-talkie silence, to avoid intercepts over local mobile-phone bay stations. The strike team had entered the high-security school compound on the park-like campus without detection, meaning they had prior access to security codes, site layout and the class schedule. In other words, these were not outsiders but men within the Parkland community.

There were no crisis actors, at least not yet. Witness accounts indicate that classmates were gunned down without time for a stage crew to apply fake blood or to paint bullet holes on foreheads. The gunshot wounds were genuine and lethal, splattering and spurting bright crimson blood, with not much some moaning due to the high kill ratio, which indicates prior battle experience of these commandos. Indeed, the attackers could have easily killed many more students but, from the numbers count, had limited their firing to tally a preassigned quota. In-depth foreknowledge and precision pre-planning were clearly evident.

None of the students or teachers had previously been involved in gunfire attacks or warfare, and therefore lacked the experience to keep track of events at a critical psychological distance, as for example a war correspondent or experienced soldier. In their shock and confusion, the witnesses tended to compress the events in a streaming consciousness that reduced the psychological sense of time much less than the whole hour that transpired between the initial Code Red alert and arrival of policemen. In their state of shock many students could not distinguish between the assailants and their rescuers, who similarly uniformed.

The estimated span of shooting is roughly 6 minutes. Therefore the assault team had more than 45 minutes for escape from campus while the stunned students and teachers crouched for safety, while waiting for the first responders. Some took the risk of charging out, and paid the ultimate price for their panicked haste.

Full Metal Garb

Another source of confusion was the body armor worn by the assault team members, noticed by a teacher on the third floor of building 1200, as quoted in ABC News:

At first glance, she thought the shooter could be a police officer because of the way he was dressed in ‘full metal garbcomplete with helmet, face mask and bulletproof armor.

The protective gear for police tactical squads and FBI agents are painted with identifying insignia. The attackers were, by contrast, dressed in unmarked black. Who could they be: U.S. Army special forces, Russian infiltrators, or a Salvadorean death squad? Nikolas Cruz? He’s puny by comparison to the description given by the observant teacher.

As detailed in Part 2 of this series, the likeliest suspect behind the raid is the Shomrim ultra-Orthodox Jewish vigilante group, heavily concentrated in Parkland, headquarters of the Lubavitcher movement in Broward and Palm Beach counties (Parkland is on the county line). Not only would they could they obtain insider information on the target site, most of the able-bodied members of Shomrim have trained and served in the IDF ( the Israel Defense Force), which has dispatched innumerable strike teams for house-to-house raids in Gaza, along with major offensives against bunkers, tunnels, missile launchers, mortar pits and rooftops during intense urban warfare since 2006, which flared into all-out air-and-ground battles in 2014. Many Shomrim volunteers have also served with counterinsurgency units of the Shin Beit, the Israeli internal security force assigned to capturing Palestinian political leaders as prisoners for interrogation.

The standard gear for anti-Palestinian suppression operations in Gaza is a black helmet, Kevlar vest with armor plate over vital organs, and baklava head gear (ski masks) to avoid identification by security videocams, which can be used in human-rights investigations. As of last week, these same operational tactics have been deployed against American citizens.

Welcome to Gaza USA

As stressed in my first two articles, South Florida is Little Israel, where the mainstream population has ignored these same tactics being deployed repeatedly against the ghettoized African-American community by Broward SWAT teams under its notorious former commander Scott Israel, who is now Sheriff. The only difference in the Parkland school attack is that, this time around, the victims are not just blacks suspected of dealing crack to minors, but also your average whites, Hispanics, Arab-Americans and liberal Jews, everybody except ultra-Orthodox cultists who attend gender-segregated Hassidic private schools.

The War Comes Home

The Zionist war of conquest against indigenous Palestinians has at last come home, because South Florida is a key political stronghold for the pro-Israel lobby in Congress, which faces a potential wipeout in upcoming midterm elections when the Republicans are focusing on the infamous Debbie Wasserman Schulz (Broward country) and Ted Deutch (D-Boca Raton). The latter inherited the congressional seat of powerful Zionist lobbyist Robert Wexler, who is responsible for hiring the Imran Awan spy team from Pakistan to monitor computers in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Their warmonger-in-chief Benjamin Netanyahu is facing prosecution on corruption charges before he can complete the final solution of the Palestinian problem. As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. If a few Americanized daughters of liberal Jews have to die in the school carnage to keep Congress under the Zionist thumb, that’s a small price to pay for the new Judaic Empire.

The monster is not Nikolas Cruz but the bestial Zionist criminals who planned and staged this assault for their own political purposes. In their demented cultist minds, goyem Christian heathens and even liberal Jews are filth to be wiped off the face of the Earth. This sort of religious fervor based on logic similar to Charlie Manson’s is pushing toward an apocalyptic war in which one side or the other will be slaughtered off in the name of god. These are madmen who must be coddled but stopped in their tracks.

As in the Vietnam War coming home to Kent State University, the genocidal campaign against Palestinian civilians has circled back to South Florida, with probably much worse yet to come. Just as the 1960s antiwar protesters railed against the pro-war Cardinal Francis Spellman and his point-man at DOD Robert McNamara to demand an end to the napalming of villagers in Indochina, the ongoing genocide in Gaza and soon Jerusalem demands that people of conscience, especially American Jews, much summon the moral courage to break the Zionist grip on political power in the USA.

Propaganda Ministry of Zionism

The un-American monopoly of Zionist power is being bolstered in this particular case by a noxious revisionist outfit called the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which immediately tied to pin the blame for Parkland on “white supremacists”. On the day after Valentine’s, the ADL issued an online bulletin claiming that chief suspect Nikolas Cruz is a member of the alt-right Republic of Texas, a tiny fringe group of lowlifes in Tallahassee, which had earlier sent a handful of followers to the Charlottesville fracas.

According to the ADL blog: ”After self-described ROF members claimed on the discussion forum 4chan that Cruz had also been a member, the Anti-Defamation League spoke with an ROF member who identified himself as Jordan Jereb.

After that posting, by nightfall on February 15, ROF boss Jordan Jereb reversed his earlier statement about Cruz’s alleged participation in gun-handling lessons in Tallahassee. After sobering up, Jereb admitted that he had never met Cruz nor is the Parkland suspect an ROF member, clarifying that he was half-asleep when ADL made its early morning phone call peppering him with rapid-fire questions.

Here, let’s trace back this blatant ADL deception aimed at discrediting the populist movement and to disarm the American citizenry, as if they are Palestinians, through the anti-Constitutional agenda of gun control, as exposed below by Politico.

In posts to a neo-Nazi Web forum called The Right Stuff, a user calledJordan Fash said the idea originated in a group chat on Discord, an app for gamers that is popular with white nationalists and the alt-right. According to Fash’ (short for fascist), an ABC News reporter reached out to one of the group’s members on Instagram. The group passed around her number and told her Cruz was associated with (ROF leader Jordan) Jereb. Group members communicated with at least two ABC News reporters in a coordinated effort. The reporters asked the trolls to substantiate their stories.

“‘Not to suggest that you aren’t being truthful, but it would be very helpful if you could let me know how you know that, one of the ABC News reporters wrote to one person via Instagram, according to screenshots posted to 4chan.

“’It was common knowledge he (Cruz) did rallies with ROF, I frequently saw him conversing with Jordan Jereb in person, replied Ethan.’ In posts at Gab, a social-networking site used by many in the alt-right, one user said the Discord group spent around 18 hours orchestrating, contacting ABC, being interviewed by reporters, etc.’”

So let’s do the basic math: The Parkland students were on the sidewalk or in the hospital by 5 p.m Wednesday, February 14, and Nikolas Cruz’s arrest was flashed on the 6 p.m. evening news. The Discord group then spent the next 18 hours on the press campaign, meaning their disinfo project was completed about noon the following day, February 15.

Add up the hours and you’ll get the smoking gun: ADL phoned Jereb in the very early on Thursday morning, about 6 hours before the 4chan claim was reported by ABC news. It is highly unlikely like than any paid professional staffers at ADL had been checking the 4chan board on the late evening of Valentine’s Day, unless they were the ones who posted the false reports.

Are doubting Toms among our liberal Jewish friends in the news media still wary about this accusation of deliberate ADL disinformation? Well, you are about to learn that the alt-right Discord chat room, sponsored by Polygon gaming, had been shut down since mid-August after the Charlottesville fracas. The alt-right Discord chat room is fictitious. The phantom presence on the nonexistent “alt-right” board must have been created by the ADL and its accomplices at Polygon-Vox.

The Boy Who Cried ‘Anti-Semite’

Digging deeper, the Polygon gaming website is part of Vox, whose top executives are Ezra Klein, a former editor with the Washington Post and MSNBC, and Jim Bankoff, formerly with AOL. Needless to say both are members of the Tribe that controls the corporate media. Online, there’s a slew of tart comments and jabs at Klein, a nerd who rode the blog wave to instant fame at the Post.

His favorite game is to accuse his online rivals of being anti-Semites, as in the now-legendary jab at “conservative” Ann Althouse. After the Post for his super-expensive proposal to create a personal news site, Klein found a sucker in need of hits, Bankoff of Polygon, which was attempting to convert gamers into an army of semiconscious comment writers to aggregate more hits, more ads, more investors and more useless trash online.

The question therefore arises whether the “Boy in the Bubble” tried to parlay his stake in Discord on national attention focused the Parkland school massacre, by setting up a shotgun marriage between Jordan Jereb, Nikolas Cruz and the ADL? Is ‘Ethan’ actually Ezra Klein?

Meanwhile poor little ADL was just following the tried-and-true formula from their propaganda guru Joseph Goebbels: “Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.”

The CEO of the ADL, which is run like a fraudulent business scam and not a real charity, is Jonathan Greenblatt, former director for social innovation in the Barack Obama White House. Obama funded the Trump Russia Dossier and also was a stalwart support of DWS, which might explain the ADL conniving. Thank you, Reichsminister Goebbels, for that insight on how things are done by genuine fascists.

Thus ADL and Vox-Polygon-Discord repackaged the manipulable image of bogey-boy Nikolas Cruz as a gun-toting white supremacist in an attempt to mobile liberal-left support for gun control as well as to hide his Jewish bloodline (which should come as no surprise since everyone in this heinous affair are Jews).

The Jewish Shrink

After turning 19, Nikolas Cruz was drafted into the major league of psychiatric care under Dr. David Lubin, co-director of the Children’s Center for Development & Behavior in the Sunrise district, located in the dog-leg corner of Broward County. Dr. Lubin is a graduate of Auburn University in Alabama, where the psychology department continues to receive research grants from the Department of Defense, especially in his two specialties of human engineering and neuropsychology, which rely on MRI scans of live-patient brains. After graduation, he went on to work with Army Intelligence and then NASA. He is also an adjunct professor at Florida International University, which is funded by the Carnegie Foundation, especially its pet project of better teaching methods through improved psychological control systems. By his odd gaze, Cruz looks like he’s been though some robotic training experiments.

Let’s refresh, again, at 11:07 you can hear Dr. Barry Trower, British microwave weapons agent and expert explain this exact same technology.

His sessions with Dr. Lubin apparent began in early December. Working backward in time, Nikolas moved in with the Sneads at Thanksgiving (probably in a paid arrangement with the state mental-health program). His mother had died on November 1, 2017, of pneumonia infection during late-stage cancer. He had been expelled from Parkland school in September, at which time he “went away.” It can therefore be presumed that he was institutionalized for more than 2 months in autumn 2017.

Florida state is a pioneer is outsourcing ownership and management of penitentiaries for adults and juveniles along with psychiatric care facilities. The sunshine state’s biggest contractor is the GEO company, headquartered in Boca Raton, formerly known as Wackenhut (it’s other spinoff being G4S Security Solutions). GEO has a well-earned reputation for high-end brutality, filth and malnutrition of inmates, along with hefty donations to election campaigns. One of the horror centers for the mentally impaired is the Treasure Coast Forensic Facility in quaint charming Martin County. Obviously, whatever has been troubling the Cruz has not been cured by the sharks at Florida State patient-care centers or their pilot-fish schools of psychiatrists feeding off the kills.

He had probably not given a release to visit his stepmother’s deathbed, since Cruz was unlikely to have received notice of her terminal-phase condition, being without an adult guardian. Here, in a case of a teenager treated as an outcast by his schoolmates, his abandonment is very distressing to ponder. Cruz obviously was suffering extreme depression rather than hyper-anxiety, meaning it was unlikely that he would kill other youths for their sole crime of their having parents. His social isolation, however, made him a perfect candidate for exploitation, especially as a patsy in a planned mass murder.

Any psychological treatment was possibly dispensed only to preserve young Nikolas as an expendable asset for operational purposes, under a modus operandi similar to how many younger servicemen are boxed in, drugged and pressured to submit to their assignment on suicidal missions.

The Millionaire Heir

The Cruz family fortune also casts light on his probable involuntary role in the Parkland school attack. The stepmother Lynda Cruz nee Seda drew her living expenses from rental properties owned by her late husband Roger, who had worked at advertising in New York, but died of a heart attack in 2004. While her health severely declined in summer 2017, Lynda was preparing to file a claim in probate court for sale of her husband’s property, since Nicholas was nearing college age. He told his host, Jim Snead, that he would inherit $800,000 on his 22nd birthday.

Snead, by the way, is a former military intelligence officer in radio-signals technology, part of that applied to space communications. Whether his personal area of expertise is connected with Dr. Lubin’s work in neuropsychology at Florida International University is a matter for follow up investigation, since Cruz’s “hearing voices in his head to commit the massacre” was potentially directed through radio-microwave interfacing with brainwaves of the same frequency. This could have some bearing on the similar earlier claim of mental messaging by the gunman who shot dead six people at Fort Lauderdale airport in January 2017

Now the obvious question why would anyone who is about to inherit nearly a million dollars going to throw away his future in a school shooting? Nikolas had a silver-lined path out of all his problems, thanks to the love of his adoptive parents, his only attachment to human kindness.

According to the local Sun-Sentinel newspaper, Lynda and Roger Cruz adopted Nikolas “on the day of his birth”. Yet local sources claim that his younger “biological” brother was adopted at the same time, which is impossible. How is that an unwed mother after surrendering one child is going to become pregnant again within four months only to give that newborn away, too. Is there anything about this kid that’s not entangled in complications?

After many of the family secrets went to the grave, now much of the incidental online information has also been scrubbed from the Internet, possibly because Lynda’s former in-laws may well be holding security clearances. The quick browsing for my earlier articles turned up the fact that Lynda had previously been married to the son of a Croat immigrant of surname Kumbatovich, whose brother is/was Nikolas, which explains the Eastern European spelling of her son’s given name. That break-up must have been emotionally upsetting, since Lynda had only once introduced the boys to the former in-laws. Secrets of the heart are the most difficult to unravel or recover, as happened on this past Valentine’s day.

And I looked, and beheld a pale horse, and the one sitting on it, the name of him is Death, and Hades was following him; and authority was given to them over a fourth of the Earth” (Revelations 6:8)

Before delving into the sordid details, it should be noted that in the morning of the same Valentine’s Day massacre, that three young men in a truck drove without a permit onto the grounds of the NSA headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland. Security opened fire on the wheels, and apparently one serviceman was hit by a ricocheting bullet. The young men were found to be high on drugs and claimed they took the wrong turnoff from the adjoining road. The Pentagon and White House were put on a terrorist alert, and obviously the NSA suffered momentary confusion, since the truck could well have been mistaken for a suicidal bomb attack. Whether that driving violation was part of a deliberate attempt to throw the nation’s law enforcement off-guard is yet to be determined.

Further south, all hell did break loose on Saint Valentine’s, a Christian holy day dedicated to genuine love based on innocent affection. Then again, heartfelt love in rare commodity amid the corruption of South Florida. Broward county, scene of the Parkland school massacre, is know for its Fort Lauderdale casual flings during college-days on Easter weekend (can anyone recall what that holy day stands for?), and is located between Palm Beach, pedophile capital of the Sunshine State, and the Miami-Dade transshipment hub for cocaine and DACA prostitution.

Welcome to Little Israel, where underage youths are traded on the slave block and drugs are more available than a cup of coffee, thanks to the quality of law enforcement, which has been thoroughly penetrated by a secretive Jewish vigilante group known as the Shomrim.

Ever wonder why director Michael Mann (a proud Jewish American as opposed to a fanatic Zionist thug) is permanently banned by the television industry from making a contemporary sequel to Miami Vice? Crockett and Tubbs, where were you on V-Day, when those high school kids needed your gunnery? Now that the tragedy is being hijacked by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz for gun control legislation, her supporters in organized crime may soon have a monopoly over firepower. Instead of rolling over and playing dead, Americans need to expose and fight the political criminals who are causing the violence against children.

Little Israel

What’s in a name? The world knows him as Nikolas Cruz, which is the Hispanic surname of his adoptive parents. His biological mother was Jewish, making him a member of that Tribe. Another sign of an Khazar-Ashkenazi bloodline is his red hair, closely cropped on the sides with a step-cut modeled after that Gypsy-Jewish-gang of television series fame known as the Peaky Blinders. That’s why he’s still alive and not suicided like Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut.

Nick Cruz fits into the demographic profile of Parkland in Broward County, the Little Israel of the Southeast region, where the Chosen People number some 150,000, although their population is declining with the die-off of retirees who flocked to the sunshine and racetracks promoted by mob boss Meyer Lansky, godfather of the South Florida real estate boom. The Lansky heritage of Jewish financial and political power is still reflected in the tenacious congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is running for reelection in the November midterms despite the onus of suspicion on her for the deaths of DNC staffer Seth Rich and attorney Shaun Lucas.

His Name is Israel

Say again, what’s in name? How about Sheriff Scott Israel. That a gem of a surname says it all about Broward County law enforcement, which is in charge of student safety in the school system, including the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High on that fateful day. Every sheriff must take an oath of office: “I do solemnly swear that I will support, protect and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States, and of the State of Florida; that I am duly qualified to hold office under the Constitution of the State; and that I will well and faithfully perform the duties of Broward County Sheriff on which I am now about to enter. So help me God.”

Therefore, if he fails to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, and instead gets involved in covering up a felonious crime, he’s not only betraying the public trust, but also his moral obligation to a higher authority, which we shall hold him to here.

Now for the first truth test: Sheriff Israel and county school superintendent Robert Runcie, an African-American, claimed that the sole Parkland school security officer (who is one of Israel’s deputies) was “somewhere else on campus” and therefore could not respond to the shooting.

The sequence of events tell another story: When the shooting started, one of the teachers hit the button for Code Red, buzzed to every staff member’s cell phone, including and especially the security agent (school resource officer, SRO) Scott Petersen, who has worked at Parkland school since 2009. To counter the lock-down of classroom doors, three separate fire alarms were triggered by the assailant(s) in different buildings. These were loud old-style bells, with ringing that could be heard a long distance. After 6 minutes of gunfire, students had escaped into the outdoor areas or by the street. Still no SRO officer showed up, and the first responders were slow to arrive, enabling the shooter(s) to flee the scene.

As quoted in the daily Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, a top school administrator citing teacher accounts said about SRO Petersen’s absence on premises: “I have been told by a couple of sources that the SRO was either called off campus responding to something happening or it could have been his day off,” adding that a thorough investigation is needed as to his nonappearance.

Valentine’s Day, which often witnesses fights between boys over a girl’s attention, is never a day off for school guards. Deputy Peterson is under the direct command of the Broward County Sheriff’s department, which has 6,000 employees under a $730 million annual budget (being the biggest sheriff’s office in the entire USA). The only authority that could remove him from campus on a potentially volatile day is the Office of the Sheriff.

Therefore, contrary to speculation at a lot of alt news sites, there was NO DRILL that morning, or else SRO Petersen would have been on campus. There was a Code Red, but it was the real thing and not part of an exercise. Students in non-assaulted classrooms may have confused the Code Red as a drill (the teachers could have been following a preassigned plan not to alarm their students). And the alt media should take the time to read the local newspapers, especially the Sun-Sentinal, which usually get the facts right before a full-on cover-up comes down. There are certainly many grounds for suspicion in this case, as in similar events in the past, so being fact-based and logical are important to figure out the sequence of events and the more complex issues involved in motives.

So far, no security camera videos have been released showing the chief suspect Cruz making his getaway by blending into the panicked crowd, as assumed but not yet proven. No student or teacher has made a positive identification by facial recognition, which is not easy when bullets are flying. There is still a possibility that Cruz is a patsy, and that the job was done, as in the Sandy Hook attack, by professional gunmen or law enforcement officers.

The Broward police reported arrested him one hour later, after he walked across the street to Walmarts to buy a soda from Subway and then on to McDonald’s where he sat to eat a burger and fries. The geography of Parkland, on the northwest corner of Broward, shows that in a span of 20 minutes, the suspect could have alternatively walked across the county line into either Hendry or Palm Beach counties. There he could have hidden in the dense foliage in the maze of canals until nightfall to make his escape. Instead, he orders a Big Mac to quell his appetite after shooting at dozens of victims. Then, the police force him down onto the grass for the arrest photo. This appears to be staged theater, virtual reality, not the facts.

Airport Shooter

Police officers reported Cruz saying that voices in his head told him to do the shooting. This telltale sign of an MK-ULTRA victim has similarities to another shooting incident in Sheriff Israel’s bailiwick. On Jan. 6, 2017, a gunman walked toward the baggage claim carousels at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, and shot dead 6 people with a Walther PPK pistol.

That assailant, a National Guardsman named Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, had earlier visited the FBI field office in Anchorage, Alaska, where he was stationed, to complain that “the U.S. Government was controlling his mind and making him watch videos by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), and that the CIA was forcing him to join the group.” Well, Mr. Obama, that shows why so many foreign fighters from western countries joined the terrorist outfit created by your Agency. The coincidence of two shooting incidents, if either or both are actually false flag operations, would indicate that the Broward Sheriff’s Office can be depended on to clean up after the CIA and its partner in crime, the Democratic Party, whose former chief, the must-reviled Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is up for re-election in the November mid-terms. (see my article posted last week.)

Stone Cold Assessment

In the 2008 sheriff’s election campaign, Republican strategist Roger Stone described candidate Scott Israel, then head of the SWAT team that conducted illegal busts in the black community as “an unqualified punk, a racist and a thief.”

Thanks much for that character witness testimony, which confirms our own findings, Roger and out. Younger people have never seen video clips of Florida SWAT from those good old days in the 1980s, when back walls of low-end family homes were blown open with explosives and cops charged inside firing. If evidence could not be found during a raid, the cops planted on the suspect bags of crack, which were produced inside a lab at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. Most of the confiscated evidence, money, from drug raids disappeared down a black hole. A local SWAT commander had the duty to the force, if not to God, to put a scrubbed handgun down next to the still-quivering body of another dead shvatsa. That’s the Yiddish variation on the “n-word” derived from German “schwartzen” for black.

The “good riddance” tactics explain why so many episodes of Miami Vice featured Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs going after thieving punks in the police force. Video cassettes of the Vice series should be mandatory in history classes and citizenship seminars for DACA youths.

Lunatic Fringe

Scott Israel is something worse than your average crooked Miami-style cop, due to his being honored as a “Man of the Year” by Shomrim. That law-defying ultra-Orthodox Jewish vigilante group protects pedophiles, covers up crimes by Zionists, infiltrates police departments, and trains recruits for murderous attacks by Israeli settlers against unarmed Palestinians. These moral men also organize “modesty patrols” to make sure Jewish women are properly attired, much like their counterparts in Salafist Islam, except that this is happening in Brooklyn, Baltimore and Miami.

The Shomrim chapter in South Florida was founded in Miami by a rabbi in the Coast Guard. Go figure. The USCG is tasked with pursuing and arresting drug traffickers and people smugglers. Of course little Haitian DACA girls are a major commodity in the nightclubs and the escort circuit. As for cocaine, the Orthodox Jewish rabbis of Miami have been fervently converted the “Marrano” community (hidden Jews) of Medellin, Colombia, back to the fold, and sending them on to Israel for further indoctrination. For the next major shipment of coke, dope dealers need to search no further than the local synagogue. (It would a spectacular start of a new Vice series to see Sheriff Israel blow out the back wall and make off with the dope and the silver menorahs, and toss a Saturday night special down on top of the rabbi.)

Yiddiots are Yiddish Idiots

Never mind the Holocaust sob story, here is a diamond-hard fact. In 1938, New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia appointed Shomrin boss Max Finkelstein to provide bodyguards for visiting Nazi officials and protect the consulate of Hitler-run Germany. So my American Jewish friends, it’s high time to wake up to what these pedophile thugs have really been about, as Roger Stone put it so nicely. No yiddiot or shiksa (immodest women) liberal whining over gun control should be tolerated from the likes of DWS, not when it’s your children who are in constant danger of molestation and rape, or a school shooting, by the fetlocked creeps next door.

Instead of wasting interfaith tolerance on Debbie’s gang of hypocrites, here’s the skivvy on Shomrin: It translates as “watchers”, or more technically as “protection” as in racket. The Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) vigilante group is renowned for making “citizen’s arrests” involving brutal beatings of little black boys suspected of petty crimes, for example, stealing cartons of milk for survival of their younger siblings. As for Miranda rights, if they run into a Latino, they’ll beat him to a pulp, too. It so amusing to watch someone like Sen. Chuck Shumer preach interracial tolerance.

Under the code of “mesirah” (to turn over), any Jew who reports a crime by another Jew to the police, including rape of minors, is automatically ostracized as a “moser” (informant) and marked for execution. No, this is not from the Protocols of the Elders, it is a fact of life for Jews and their victims. As put by the authoritative voice of Jewish law, Maimonides (12th century Spain): “It is forbidden to hand over a Jew to the goyem (heathen), neither his person nor his goods, even if he is wicked and a sinner, even if he causes distress and pain to fellow Jews. Whoever hands over a Jew to the goyem has no part in the next world. It is permitted to kill a moser (informant) wherever he is. It is even permitted to kill him before he has handed over (a fellow Jew).”

Apparently, the only clause in the U.S. Constitution that Shomrim members respect is the Fifth Amendment. This outright rejection of U.S. law, including the rulings of the Supreme Court, bring up the question of “Why are these fanatic cultists allowed to hold U.S. citizenship?” Mormon polygamy is outlawed and Charlie Manson died in prison, so how can these wild-eyed zealots be allowed to get away with raping little boys?

You’re probably wondering why haven’t you heard this before. Because it’s a secret society, like their higher-ups in the Illuminati who’ve got the intelligence services, the police and the legal profession under their thumb, and participation in pedophilia is the guarantee of secrecy. Instead of exposing their own, Jewish editors like Marty Baron can go from the Miami Herald to the Boston Globe to accuse Catholic priests, as in the movie “Spotlight”, to divert public attention from the even worse atrocities by the rabbis. This only scratches the surface of Jewish bigotry and immorality, so let’s hope this “I shot the sheriff” expose can be the beginning of investigative journalism on a wide scale.

State-sponsored “Mental Illness”

Let’s turn back to Parkland, where the alleged shooter’s brother Zachary was quickly hauled off to a psychiatric center for the legal limit of 12 hours, apparently for a massive mind-altering dosage. Oddly, there has been zero mention of “younger brother” Zack ever having attended Parkland school. News reports suggest that he’s the younger brother, although Nikolas was adopted immediately at birth from the Jewish mother by the Cruz couple. This means that the “brothers” are unrelated by blood, so there is no genetic factor behind the duo’s mental issues.

The waters are already being muddied by dubious claims in the social media. Nikolas Cruz is portrayed as a troubled loner, as in the case of all such shooters. Yet one of his classmates claimed to be his girlfriend, who dropped him for an African-American rival, provoking his enraged reaction. (This sounds like another “I was bonked by Charlie Manson” claim to fame.) If so, why didn’t an angry Cruz wait outside school on Valentine’s Day to gun them down, instead of whacking 17 unrelated students and teachers? Everyone is trying to get their 15 minutes of fame off of crazy Nick.

Following stepmother Lynda Cruz’s death in late 2017, which happened some 3 months prior to the shooting, the boys were invited to stay at the home of a “family friend”, the Sneads, who are not officially registered as foster parents. The wife famously said: “We had a monster living under our roof and we didn’t know.” That brutal attempt to disassociate speaks for itself. What if he’s innocent? The so-called “confession” means absolutely nothing given the heinous criminal record of the South Florida police for frame-ups of innocent suspects.

Perhaps the couple knew all about the $800,000 inheritance the boys are entitled to receive from the sale of the Cruz family properties, once the estate lawyers complete the paperwork. A war veteran who served with him mentioned that James Snead, who runs an air-conditioner repair service in Coral Springs, served as a military intelligence analyst, meaning there could be an underlying connection to the nexus.

Nikolas was expelled from school apparently early in the first semester of the 2017-18 school year. Parkland school is unwilling to release the records showing grounds for expulsion and whether he was committed to psychiatric treatment. Classmates say “he went away” during those months. His flare-ups of violence, throwing eggs at cars, for instance, apparently occurred earlier.

Drugs alone could have exacerbated his anti-social attitudes, but with midterm elections on the horizon the Democratic Party is desperately in need of the gun control issue to prevent its wipeout by the Republicans. This motive alone suffices, especially when 6 congressional seats of Democrat incumbents, are at stake. The odds are therefore on a planned terror attack for political objectives, meaning Nikolas Jesus Cruz was set up all along as a patsy.

The fact that the brother, who is genetically dissimilar, also has severe mental issues suggest a common or similar social cause for their psychological disorders. In the context of pedophile-center South Florida, the probable cause is pedophilia, possibly related to that region’s booming child porn industry. That would explain the sensitivity of the school report, since photos of the students indicate a disproportionate number of girls with heavy makeup and freaks, kids with a perverse bent in fashion.

Something is rotten in Broward besides Debbie Wasserman Schultz, although they are probably linked at a financial level. What I suspect is that Nikolas Cruz’s previous run-ins with the police got him into the radar range of Parkland’s ultra-Orthodox pedophile circle. He being born a Jew made him an ideal target for Bar Mitzvah “training”. His messages indicate hatred of blacks and Hispanics, but curiously not Jews, aligning his racism identically with that of Shomrim.

His assignment to the Sneads may have been by school administrators trying to keep him out of the clutches of known pedophiles. Perhaps Nikolas resented the fact that he was the golden boy to the Orthodox cult members and then of being taken away on orders from the school.

The only way to begin to solve this case is to prevent Nikolas Jesus Cruz and adoptive brother Zachary from being silenced by the murderous politicians in Florida. The youths need to be moved under a federal witness program to another distant state for debriefing in detail and allowed enough space and comfort to provide honest answers.

The pattern of the shootings suggests at least two gunmen were involved, as indicated by some witnesses. Seven students were shot inside building 12, most of them on the third floor, before going down the stairwell to shoot others outside, but that would only be half of the gunshot victims. Three separate fire alarms were triggered in different locations. All of this happened in the span of 6 minutes, meaning the Parkland school attack appears to be yet another false flag incident done by a team of professional gunman. Which gets back to the earlier issue of why was deputy Petersen called away on that afternoon?

Sheriff Israel also claims that Cruz confessed to entering the school after 2 p.m and hiding in a service closet for two hours. Presumably the lunch hour is over by 1:30 p.m, when the only entrance is locked electronically and security cameras and motion detectors would spot an intruder. The much liklier scenario is that the gunmen had the access codes and may have entered and exited the campus through another route, with the aid of deputy Petersen and the Sheriff’s Department under orders from higher-ups, for example, someone like Eric Holder.

A Jewish Factor at Sandy Hook Elementary School

The Shomrim, with its variants like the Betar militia founded with funds and weapons from the Imperial Japanese military intelligence service, was the foundation for the creation of the Shin Beit internal security group in Israel. The Shin Beit organization structure was re-imported back from Israel into the USA by then Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) as the design for his post-911 creation called the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which was tested in his backyard at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Two years prior to that successful test-run of upgraded school shootings, the ultra-Orthodox Shomrim movement gained control over the UConn campus in Waterbury, CT, which is the closest city to Newtown, just 18 miles apart. There, a yeshiva or Jewish rabbinical seminary was set up to train 200 young male Jews in the Torah and missionary tactics for evicting non-Jews from Israeli-occupied Palestine. What Americans have never comprehended is that Israeli expansionism is not just “over there” in the eastern Mediterranean, but that it begins at home in America with the accumulation of Jewish wealth in the markets and increasing control over real estate, to the ruin of long-established Christian communities.

Lieberman needed to shake down the DHS school security program, which is aimed at turning the public education system into razorwire-wrapped concentration camps, like architect Frank Gehry’s prison-like structures. Some people just can’t seem to get enough of Dachau. (My father was with the 552nd artillery corps when it broke open the gates to free the prisoners, so go ahead JDL and list me an as anti-Semite, as you’ve done before, you miserable pedophile victims.) Anyway, excuse me for that satisfying eye-for-an-eye. So the infrastructure for Sandy Hook was set into place, with a Hassidic yeshiva, a fortress, overlooking the one road in from the Atlantic coast.

The point here is: Sandy Hook serves as the model for Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school, with a Shomrin-ShinBeit unit in place and much of South Florida under Zionist settler control, as was developing in eastern Connecticut.

Handwriting on the Wall

Before signing off, how else is Parkland related to the Newtown attack in December 2012? Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook suspect, was 20 years old, about the same age as Cruz, and reportedly shot 20 primary school students after killing his mother. As I reported at the time, the killing was probably done by a 2-man team of experienced shooters, retired from the New York State Police, based on their methods and escape route to Upstate New York.

Lanza’e emotional problems went untreated, according to a psychological profile done by Yale University for the state’s child advocate’s office. Cruz, in contrast, did receive repeated psychiatric care at a yet-to-be disclosed hospital. In terms of operational efficiency, the Parkland shooting was more expertly conceived and executed. Cruz was allowed to survive because he is cooperative and likely recruited by the Shomrim, which probably promised him a new start in life in Israel. His death will be faked with substitution by a John Doe’s body.

Location is important for these operations. Florida is most convenient for covert ops, such as the Orlando Pulse operation along with the rest. Newtown is located near centers for the CIA-sponsored MK-ULTRA program at Yale and in its vicinity As I discussed in my Sandy Hook series six years ago, J.D. Salinger wrote “Catcher in the Rye” in 1950-51 in Westbury, which is located very near Newtown, then and now just a Sunday drive through the countryside.

In World War II, Salinger served in the counter-intelligence corps (CIC), but his activities following the liberation of Dachau have gone unreported. CI requires interrogation of prisoners, and by then experimental drugs were tested as truth serums, the real start to MK-ULTRA. In 1938, the Sandoz pharmaceutical lab in Switzerland refined LSD from ergot, a mildew that grows on rye (which explains the book title) and human experimentation started in 1940.

As his final sentences at the end of Catcher assert: Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.’ All the dead soldiers.

A lot of those fallen soldiers in the drug tests at the military-supervised labs must have been children. The spoiler for Catcher is the protagonist Holden Caulfield’s dream of saving children falling out of the sky onto a field of rye. The key to preventing another Deep State-sponsored operation like Newtown or Parkland is for all of us to not just be hit-or-miss catchers desperately scrambling below the screaming children, but to once and for all to shoot down that damned airplane tossing kids out of its bomb bay.


The evidence available thus far from the Valentine’s day massacre has been mounting against the Hogg family as undercover accomplices and beneficiaries in the clandestine operation that killed 17 students and teachers. David Hogg has zero right to talk about “gun control” when his father works for the most murderous part of the assault-rifle industry, the killer-training program known as Cubic Simulation Systems, a nice name for Murder Inc. Version 2.

The Hoggs are lying hustlers and profiteers from the worst gun violence in the world from war-torn Iraq to downtown USA. Here it will be shown that the father, Kevin Hogg, and his employer belong on the most-wanted suspect list for the Parkland school gunshot deaths. American citizens have every to own guns to protect themselves from the lethal deceptions of the Hoggs. Mothers and fathers of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas students, do not let your children follow these Pied Pipers to their dishonor and destruction.

Media Clown Not A Pro

Right from the earliest interviews of student David Hogg, who majors in media and video production, many observers independently came to the conclusion that he’s been reciting from a script drafted by higher-ups who ran the covert operation that killed 17 students and teachers. His video interviews of fellow students during the classroom siege were widely seen as a long-rehearsed stunt. His circle of theater students, laughing while others died, awkwardly suffer the snowflake narcissism of the selfie generation, which ironically ruined his only shot at journalistic glory.

Among many colleagues past and present who produce videos, along with my own media experience, the basic instinct in the craft is to capture the image and actions of the central figure in any given social drama, which in the Parkland assault was the main gunman of course. In a situation when an interview is inconvenient to say the least, then the next best thing is to capture his image. Despite the presence of hundreds of camera phones, and Hogg’s video camera, why is there not a single, even blurry image of any of the alleged three shooters inside the school?

Sure there was a physical risk in taking such a photo but nothing close to the dangers, for example, of my reporting inside Taliban-controlled areas just before the start of the Afghan War, while bleeding profusely from a sandfly-transmitted infection. When people used to ask me how could I take on the risks of working behind enemy lines, I’d tell them there’s more odds on being killed downtown, run over by a truck or hit with a stray bullet in a drug war. How hard is it to sneak a shot from the sidelines while a shooter is preoccupied with mowing down helpless victims in the hallway?

Somewhat like a sniper scope, the videocam can be positioned at some distance from the glass pane of a classroom door, allowing the zoom lens to close in on the target figure with surprising clarity and likely without being spotted. Camera versus gun is a classic confrontation in these modern times. In most cases, the video image wins the contest, although the slim odds for vice versa makes journalism the world’s riskiest profession. I would have paid to be there inside Parkland school to score the “money shot”.

As a rookie journalist, David Hogg failed the test with an F-minus for not making the minimal effort required of him. Cowering on the floor is not how the job gets done. In that situation, speaking with a pretty young girl about gun control is also completely out of order, when the task at hand is to figure out how to use a tripod, a light stand or a steel carrying case as a weapon against the shooter. In my past tasks of starting up of two journalism schools, I’ve lectured incoming j-school students that, especially in war, there’s a moment to stop observing and start taking action to save lives. It’s unnecessary to kill the assailant, when disabling and capturing him makes for a better story anyway.

In short, student Hogg has not been following the logic of the journalist’s craft, but was doing something else called propaganda, mouthing political correctness that boiled away into nonsense in that situation. If it weren’t for all the ridiculous qualms over the means of self-defense, one of the teachers could have easily taken out that gunman, sparing the lives of innocent children.

The fact that hundreds of healthy young people who practice kung-fu or do gymnastics could not overwhelm the shooter, when he was loading a clip, is a disgrace to countless past generations of Americans. Take a chair and whack him on the neck. It’s simple enough to break his nose or fingers. I’m not saying it’s commendable to act like a thug, but these kids sure never heard Elvis Costello’s lyrics: “You’ve got to be cruel to be kind.”

As for his master blaster mind-controller, one has to look no farther than his daddy Kevin Ralph Hogg, who is employed by a defense contractor that trains soldiers and police officers for special-ops in urban warfare exactly like the commando raid against Stoneman Douglas. This, Part 5 in a series on the Parkland school incident, examines the Hogg family link to Cubic Simulation Systems in Pompano Beach and Orlando, which provides tactical training with weapons similar to the firearms used at the school on Valentine’s day. Also discussed below are Cubic’s connections with the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and its dual-citizens reservists in and around Broward county.

Where Was The Deputy?

That line from Bob Marley’s “I shot the sheriff” poses a hard question. The most recent blow to the official cover-up just came from the school resource officer (SRO), or head of security, Broward deputy Scot Peterson. After being absent on premises during the intrusion, he was subsequently castigated for failing to enter the 1200 building.

Not until 12 days afterward did SRO Peterson provide an explanation for his conduct. AP reported: “Peterson’s statement said he and a security specialist ran to the scene at first word of the shooting, a report that mistakenly said firecrackers were being set off near one building. He then heard gunshots but believed that those gunshots were originating from outside of the building.” Following the rule book from his police training, “he took up a ‘tactical position’ between two nearby buildings while alerting dispatch and initiating a Code Red lockdown of the campus”.

Next, the capper: “Radio transmissions indicated that there was a gunshot victim in the area of the football field, adding to his belief that the shooting was outdoors.” Fair enough, he’s deserves a reprieve for giving us some food for thought.

Key Issues Here Include –

– A “security specialist” was visiting Parkland school that day, which confirms the teacher statements about a planned emergency drill, which misled everyone into thinking that blanks were being fired in an evacuation exercise instead of the real deal;

– Peterson, the sole deputy assigned to Stoneman Douglas school, was therefore guiding a security expert around campus, which confirms a top school-district administrator’s statement that the SRO had been “called away”, apparently for official duties;

– The fact that the gunshots sounded like small firecrackers was the initial impression of many students and teachers inside the epicenter, Building 1200 (an important detail for ballistics analysis);

– The SRO, however, understood the “firecrackers” as being near (outside) a building, indicating that a sniper was, indeed, outdoors picking off anyone who ventured out;

– The police radio transmitted a report of a gunshot victim on the football field, which confirms witness accounts of several prone bodies lying outdoors; and

– His triggering of a Red Code had several immediate consequences, including 1.) teachers assuming that it signaled the start of the planned emergency drill; 2.) electronically locking all classroom doors that had not been left open; 3.) and then forcing the shooter(s) to set off up to three fire alarms to reopen the doors. The sequence meant that the assailants were well prepped on emergency procedures, indicative of their having inside sources.

What to make of Peterson’s account? The distraction of a dead body outdoors conforms to first-day accounts of several people being shot dead outside, indicating the presence of a third shooter in addition to two assailants inside Building 1200. The tally adds up to an assault team of at least 3 gunmen, in addition to possible accessories to the crime. These witness accounts, which now include the deputy (and apparently the security expert on site), disprove the official claim of a crazed lone gunman named Nikolas Cruz.

The rough tally, therefore, is: up to four bodies outdoors; some seven dead on the 3rd floor of 1200 building, which still leaves the location(s) of 5-6 gunshot deaths unaccounted for. The police investigation is deeply compromised by the garbled locations of victims, plus the empty wheelchair that supposedly brought a strapped-down shooter to the hospital. In addition, only 4 individuals were hospitalized for serious wounds, resulting in a 4-to-1 kill-wound ratio, indicating superb marksmanship, far beyond the ability of a deranged amateur like Cruz.

Eyewitness Accounts

Female student witness Z, who escaped the third floor down the west-end staircase, claimed that suspect Cruz walked besides her. When she accused him of being a gunman, his reply was a shocked and confused “Uhh?”. Witness Z said “the other gunman” was still firing from the opposite end (east side) of upper floor of Building 1200.

The lone gunman theory is a deception, perhaps for “strategic” reasons not to alarm to the 3-member assault team while they’re being tracked down or, more likely, in another official cover-up like so many others in the past. Why not just post a bounty on a wanted list? Eventually one of the strike team will get caught by a bounty hunter, dooming the others.

Laser-Aimed Rifle

Witness T, a female teacher on the 3rd floor near the east end, provided the clearest description of the principle gunman, as described earlier in this series, as being clad in black “full metal gear”, including an alloyed steel-plate bulletproof vest, helmet and ski mask. In her statement to national news, she said that the gunman was firing a “barrage of bullets” from “a rifle (the type of which) I had never seen before”. In the earliest edition of her interview, the teacher also mentioned seeing the shooter walk past her classroom door with his rifle pointing a red laser beam down the hallway. (This tactic was apparently to mop up the wounded with a head shot, as indicated by the multiple wounds.)

Witness R, a male teacher at the opposite end from the gunman, confirmed her remarks, although in less detail.

Student Witness Q, female, said that the second shooter was dressed more casually, although also in black and with his face covered over, possibly with a scarf, not to be recognized. She did not pinpoint his location except somewhere opposite the main shooter. (Glimpses are, of course, a lot to ask for in this situation, considering that anyone who stopped and stared was shot dead.) Another Student Witness, M, a Latina, said that without doubt there were three shooters.

Question: With students congregated on the ground floor, how did the two shooters get past them undetected? Fire escape? Was that really Nikolas Cruz that Witness T spoke with, since two other male students with dark hair said they were also accused of being shooters? There are a lot of loose ends in this ball of yarn.

Weapons And Tactics

Now for the hardware. The laser-aimed gun is a key element in the female teacher’s account, which at least explains the accuracy of gunfire, which left few students with survivable wounds, other than those scratched by ricochet fragments. The type of gun she had “never before seen” is probably a downsized assault rife with a detachable (by unscrewing) barrel, resembling a rectangular box, like the ones used for a single long rose stem on Valentine’s. This type of foreshortened rifle, also a removable butt, is designed for urban warfare inside buildings or constricted areas such as alleys, arcades and between buildings.

The popping sound, much like a .22 pistol or balloons bursting, is based on a type of ammunition developed for short-range urban firefights, known as the .300 Blackout (or Whisper) used by special-ops. The shell contains a smaller charge than a standard NATO round (5.56 x 45 mm, or .233 caliber) and the bullet is heavier and slightly wider, since the distance in urban warfare is at much closer-range than in open-field combat. One advantage of less impulse force is a lower noise level inside the echo-chamber environment of a concrete building or other enclosed space, preventing damage to the ear drums (which must be avoided since listening is an important part of detecting enemy movements). The heavier bullet inflicts an even larger exit wound than a NATO round, as seen in the “football size” holes in the bodies at Parkland school.

The firing sequence of the “full metal” gunman is proof of hundreds of hours of tactical training and battle experience. The “barrage of bullets” initially downed his quarry, followed up with his steady slow steps along the hallway to mop up the dying with a merciful coup de grace through the forehead. Therefore the horrifying screaming of the wounded, as heard by the surviving students, did not last for long. He did not continue the pursuit of the fleeing students, presumably because he had achieved his assigned quota of kills, not much different than a bag limit during hunting season.

The plan, therefore, was a controlled count of confirmed dead victims so as not leave a lot of wounded to suffer for the rest of their lives, a professional practice that’s part of standard procedure at tactical-training centers operated by defense contractor such as the one in Pompano Beach, which employs Kevin Hogg as an adviser and marketing liaison to the FBI, CIA and police departments. The operational rules make a sense since there’s no point wasting money and time on someone who’s no chance of living anything resembling a normal life. Now David, why don’t you just choke on that thought over what Dad does for his living? Instead of blaming Americans who comprehend the situation of lawlessness the nation is facing, jut tell your father that he’s a despicable war criminal, even if that takes moral backbone.

Through The PRISiM Darkly

As analyzed further on in this essay, the shooting at Parkland school was done by highly trained professional shooters, with an accuracy level far surpassing any weekend warrior and far beyond an amateur like suspect Nikolas Cruz. The Parkland shooters, plural, demonstrated their prior training at weapons handling and in tactical guidelines from either Kevin Hogg’s company, called Cubic Simulation Systems, or one of the few other comparable special-ops training programs.

One of the promo videos from Cubic Simulation Systems was re-posted at rense.com, so that any casual viewers are not tagged and tracked by that spooky outfit. Since I’ve written this series, it can assumed they’re not going to shoot me right away at least. The risk of reprisal one of the downsides of journalism, the constant knowledge that they’re going to try to catch up with you, like what happened to Gary Webb who did the expose of the CIA role in the crack cocaine contagion. Call it an occupational hazard. Land-mine removers and lumberjacks face much worse odds, so why worry?

The software and visualization package, which trains new recruits to use assault rifles against simulated human targets on video, is called PRISim, an acronym that I have so failed to decipher. Here’s a question for PC liberals: Do Black lives matter? Not at Cubic. PRISim offers the pleasure of simulated shootings of African-American criminals at point-blank range. Take note, that’s one way to hold down the tax burden for building new prisons. After clearing the bar with an electronic toy gun, the shooter can then progress to firing live ammunition inside their “Village”, a model of Ferguson, where novice shooters graduate can open up with short-barrel assault rifles at dummies, like the ones inside and outside Parkland school.

It takes a village of corpses before being awarded a certificate of excellence, as described in Cubic’s press release after it won a contract with DuPage College in Glen Ellyn, Illnois, for the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (SLEA, pronounced “slay”). The 66,000 sq.ft. facility called the Homeland Security Training Center includes a 4,500 sq.ft “tactical village” (otherwise known as the ghetto). an indoor two-story replica of a downtown street used for immersion training. For a while in my youth, I grew up in a Bloods gang-controlled area of Southwest LA, so this replica would be a homecoming for me.

Cubic equipped the facility with its Advanced System Architecture for Urban Live Training (ASAULT, d’ya suppose these guys like to kill?), consisting of cameras, speakers, smoke generators, high fidelity indoor tracking and computer-based exercise monitoring and debriefing apps. Cubic uses targeting with ballistic-accurate lasers mounted on actual weapons to realistically simulate gun battles and to record hits and misses. These are used extensively by the U.S. and foreign military forces for combat training. Got that, Teach? Now you know where he’s coming from.

This isn’t about a lone gunman, it’s a massive killing machine. If this is what the American citizenry is going to be facing soon, it’s time to legalize 30mm Gatling guns for home protection. Now consider the fact that PRISim is the business as usual that puts food on the table in the Hogg dining room. Therefore one can conclude that CNN “gun-control advocate” from the Broward school district, Rebecca Boldrick aka Mom, must be packing too. Don’t ask, don’t tell when it comes to the Hoggs, unless you want to end up neck deep in the swill.

OK, little David, we see right through your BS game, so preach what you really practice. Come out of that closet and admit you’re a con artist who defrauded those rich people in Hollywood who support gun control. One thing’s for sure, you owe an apology to Senator Marco Rubio. Now go wash your lying mouth out with soap.

Devil Is In The Details

I have just two questions for the Hoggs and the boss at Cubic: Among your assault weapon toting trainees, which ones did Parkland? Or was the job contracted out to your company reps with Israeli Defense Force (IDF), maybe some Shomrim reservists down at Chabad House? There’s some uncertainly about whodunits after President Barack Obama eliminated the Frank rule that American citizens cannot be killed by the CIA. The Parkland job, however, sure bore the hallmarks of an IDF-style raid on Gaza.

One pattern that’s a known is: Americans tend to work as a team, to cover each other, whereas the Israelis are used to swaggering and acting like Uber-mensch (supermen) when they bully the Palestinians and gun them down in cold blood. This Israeli menace gets back to Cubic Simulation Systems, who’s recently promoted chairman, Bradley Feldman, has focused on acquiring Israeli military-related high tech to compete in both the U.S. and global security market against his main competitor Thyssen Training of Germany. Sig Sauer rifles are top of the line, while Israeli Galil firearms have a lot of catching up to do.

Money, The Root Of Evil

Due to the Pentagon draw-down in Afghanistan and Iraq, defense-sector demand for combat training is in decline, though once the mainstay of revenues for Cubic. The ace in Feldman’s hole is the Broward County Sheriff’s department with the nation’s largest police force, numbering 6,000 employees and a budget of $730 million. The trend of gentrification of South Florida, however, is leading toward an overall decline in violent crime rates in Florida, which is hitting a 50-year low. Miami Vice is not what it used to be, moving upstream into white-collar crime aka business as usual: money-laundering, casinos, escort services, porn and fraud.

Therefore, graphic violence committed in Broward County was necessary to the security sector of the state economy, Cubic in a nutshell, and presto suddenly comes the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School attack, for no convincing reason other than Nikolas Cruz’s stepmother’s death by cancer (which should have been investigated, had her body not been cremated.) A murderous rampage with no apparent cause is similar to how and why the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings happened exactly when Sen. Joe Lieberman’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was in need of dramatic violence for Congress to authorize spending. These mass murders are all about money and have nothing to do with madness, other than insane greed.

As for Israeli reservists, and even active Israeli military officers, these maggots are now crawling over every college campus in America to intimidate students and faculty members who are supporting the BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) movement against the State of Israel for its atrocious human-rights record. Now there’s a cause more appropriate for you, David, since you can promote BDS and still carry a concealed weapon while donning a yamulka. You think like a Jew so act like one.

The Phony Arrest

Which raises the question: How is it that Nikolas Cruz was arrested just around the corner from the Chai Center Chabad House in Coral Springs? Rabbi Hershy Bronstein claims that he was monitoring the street after the Parkland shooting when he noticed the suspect walking past. It seems more likely that the born-again Jewish lad was boarding at Chabad, and left some gear there, when the rabbi assured him that fellow Shomrim vigilante member Sheriff Scott Israel would protect him under custody, since no Jew could prosecute another under the mafia-like “mesirah” code of unequal justice for all.

The other question is: Nikolas Cruz told his hosts, the Sneads, that he was not going to attend school on Valentine’s day. He reportedly took an Uber to Parkland, but was it just to deliver a card to the girl he had formerly taken interested in? How did he get past the locked gate? Or was his presence on the school a case of mistaken identity, since at least two other male students were accused of being him? Was he actually at Chai Center Chabad House all that day, maybe waiting for an after-school party with other students?

The problem in the quest for justice in Parkland is: Other than one teacher’s recollections, nobody else’s word is worth a penny in Broward County, home to a bunch of habitual cheats, something like Clinton’s Arkansas with alligators and Zika mosquitoes.

Civics 101

As for the confused Parkland students, get back to hitting the books. Ever since the school boards dropped Civics class, nearly all young people lack the American history lessons required to comprehend why the Founding Fathers were so insistent on the citizenry’s right to bear arms. I learned it all about the Declaration and Constitution by second grade back in public school on the wrong side of the tracks in Los Angeles, where we used to give the pledge of allegiance every morning. Our lives didn’t matter or amount to anything back then, but the flag, the anthem and country did, since there wasn’t much else to believe in.

All I can recommend, short of a return to traditional education, is for all young people to watch and study “The Last of the Mohicans” to see what happens to ordinary people and local communities when absolutist governments control all the firepower. The other salient point in a serious curriculum is to study the role of the Hessian mercenaries, King George III, and the House of Rothschild in Hesse to understand why a free citizenry and not military contractors should defend the nation. There’s no recommended film on that topic out of Hollywood coming soon.

Now here’s something that Parkland kids might be able to comprehend, from the early chapters of Star Wars and not the snowflake sequels.

Are you so naive as to trust the sweet talk of the treacherous Senator Debbie Wasserman Palpatine and her allies, the merchants of death in the advanced weapons industry churning out droids and soon the clones? Can you not see that science fiction is just a figment of our reality?

Methinks to the Dark Side that David is being drawn, pulled in by the traction beam of CNN. If you want to be sucked in, like how Anakin Skywalker morphed into Darth Vader, go ahead but remember there’s an ultimate price to be paid on the other side, which makes suffering and death noble by comparison. And that’s never to know the meaning of love and its social app called honor.

The congresswoman from Broward Country, Florida, had this to say in the wake of the school massacre in her district: “We must do something about this senseless epidemic of gun violence and we must do it now.”

Her message is clear: Gun control is the prime issue for the midterm elections in Florida where 11 Democrat-held seats have been up for grabs due to the Imran Awan spy scandal in the U.S. House of Representatives. The main sponsor for the Pakistani computer service team that gained real-time to classified files was this same congresswoman from Browder County, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the Democratic National Committee at the time of the gunshot murder of Seth Rich and mystery death of lawyer Shawn Lucas, along with the killing of several other DNC foes.

The modus operandi behind the Parkland school shooting casts further suspicion  onto DWS, heiress of the retirement home of former Murder Inc. bookkeeper and mafia boss Meyer Lansky. Broward is mob country, site of the Gulfstream race track and casinos and recruitment ground for Lanksky’s attempt to regain control of his Havana casinos in that ill-fated adventure known as the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Psychiatric Clues to an MK-Ultra-style Operation

The recent history of chief suspect Nikolas Cruz fits the MK-Ultra profile. Twice orphaned, a strange pattern indeed, he suffered a personality disorder in youth, reportedly requiring psychiatric care. After his expulsion last year from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school, which has yet to release his “disturbing” student record on grounds for expulsion and whether he was committed to a state-run facility.

Fellow students indicate simply that he “went away” from Parkland between his removal and the shooting incident. So far, no direct witness has positively identified him as the shooter, and all such accounts were based on police reports of him as chief suspect after the shooting. His arrest came an hour after the shooting ended at a different location.

Anyone in open rebellion against authority would have relished the chance for a shoot-out with the cops, and he supposedly had smoke grenades for use in just such a siege. Instead for the next Cruz went over to the Subway sandwich shop to buy a drink and then over to McDonald’s for a burger. Anyone with an appetite for junk food after killing 17 people is either brain-washed or innocent. It seems more likely that he was chauffeured back to Parkland from Miami and probably fed on the way in, like fattening a pig for slaughter.

Several online posts have mentioned that his crazed look and his explanation that “voices in his head” urged him to do the shooting indicate that Cruz may have been under psychiatric control, as many previous “lone gunmen” involved in state-sponsored terrorism. Witnesses have recalled seeing a second shooter (used in these sorts of covert operations to ensure a high casualty rate).

Florida happened to be one of the major centers of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program, with research based at the Florida State University at Tallahassee and trials done at nearby Appalachee state prison in Seminole county. Declassified CIA files reported that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in undercover operations in Tampa and stalked Robert Kennedy at Homestead Air Force Base in 1963, just prior to the JFK assassination.

Since the CIA closure of those human experiments, psychiatric research and treatment has moved on to the University of Miami’s massive UHealth Tower for behavioral science. Most out-of-states assume head damage mainly happens at Florida college football games, but more convincing evidence for other more lethal causes has just surfaced at the Parkland school.

Why did the police not shoot the “armed and dangerous” suspect Cruz? Precisely because the drama needs to be dragged out until the November midterm elections, when 11 House seats held by Democrat incumbents are on the line, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her fellow co-conspirator in the Awan spying case, Ted Deutch, the representative from Boca Raton (the Bay of Rats). Here again, as in all such cases of subversion of democratic governance, the FBI, DOJ and CIA are among the prime culprits, those supposed “law enforcement” agencies.

The Zionist Lobby

Florida’s 22nd district, centered in Boca Raton, was  home base for Deutch’s immediate predecessor Robert Wexler, a foreign relations lobbyist for Israel who first flew in Imran Awan from Pakistan as the computer-service provider for the House of Representatives. He was the first politician in Florida to endorse the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, who supported Wexler’s proposal for an alliance between Israel and Turkey, seed of the president’s foremost foreign project, the Arab Spring.

The Israeli-Muslim alliance against secular Arab states Syria, Libya and Egypt was the reason behind Wexler and DWS enabling the Awan family to spy on Congress communications for the Saudis and Qatari Salafist state intelligence agencies. This was to show that no dirty tricks were involved in the Arab Spring gambit. Wexler moved on to chair the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Mideast Peace, a major source of funding for pro-Zionist politicians in Congress and State Department bureaucrats.

 The Clinton-Bush Mafia

The sudden shift of the Florida political narrative from an impending court trial of DWS-linked Pakistani-Saudi spy Awan to the school shooting is, of course, the capper on the string of murders linked with Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Her ability to evade investigation, much less prosecution, indicates DWS is not acting alone, but still has the support of the Clinton-Bush political-criminal network. Florida is the turf of former Governor Jeb Bush and also Marco Rubio, both of them beneficiaries of the first edition of the forged Trump-Russia Dossier paid for by Paul Singer, Jewish publisher of the neocon Washington Free Beacon.

The foundation for Florida’s “fast cash loan” industry, or Jewish-style usury, (DWS’s husband is a cheesy banker) were laid, of course, Meyer Lansky, the patron of Bugsy Siegal and Lucky Luciano, two of the most brutal killers in mob history. Following Lanksy’s escape to Israel to evade federal prosecution, the aging Jewish gangster retired in Hallandale on the southeast corner of Browder County, site of the Gulfstream Park race track and casinos. By no coincidence, the current Mayor of Browder Beam Furr was raised in Hallandale.

Zionist Settler Hub of Florida

Parkland is the location of the Lubavitcher cult’s headquarters (the Chabad movement) for Broward and Palm Beach counties. The militant and fascistic Zionist cult recently opened a training camp at Lake Worth in Palm Beach County for indoctrination of future Israeli armed settlers to expand their genocide against Palestinians. Most of the children of the sect members attend the Jewish-only private school in Boca Raton.

However, at least three students from liberal Jewish families in area, all girls, were shot dead in the Valentine’s day massacre, and here again, sadly, is proof that the good die young. The tragedy of American Jewry is the undeserved curse of having “leaders” like Meyer Lansky, Wexler, DWS and, for that matter, the renegade American-born traitor Benjamin Netanyahu, all of them bringing shame and retribution upon the Jewish community.

Another Joker with Red Hair

There is no evidence so far of Nikolas Cruz being anti-Semitic, a white nationalist ideologue or an Antifa activist (although he used the term in one tweet). His hair, however, was dyed red at the time of arrest, just like James Holmes, the “Joker” in the 2012 Aurora theater shooting in Colorado. The crimson hair color may have been a signal to police intelligence officers not to intervene against him or his apparent accomplice until the state-sponsored terror operation was completed. This operation was well-rehearsed with several drills to train teachers and students how to take cover in a shooting incident, which ensures that the shooter(s) would not be visually identified.

The St. Valentine’s Day massacre adds to Florida’s record of CIA crimes, being the state where the 911 suspects were trained by CIA-linked flight schools during Jeb Bush’s governorship and the scene of the Orlando Pulse disco attack by Omar Mateen and, according to French intel sources, with at least two other gunmen who were allowed to escape. These operations all have the same objective of terrorizing the American public, and force an end to the Second Amendment guarantee of civilian self-defense against a tyrannical state.

Parkland Sheriff Scott Israel has said that any candidate in the midterm elections who does not support gun control will not get elected. That is a political endorsement, from a crooked cop named Israel (how blatant can it get?) for reelection of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the leading advocate of public disarmament for more orderly transition to Zionist governance. How ironic is that after the Seth Rich shooting and now this, the cynical murder of 17 students and faculty? Justice must be done and so the Awan trial must go forward to uncover the Zionist mafia at the center of these terrorist attacks against American citizens and again innocent schoolchildren. America is not another Gaza, be sure of that.

FLASH – The sole video showing ‘suspect’ Nikolas de Jesus Cruz, on February 14 taken more than an hour after the Parkland school shooting, was recorded by a security camera of the CHAI CHABAD HOUSE of the Lubavitcher-Shomrim ultraOrthodox Jewish cult on 5761 Coral Ridge Drive (located inside the northwest bend of Sawgrass Parkway – Hwy 869), just minutes before his arrest on the U-shaped Wyndham Lakes Drive, no. 4700,, which has no exit except Coral Ridge Drive. The Chai Chabad title was shown on the clip posted at CNN. This indicates that, as earlier mentioned in this investigative series, that the Jewish-born Cruz was likely recruited by the Shomrim secret society to be a patsy for the commando raid and was brainwashed at Chabad House.

Everyone should be wary when the most powerful men in America exploit the Parkland school massacre to call for gun seizures from the citizenry, especially after this same elite was directly responsible for the deaths by firearms of hundreds of thousands of civilians in their wars from Afghanistan and Iraq to Libya and Syria, along with dozens of other countries. Their national project for disarmament of Americans is exactly why the Founding Fathers, in their prescient wisdom, drafted the Second Amendment to prevent the return of an absolutist tyranny against a defenseless public. This is the hour not to cave into emotional weakness but rather to stand strong at arms, in the common defense of a sovereign people as mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

The March for Our Lives, scheduled for March 24, is being promoted by the manipulative media as an youth initiative by five Parkland school “survivors” led by the son of Kevin Hogg, who is one of James Comey’s FBI agents. In fact, the actual permit holder for the upcoming Washington D.C. rally for gun control is not the Parkland students but instead Everytown for Gun Safety, a controversial lobby group, notorious for its inflated estimates of gun-related violence.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school incident, Everytown was founded by urban mayors allied with Mike Bloomberg, former boss of New York City and millionaire publisher of Bloomberg business news. His list of advisory board members reads like an all-star list of CIA spy chiefs, warmongers and agents provocateur. What does prohibiting gun sales have to do with the murderous career of a war criminal like Admiral Mike Mullen, former head of the Joint Chiefs who launched the Afghan and Iraq Wars on a false pretext for George W. Bush? The answer is simple: To make it easier to impose a militarist regime on Americans like the pedophile regime installed in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Every town in the USA lost sons and brothers thanks Bloomberg’s advisers, notably retired Oklahoma Sen. Dave Boren, former head of the Senate Intelligence Committee and mentor of CIA director George Tenet, who plotted the NATO interventions in the Balkans, the invasion of Afghanistan and then rigged the Powell report to start the Second Gulf War.

Closer to home, on that same advisory board, there’s retired ATF official Dave Chipman, who was just involved in the cover-up of the Las Vegas Harvest Festival massacre; and Chris McDonnell, who notoriously posed for a professional photographer’s “grief portrait” at Sandy Hook School, the sort of publicity stunt that convinces people about crisis actors. Not being one of those gullible believers, I try to focus instead on the reality of merciless human butchery, as gut-wrenching as that may be.

Made in Israel

Further verifying a Zionist role in the Parkland School commando strike (see Parts 1,2 and 3 of this series), two of the Everytown advisers are linked with the special-weapons program of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF): Eli Broad, founder of his namesake institute involved in biowarfare research on ebola in West Africa; and Qualcomm boss Irwin Jacobs who funds Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology, which created and developed the IDF cyber-warfare program.

As discussed below, the IDF Cyberwar Command is yet another Israeli component involved in the Parkland false-flag operation, specifically responsible for jamming the Broward county police radio and hijacking Parkland school’s video-monitoring security system with insertion of fake video-clips, similar to the video-capture methods shown in the casino robbery in “Ocean’s Eleven” starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt. The role of Kevin Ralph Hogg in the electronic warfare operation against the police-rescue team is also exposed here.

Other Obama-Clinton cronies on the Everytown board include Tom Barrett, the Milwaukee mayor who played a key role in advocating the 2008 bailout for Wall Street; and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, founder of the Philly Rising militant group with funds from George Soros in alliance with Black Lives Matter.

George cLooney and the Hoggs

In less than a week after the Parkland school attack, George “Clueless” Clooney was the first Hollywood (CA not FL) celebrity to donate a half million dollars to the Go Fund Me account of the March for Our Lives protest movement, which was set up by student hustlers Cameron Kasky and David Hogg. The latter’s father, Kevin Hogg, has a spooky record with the FBI, indicating MFOL is not a charity for wound victims but instead a cold calculated political move for daddy Hogg’s superiors at the FBI, Justice and CIA.

A former USAF pilot, Kevin Hogg was the FBI official at LAX who released the mysterious Nigerian-American “storyteller” Olajid Oluwaseun Noibi in 2012, after he illegally boarded Virgin Airlines without a proper ticket or passport, apparently on a journey eventually headed toward Africa. After his arrest Noibi pretended to be an actor mimicking the life of Jesus, but on his booking at a police station he was wearing a black Islamic skull cap, indicating affiliation with Boko Haram.

Comey appointee Agent Hogg let him slip off the hook for a second surreptitious attempt at evading exit procedures to escape the country, apparently for plausible deniability. Nearly succeeding on his first try, Noibi was caught only because of the vigilance of a stewardess. Obama’s pro-Muslim policy, under which ISIS was created, is rife with these sorts of unregistered Islamist passengers, state-sponsored terrorists departing from Western airports into insurgency-plagued regions, like the pair who died in the explosion at a Belgian airport.

Stage Hand from the CIA

The pretty boy of TV soap operas, George Clooney owed his movie-heartthrob career to his father’s collaboration with the CIA and the Jesuit intelligence nexus on their Darfur phony-refugee project in support of heavily armed Chadian guerrillas in a pipeline war against oil-rich Sudan. His dad Nick Clooney is a journalism teacher at American University in D.C. and an active member of the Newseum, both of which are intel linked.

His actor son’s lead roles in intelligence-themed movies “Syriana”, “Argo”, “Men Who Stare at Goats” and “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” leave no doubt about George Clooney’s close connections with the CIA. A swinger (that’s only half of it), he probably had no choice but to cooperate with the Feds’ propaganda machine after disclosure of his longtime friendship with mobster Rick Rizzolo, owner of the Crazy Horse Too stripper club in Las Vegas. Mothers of Parkland, you’re allowing this whore-monger to cozy up to your kids? Another Pied Piper, he’s taking them away for a children’s crusade to help his spook bosses at Langley and the Pentagon. Sorry, Amal, you made a huge mistake falling for a con artist (did you not notice he’s a natural for the role of gambling cheat Danny Ocean?) so go back to the sanity of Beirut, where at least you know who your enemies are.

Blinding Security

Enough gossip. Now what about the gameplan for Ocean’s Eleven Redux? The Console Cowboys blog details how any CCTV system can be hijacked with an online hack though a port. Not only could an electronic intrusion capture a video camera, the entire recording and replay system can be remotely controlled for substitution of video clips, as happened during the supposed “lone-gunman” escape from Parkland School.

In article titled “Video delays misled cops at Stoneman Douglas shooting”, reporters with the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel explained: “The Broward School District’s security cameras did not provide real-time video for police during the (day of the) shooting, and an outdated radio system provided further confusion. . . . Police thought they were seeing (the fleeing suspect) live on security cameras, still in the building. They were actually seeing images tape-delayed (by at least 30 minutes).” Or perhaps the inserted video scenes were prerecorded at a staged rehearsal.

The county school superintendent was baffled by the technically impossible error in constant real-time video: “There would be no point in having a video system in the school with a delay. Why would anybody have that?”

A security-studies professor who heads a national active-shooter program at Texas State University was quoted in the Sun-Sentinel as responding: “I’ve never heard of that before.”

In addition, police officers told the reporters that their radio scanner reception was blocked by “some sort of feedback”. The Sun-Sentinel disclosed that similar radio breakdowns hampered police response to the mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood Airport a year ago January. That airport shooting “overwhelmed the county’s antiquated radio system, disrupting communications. Some policemen could hear but not talk as they were trying to determine if there was a second shooter.”

The young Jimmy Olsen reporters need some correcting from an old-timer like me: “Out of date” Motorola radio sets are far more reliable than today’s flimsy digital phones. In a low-rise area as flat as Broward County, radio reception should be crystal clear. The police scanner was deliberated jammed.

So what’s the odds for two separate communications breakdowns, one based in the district school board and the other located in the sheriff’s office, at exactly the same time? Also, for triple risk-management add on the likelihood for NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, MD, being disrupted by a car break-in earlier that day, diverting away national-security attention?

In a tribute to Israeli electronics genius, allow me to repeat a quote from an IDF Cyber-Command officer reported by the Arutz Sheva 7 newspaper, in its Feb. 23, 2016 edition: “We are ahead of the rest of the world in digital capabilities by at least 15 years. We’ve integrated operational Internet capabilities which enable any commander to do anything in any place.” Anything anywhere and any time includes a commando strike against Parkland school on St. Valentine’s day.

The Hogg Factor in A Joint Ops

The electronic warfare used for the exfiltration phase of Operation Parkland had to be precisely coordinated with the movements of three assailants, and their forward observer, who must have used a different frequency with communications to their headquarters. Not surprising, the former Navy flyer aboard a carrier, Kevin Ralph Hogg is employed at Cubic Simulations Systems in nearby Pompano Beach, which develops programs and graphics for military training and operations. Under DOD contracts, Cubic divides its various ops-planning sections into different regions of the country.

Cubic’s Pompano staff, where the father of Parkland student David Hogg works, focuses on joint-services commando operations such a hostage rescue or strikes on terrorist homes, using cyber tech developed by the IDF cyberwar division. For example, this is DOD procurement order for the Cubic regional office in Orlando: Cubic Simulation Systems Inc., Orlando, Fla., is being awarded a $19,930,555 modification (P00002), to a previously award firm-fixed-price, foreign-military-sales (FMS) contract (W900KK-13-C-0010), for the procurement of Israeli Defense Forces Engagement Skills Trainer 2000 Plus Systems and related services.

Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that: Far from being a victim, David Hogg was one of the forward observers of the joint Israeli-CIA death squad sent to Parkland, ensuring that sufficient numbers of his classmates were killed. The faker should arrested and put under extreme interrogation, along with his father, to confess to their assigned roles in the Soros-style psyop called March for Our Lives. Both father and son suffer degenerative nerve disorders associated with electromagnetic warfare, so never think there isn’t divine justice.

The grandfather of David Hogg was an FBI agent who became CEO of Mastercard, but was later forced out of the company by the board of directors under a cloud of suspicion, related to his authorization of illegal diversions to a powerful cabal, possibly the same secret society behind the FBI Russiagate affair. Of course, the Hogg clandestine role is all in keeping with the eye in pyramid of the Federal Reserve Bank, just like former FBI boss Robert Mueller, a grandmaster of that subversion (Alexander) Hamiltonian secret society.

In the Closet

Don’t get me wrong since I do tend to moralize due to an overly religious upbringing: I like money nearly as much as anyone does, musically speaking, that is. For example, that bouncy ABBA tune: “Money, money, money in a rich man’s world.”

The best lyrics about moolah come not from Pharell but from that ancient though immortal band of “Louie-Louie” fame, The Kingsmen: “You know the best things in life are free, but you can give ‘em to the birds and the bees, cause I want money, yeah, that’s what I want, I want your money . . . muuh. . .uh. . . uh . . . nee, that ‘s what I want!” Honesty like that is a rare commodity nowadays.

The difference between then and now is: In the Vietnam War era the young GIs and student protesters alike weren’t paid crap to risk their lives, whereas the Parkland snowflakes who hid in the closet got millions of dollars through Go Fund Me. What do these losers deserve for failing to attempt a rescue of the wounded or gang-tackle the assailants? A whipping behind the tool shed is what.

It’s admirable that one ROTC student died holding open a door for others, but three or more acting in unison could have teamed up to pounce on a gunman instead of everyone cringing in loneliness and fear. As Ben Franklin put it about being frightened during the unrelenting bloodbath during the Revolution: Either we must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately. Cowardice deserves no pity.

Go Fake Me

GoFundMe pages, most of them posted by fraudsters, are proliferating like pythons in the Everglades. The Miami Herald had to kill its appeals due to the uncertainty of the identities of actual recipients. There were so many fake “victims” that the GoFundMe site decided to limit the fundraising to Broward Education Foundation. Not before pages had been set up by families of 22 shooting victims (Yes, I am aware there were only 17 dead, but some of these are for the wounded, although not all the wounded).

Maybe I’ve suffered from excessive depression at the loss of family members and best friends, so I’ve never set up a lemonade stand at a funeral. By the way, if anyone who is considering an online appeal, the State of Florida covers the cost of the victim’s funerals, therefore the dozens of claimants asking for funds to bury dead students are either totally uninformed or fake. See you at the trial, and I sure do hope Judge Judy hangs you.

The Kaskys Little Coffins

The bodies weren’t even cold yet before high-school junior Cameron Kasky posted his plea for donations to support the partisan Democrat protest planned for March 24 aka March for Our Lives. This nasty drama student was the one who dissed Sen. Marco Rubio for showing up at a townhall meeting to show his sympathy and hear community opinion. Young Cameron showed zero intention to persuade Rubio but spoke out only to polarize the distraught crowd. I do not appreciate Rubio’s voting record either, but the week of mourning is not the time to play politics. Now that it’s started, Cameron is getting what’s coming to him.

The art of hustle runs in the Kaskowitz family bloodstream. On the issue of children’s welfare, it should be noted that Cameron’s grandfather and his father Jeffrey A. Kasky, Jr. are attorneys who serve as president and vice president of the profit-making surrogacy program called One World Adoptions. The OWA slogan for impoverished young women of child-bearing age is: “Make a Pregnancy Statement.” That’s a new brand of feminism.

Dad Jeffrey is co-author of “The ABA Guide to Assisted Reproduction”, something that George Clooney might be interested in volunteering for. The Florida branch is linked by one of its board members to a Georgia adoption group that goes by the same name, which specializes in procuring children for adoption from the Clinton happy hunting ground of Haiti, a reminder of the murder of child-rights researcher Monica Petersen (which was part of the Pizzagate scandal). If any of you Kaskys have information on her last days in Haiti, be sure to convey the details to us at rense.com.

How’s that for women’s rights, Oprah? Maybe you should volunteer to be a surrogate, too, to help wealthy infertile couples and pedophile pimps in the Kingdom of Wakanda. One of the earlier cash respondents, indeed, was Oprah Winfrey in an act of solidarity with the planned MFOL protest in Washington D.C., which of course has absolutely nothing to do with her ambitions to be the first Wakandan president of the USA. Her butting-in the debate is reason enough for the NRA to beef up the citizen self-defense program, to keep that FAB out of the Oval Office. FAB stands for not what you’re thinking but for “fuel-air bomb”, since she’s got such explosive talent. So hold your breath.

Child Exploitation in Our Lives

Other Hollywood heavyweights fell into line after The Don, George Clooney, made his grandiose gesture. They included Jeffrey Katzenberg, the Obama groupie and former Disney executive whose main product line was sexualized and emotionally whacked kids like Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera, rolling out of his Mickey Mouse Club treadmill.

Then there’s Stephen Spielberg who hates firearms so much that he produced war-glorifying movies like “Saving Private Ryan” and “War Horse” and gun-slinging thrillers “Minority Report” and “Raider’s of the Lost Ark.” The “H” in Hollywood stands for either “hypocrisy” or “heroin”, take your pick, kids, since you’re soon going to be in wonderful company to be picked off by the D.C. pedophiles. Just wait till they drop you off at Jimmy Cosmic’s Ping Pong pizza parlor. Don’t call 911 for a rescue because Sheriff Israel won’t be around to save you on time.

Long-Planned False Flag

The rapidity of political polarization out of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school during the mourning period, along with the immediate claim from the sneaks at the Anti-Defamation League about the Jewish-born suspect Nikolas Cruz belonging to a white supremacist group, indicate that the Parkland school shooting was another long-planned false-flag attack, similar to the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school assault in Newtown, Connecticut.

The pieces of the jigsaw are by now, more or less, in place following this fourth part of the investigative series. I hope a fifth is not required unless it’s single malt.

For those readers wanting to connect more dots, Nikolas Cruz’s child psychology clinic run by Dr. David Lubin is just 3 blocks down the road from the office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Sawgrass Parkway in Sunrise township, Broward Country. It’s a small world after all, inhabited by enterprising young “survivors”, manipulative parents, dirty cops, gun-toting religious fanatics, corrupt politicians, would-be tyrants and so-called crazed killers. It’s just life and death in a fishbowl.

This radio interview is an absolute eye opener on who these people are, how they are connected to the organized crime syndicates and the democratic party in both Florida and the Federal government.  It is an absolute must listen to understand the Stoneman Douglas shooting.

Finally, the esoteric numerology of this event is really the smoking gun that this was a false flag.  For those of you do do not know the language of Gematria, it is an ancient cypher used by the Sumerians and later the mystic Jewish Kabbalists merging the numbers and letters.

It is the language of secret societies used by the Jesuits, Freemasons (Knights Templar), Knights of Malta and St. John as well as Shomrim and other sects of various secret societies.  They do these false flag rituals on certain days and the characters always match the numerology.  This was how Zachary K Hubbard was also able to predict this.

The headlines and stories in the dark occult run mainstream media programs and papers always use this cypher, so that the brotherhoods can speak to each other in plain sight while we “goyim” or “sheeple” are completely clueless there is a secret conversation going on right in front of our faces every day in our own mainstream media.

Here is the blog for the Stoneman Douglas false flag.  Zach has thousands of articles going back over three years showing you that this same exact cypher is used every day and all of our news is scripted and many times the characters are fictional when it cannot be made to work with the real players.


Lastly, if you can figure out how Nicholas Cruz had the political power to get Google street views to put a smudge over the outside security cameras on the building going back every year except 2016..or how he got the school to turn off the security cameras that day, you’re probably in the club.


“It’s a big club…and you ain’t in it.  You and I are not in it.”  George Carlin.



Looking closer at Kevin Hogg, David’s father.  According to his Linked in profile he is a “mechanical design engineer. Responsible for the design and development for multiple weapon simulators and other design projects at Cubic. Routine collaboration between electrical and software system and manufacturing engineering to bring the product to production status. Current supervisor and mentor to mechanical interns at Cubic.”

What does Cubic do?  The are a defense contractor that specializes in “Crisis Operation Simulations.”  From their own website:

Real-World Simulations

Understanding that training requirements are unique for each client, we develop customized, real-world simulation solutions that maximize realism and training efficiency.

Our solutions are scalable to adapt to evolving needs and incorporate the following components:

  • Virtual Simulations: We craft digital environments to ensure not only real-world accuracy, but engaging visuals and design driven by state-of-the-art game technology and pipelines. These solutions are easily scalable from individual workstation to classroom configurations.
  • Physical Simulations: Our physical simulations replicate real-world spaces and equipment, allowing trainees to gain the familiarity that comes with physically performing required tasks. Spatial awareness and senses are engaged to create a realistic, memorable learning experience that can be easily repeated and replicated.
  • Blended Simulations: With blended simulations, we combine aspects of both virtual and physical simulations. Virtual, screen-based components allow a blended simulation that features elements that would be expensive or difficult to recreate physically (such as weather and environmental conditions) or time-consuming to replicate in a short time, such as the resetting of a slow-moving crane to its starting position.
  • Immersive Simulations: For training that requires complex interactions of multiple elements, a more specialized solution may be necessary, integrating multiple information streams and controlled elements into a single, dynamic training experience. Our Synthetic ISR (SYN-ISR) toolkit is one such example, which allows military and law enforcement personnel to obtain realistic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) feeds when training.


Lastly, let’s look at the Victims.

  • Alyssa Alhadeff, 14
  • Scott Beigel, 35
  • Martin Duque, 14
  • Nicholas Dworet, 17
  • Aaron Feis, 37
  • Jaime Guttenberg, 14
  • Chris Hixon, 49
  • Luke Hoyer, 15
  • Cara Loughran, 14
  • Gina Montalto, 14
  • Joaquin Oliver, 17
  • Alaina Petty, 14
  • Meadow Pollack, 18
  • Helena Ramsay, 17
  • Alex Schachter, 14
  • Carmen Schentrup, 16
  • Peter Wang, 15

What immediately sticks out as strange is that this shooting took place in the Freshman building, seperate from the main bulding where the Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors attend school.  yet nearly 1/3rd of the victims are ages 16 to 18 years old.  They shouldn’t be in that building in the middle of the school day while classes are in session.


There was a strange photo of what appeared to be Aaron Feis alive and well at the funeral of Meadow Pollack, even though he is supposed to be the slain hero of the shooting and she was three years too old to be in the Freshman building classes.


Is that him on the bottom left?  It is impossible to tell, no matter the likeness, but this video shows some very interesting and disturbing facts about Aaron Feis and his aliases when searching public records and theorizes that he is still alive and well in New York.  With this information, the above photo becomes highly suspect as to raise red flags.

This could all well be a coincidence.  But the exact same alias problem happens when we look at Scott Beigel, the other alleged fallen hero teacher.  Same thing, he turns up in New York and Coral Springs was only his temporary listed address.  Why would that be if he was a teacher in Florida and only off and in New York for summer breaks? You can see for yourself in the video in the link just below.


Have any of these victims turned up on the SSDI register? (Social Security Death Index)  or is it possible this was another Sandy Hook where the victims all turned out to be alive and well years later?

Are we really to believe Nicholas Cruz had the connections to pull this off, have Google purposely delete security cameras off of the freshman building from street view, pull three different fire alarms in three different places and shoot up a school with a 50% kill rate in a few minutes and escape law enforcement surrounding the building, all by himself?

Who paid for the thousands of buses and kids to travel to, attend, eat and stay at the March for Our Lives?  How long did that take to plan an event like that? To get the lights, stages and audio ordered and delivered? Police security and council plans set up?  Buses organized and brought it?  Is it possible it was already planned in advance?

Now one of the Broward county deputies has “died suddenly” in perfect health from…Cancer.  Do not be surprised to see more of this happening.  He questioned the narrative and the motive for the Democratic party elections and gun grab.


One thing is for certain.  If this is indeed connected with the Democratic National Party and security companies doing active shooter drills for 5G security testing and implementation and installations in schools nation-wide, and if Patriot One Technologies Inc. is involved, we can expect to see more of these school shootings in both Florida and the Mid-west sooner than later.