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by Areyou Sure, based on the works of Madame Blavatski, Dr Carey, Irene Perry, Richard Allen, esoteric Freemasonry, mythology and esoteric Bible Chemistry

“Let’s talk about sex baby”  Salt and Pepper.  Infertility.  Premature natural death and disease.  Unfortunately, knowledge of truth is the result of experience induced by suffering, in this case.

It is the negative and harmful effect on the physical human body, as well as the mind, that eventually causes a person to cease doing a thing that causes suffering.  Thus, chemical, physiological, anatomical and astrological information are absolutely essential.  So let’s reveal the biggest kept secret in the world.  But where to start? The beginning.

You should first understand that the ancients had a synchronized science to explain the nature of reality.  It applied to the movement of the stars, the yearly cycles, also the chemistry of how the body works and the electromagnetic explanation for how toroidal fields work, or what we call atomic science today.

This article will explain the ancient meanings of Scorpio, the constellation in the stars ruled by the planet Mars.  In the yearly cycle of nature, Scorpio is symbolic of the procreative organs, vascular coatings and casts in humans, mammals and vertebrates.  In biochemistry, Scorpio is symbolic of the mineral salt Calcium sulph, also known as Kali sulph, Lime Sulphate or plaster of Paris, which comes from the mineral Gypsum.  In electromagnetic toroidal fields, Scorpio has to do with the diverging red shift of light moving away from the dielectric center plane making a move towards creating space.  It is the red chakra in the body, it is radiation, radiative.  As above, so below.  As without, so within.  As in the macrocosm, so in the microcosm. 


As you can see at 2 o’clock in green on the above Zodiacal astrological and physiological chart, the astrological sign of Scorpio is allocated to the human vascular coatings and procreative organs, i.e. the genitals.  It is no mistake the glyph of the scorpion and its deadly tail was chosen by the ancients to represent the male phallus and this sign. You can see that Scorpio, like its opposite Aries, is ruled by Mars.

Scorpio is also where the red chakra lies, and also no mistake that Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the red star/planet and the god of war in mythology.  Red represents the radiative divergence in magnetic toroidal fields, meaning energy leaving the system.


It is also no coincidence that bodily fluids, ejaculation and menstrual fluids leave the body’s magnetic toroidal field through this point, as seen in the diagram below.  But we’ll return to that later.


The zodiacal sign Scorpio represents October 23rd to November 22nd in our solar year, when the sun can be seen traversing this constellation.  To raise conscious vibrations from the animal mind of the red chakra of Scorpio to the higher godhead blue of Aries can seem like a very long journey to anyone who has not learned the science of patience or yet realized that time is an illusion of physical sense.

Scorpio is represented in the human material organism by the sexual functions.

The esoteric meaning of sex is based on mathematics, as the material body is a mathematical fact.  the word Sex in Sanscrit means “six”, or as we know it, the number 6.

In the Old Testament of the masonic astro-physio-chemical Holy Bible, “six days of creation” simply means that all creation or formation in the physical realm from self existing physical substance, is carried out by and through the operation of the sex principle..which is the only principle in the physical realm.

“Three” means male..or rather the father, the spirit of the male and the son, (the father, the son and the holy spirit).

This masculine trinity forms and constitutes one of the two poles of Being, Energy, electro-magnetism or Life – The Positive pole.  This is known as Yang energy.  This is the positive charged south pole on a coherent magnet.

The negative or opposite pole, the female trinity, is made of the mother, the spirit of the mother and the daughter.

This is the Negative pole of being, energy, electro-magnetism or Life.  This is known as Yin energy.  This is the negative charged north pole on a magnet.

The Patriarchal Catholic Church likes to tell everyone about the Father, son and holy male spirit, but they never tell you about the Mother, Daughter and holy female spirit.

Together, these two trinities produce 6, 3+3=6, or rather SEX, the combining of which is the cause of all manifestation in the physical world.

Those who understand this simple principle, fully realize the truth of the New Testament statement “There is no other name under heaven whereby ye may be saved (meaning materialized into physical being and sustained) except through Jesus Christ and HIM crucified.”

By tracing the roots of the words Jesus, Crucify and Christ to their origins, a wonderful world of truth appears to the understanding of the fictional parable and statement.  We will get back to what that truth is later in this writing, when we get into the esoteric Bible chemistry aspects of Scorpio.

In the astrological sense, the possibilities of people born in Scorpio are limitless and boundless after they have passed through the trials and tribulations of crucifixion or crossification, which we will also touch on later in this writing in the esoteric Bible chemistry meanings.

One of the cell-salts that makes up the human blood is called Calcarea Sulphate, or Kali Sulph, Calcium sulph. or in its crude form, Gypsum or Sulphate of Lime, and corresponds to the Scorpio nature.


Lime is of little value in its crude Gypsum form, but when you add water and transmute it, by changing chemical formation, you create plaster of Paris, a substance useful and ornamental.

Scorpio people are natural magnetic healers, especially after passing through the metaphorical waters of adversity, since heat is the caused by the union of water and lime.

Scorpio is a water sign, governed by Mars, as stated above.  Mars is a “doer of things”, also fiery at times, so Scorpios need to know to take heed sometimes, lest they “boil over”.

In Bible alchemy, Scorpio is represented by Simeon, the second son of Jacob.  the word/name Simeon means “hears and obeys”.  In the esoteric symbolism of the New Testament, Scorpio corresponds to the disciple Andrew, which means “to create or ascend”.

The gems that correspond to Scorpio are topaz and malachite and the astral colors are golden brown and black.

Biochemically, any break in the molecular chain of the Scorpio salt Calcium (Lime) Sulphate caused by a deficiency of that mineral salt in their blood, is the primal cause of all so-called disease for people born in this month.

This disturbance not only causes symptoms called disease in physical functions, but it disturbs the astral fluids and gray matter of brain cells, and thereby changes the operation of mind into disharmony.

The word “Sin” means “to lack or to fall short”, thus deficiencies in life’s biochemistry cause Sin.

When man learns to supply his electro-magnetic chemical dynamo with the proper material and dynamics, he will “wash away his Sins with the blood of Christ” – blood made with the “White Stone”..meaning he will wash away his disease by filling his body with the proper diet and organic mineral cell salts that make up the body.

Calcium Sulphate should never be taken internally in crude form, i.e. don’t ingest gypsum.  In order to be taken up by absorbents of mucous membranes, the lime salt must be triturated, meaning chewed or ground to a fine powder, according to the biochemical method, up to the third or sixth.  By this method, the lime may be rendered as fine as the molecules contained in grain, fruit or vegetables.

“Behold! I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19

That sounds like some amazing pair of sandals or sneakers there, they must double as a shield. Perhaps they are Nike’s?  He was the god of war, also known as Mars, who rules this sign. Coincidence? Hardly.   But what is this parable really talking about here?  Certainly not magic sneakers.  Let’s find out.

The Sun enters the zodiacal sign of Scorpio the scorpion on approximately October 23rd and remains there until November 22nd.  It is the ninth Alban month on the old calendar and its old Dutch name was Slagth-Maand, which means “slaughter month”.  This was the time of the year were animals were slain and salted down for winter consumption.

In the old Saxon language it was called Wind-moneth, which meant “wind month”, when all of the fishermen stopped their labours until the following spring.  In the French Republican calendar it was called Brumaire, which meant “fog month”.

In his book “Amen, the God of the Amonians”, Dr. Wakeman Ryno states that the following names are some of the ancient terms and names designated to the astrological sign of Scorpio and this period of the year:

  • Baal-Zebub, which means “Lord of the Flies”;
  • “King of the bottomless pit”;
  • Satan of the Hebrews;
  • “the very gate of hell”;
  • “the place of the tormented”;
  • the Persian Esrael or “Angel of Death”;
  • the Angel Abaddon of Revelation;
  • the Angel Apollyon of the New Testament, “the beast from the pit”;
  • the Angel of the Sphinx (the Eagle).

Remember that Scorpio has to do with the procreative genital organs in esoteric biochemistry.

This same writer also states that “the constellation of Scorpio was held by the ancients to be a bird of bad omen (the harbinger of hellish winter soon to come after the sun rose in Scorpio).  Thus for mystical reasons, they adopted the Eagle (Aquilla) as its sign.

The sign of Scorpio was also considered the very gate of hell, for the reason that it was the beginning of the five months of winter with its cold, wet and very disagreeable weather, making it necessary to have constant fires to keep warm.

Hence all of the gods of winter were colored red, in imitation of fire and have dominion over the lower world.


“As above, so below”.  As in the heavens and annual cycle, so in the human body and physiology.  The “Underworld”  is simply the lower region of the human body in the minor arcana, as you can see in the first picture above.  Scorpio lies in the genital procreative region of the body and astrological signs in the night sky.

In the second picture, you can see the ecliptic of the sun’s cycle in the sky throughout the year.  On the left in green and yellow you have the “Royal Arch” of Royal Arch Freemasonry, meaning the spring and summer months, the generative part of the year, the phallus, with growth, food, health, prosperity.

On the right you have the underworld; the cold dark opposite.  Hell.  It dips below the equator and ecliptic, which is why it is known as the “underworld”.

You can see Scorpio just there at 10-20 degree declination, just to the right of the cross, where the allegorical Christ (our Sun) is crucified every year, while his mother Mary (Virgo) sits on his left of the crossing of the equator/ecliptic line.  Yin and yang, red shift and blue shift, compression and radiation.. The dual nature of our physical world and reality.

In the Babylonian creation-scheme, Scorpio was Apin-Dua, meaning “Opposite of the Foundation (Aries)”.  Astrologers have always claimed the Scorpio sign is the house of death, but they have never explained why.  Just as the ancients regarded it as the gateway to hell, leading into the winter..It should be clear to see why, now, in the above diagram.

As Aries (the cerebrum part of the brain inside our body, the gateway to heaven “the kingdom of heaven is within you) is the Father, or beginning, the Creator, the first sign, the Alpha, the number 1,  the first thing formed in Utero while life is developing in the womb or ground,  Aries is also the first sign of the royal arch shown in the picture above, the gateway to heaven, March 21st, where the sun starts to climb in the day sky and its radiative powers will bring back life to the planet after winter, during the spring and summer.  Plants and crops will bud and grow, health will flourish, etc.

Aries has to do with creation, and Scorpio, its zodical opposite on the zodiac wheel has to do with PROCREATION,  and it possesses a mighty secret that the majority of us people are still ignorant of.  The only modern astrologer in the early to mid part of the last century to even cover this topic was the editor of the British Journal of Astrology, Mr. Bailey.

In his book Astrology and Birth Control, he states emphatically that from time immemorial, the sign Scorpio has been allocated with the organs of procreation, and that their use is Solely for procreation!…meaning not to be used for carnal pleasure of the animal senses and sexual lust or gratification.

This is why the priest classes of various sects of Christianity still carry the vow of celibacy over from the old knowledge of the solar religion.

The procreative organs have a specific function, just the same as the spleen, stomach, liver, eyes and all other parts of the body.   This is also why the controlling social engineering factions on this planet push openly pornography, liberal sexual lifestyles and masturbation.  It greatly shortens the human lifespan, and does it quickly.

One of the Babylonian names for Scorpio is Uigur ali, which means a creature that belongs to and comes up from the underworld.  It is obvious that this has reference to the animal or procreative germs in humans, the sperm and the ovum or egg.

The sign Scorpio was also termed the King or Beast of Death.  Among the depicted figures is that of the Mithraic Bull, which is actually Taurus.  Taurus is the cerebellum, neck, throat, gall bladder and liver in the human body, and the spring, April 21st to May 21st in the annual cycle.  As above, so below.

Artistically, he is a duplication of the ancient Euphratean Bull.  As you can see in the one below, he is surrounded by hostile creatures: a dog which springs up to lick his blood, a large serpent which bites him and a scorpion which seizes his genital organs.


planisphere 2

The analogy should be clear to all, especially those studying the Tarot.  The 21st card known as “the World” shows that man is constantly beset, or troubled by animal passions, i.e. lust for the physical sensations and not spiritual aspirations.

tarot 21 the world

On these same ancient astrological, biochemical and metaphysical planispheres, Scorpio was also Lugal-tudda, the “THIEF” and “god of lightning”, the “giver of fire to man”.   The torment given by the sting of the scorpion was likened to the burning of fire or lightning.  It was called the River of the Snake, the River of the Sheepcote of the Ghost World.

The electrical fire manifesting in lightning is an analogous to the fire of life which leaves the body at the termination of the sexual act, physical orgasm and ejaculation.

in Revelation 9:3, 4, 10, 11 can be found statements like “And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails, and their power was to hurt men five months (the five months of winter)”.  It is obvious that there is still a deeper meaning to the words “and their power was to hurt men for five months.”

Humanity may suffer from cold during the 5 winter months but we are not really normally hurt by it, unless under special living conditions that are unusual.  When we look at Scorpio, save for the deeply esoteric Eagle, we can see that in all of the names and interpretations given to this sign in all of the ancient countries, races and cultures, not a single one of them ascribed a positive or constructive interpretation to Scorpio.

Esoteric biochemistry is about making use of anatomy and physiology to understand our subject.  As below, so above.  As above, so below.  Starting always with Aries as the first astrological sign, Scorpio is the 8th Zodiac sign, allocated with the 8th division of the human body, which contains the procreative reproductive genital organs.

A study of the nervous system tells us that the great ganglia at the base of the spinal canal, termed the sacral (sacred) and the coccygeal, which is at the end of the spine, have to do with the procreative glands.


The great sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the body, rises from the sacral center and not only sends important branches to the sexual glands, but other nerves branch to the knees and to the extremities, feet, toes, etc.

As the sacral center allocates with the sign of Capricorn, and the feet allocate with Pisces, it is obvious that this portion of the body relates to five zodiacal signs.  Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

The secret of the Biblical use of the words “hurt men for 5 months” is revealed when it is realized that the wrong use of Scorpio, the procreative organs, in sexual excesses or self-abuse (masturbation and ejaculation), not only actually physically impairs the activities of these 5 body parts, but often results in paralysis.

You’ll remember in the movie Rocky when the trainer Mick forbids Rocky from having sex with Adrian while he is in training.  He tells Rocky to lay of the dame because “women weaken legs”.

You will read the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bible verses, about a father and two sons. While the older son stayed home and worked hard for his father, the younger son ran away with his “inheritance” (cerebral spinal fluid, Christos oil, quicksilver, chi “esse”) and spent it on foolish things.  Prostitutes, whores, masturbation and loose women, as well and drink, drugs and other de-purifying things that pollute the sacred body oils of life.

The prodigal son then returns, begging god to be allowed into the kingdom of heaven, because he wasted his creative/regenerative cerebral spinal fluid oil (see our article on Gemini) on procreative ejaculation, not allowing the sacrum to return it back up the 33 vertebrae of the spine back up into the cerebrum, Aries, the kingdom of heaven, where it can be used to create corpuscles and heal and regenerate the cells of the body.

When this creative fluid is not wasted for procreative or self-pleasuring means, this becomes the parable of Christ (Christos oil, cerebro-spinal fluid) dying for three days at 33 (vertebrae in the spine) and rising again immortal.

The names Christ and Christos come from the Greek word Khristos, the Latin Christus, and later Crist in old English.  These words mean “anointed or to anoint”.  Anoint means “smear or rub with oil“.

We will cover this more later in this article and on the synthesis of Aries.  But, back to Scorpio…

We can now see that the ancient term THIEF is exceedingly appropriate for the sting of the Scorpion, as interpreted physiologically, as wasting our creative and regenerative essence most assuredly results in death for all, sooner or later.

The sexual act of fornication not only steals energy from the five divisions of the body represented by the extremities, but slowly and surely reacts on the brain in the same way!

It is interesting and perhaps no coincidence to observe that the Saturnians (Satanists), who worship physical pleasures, choose the inverted 5 pointed star as their symbol.  Indeed.

Whether we wish to believe it or not, it is a fact that the basic fluid in ALL of the body’s glands is created in the brain, which is the first gland in the body.

The cerebrum (Aries) is truly the fountain-head of life, and within it is precipitated the mysterious semi-fluidic and wax-like substance which scientists today call “the gray matter.”

The extremely small mineral particles in this gray matter constitute the “lode-stone”, or “magnet”,   which attracts humid air and the “Spirit of Life”, “Holy Spirit” or “Akasha” into the brain reservoir, known as the Claustrum.

claustrum 2Claustrum



The function of the Claustrum has never been explained by western science, nor is any information given relative to countless others in the cerebrum alone.  The ancients understood our brain function and physiology more than we do today, and built an entire astro-physio-chemical science around it, as above, so below.

Referring to the Euphratean term which Scorpio was known by the ancients, “The River of Sheepcote of the Ghost World”, we find modern confirmation of the above term.

The holidays (Holy days) which we recognize and celebrate today were known in very remote times.  They exist today because their origins are based in physiological and astrological facts.  Important and vital truths about humanity are embodied in each one.

Hallowe’en is an example.  This day is especially interesting and applicable because it occurs on October 31st, while our sun is transiting the house of the Scorpion, or the constellation Scorpio, in the sky.

The origin of Hallowe’en is lost in the dim shadows of antiquity to most of us.  But although the customs, traditions and ceremonies vary wildly in different countries, a basic idea is seen to permeate them all –  that ghosts walk abroad and witches, evil spirits or goblins indulge in their yearly revels on October 31st.

Actually, in ancient times, the celebration continued even into the following day, November 1st, since both days fall in the seventh degree of Scorpio, which has a Capricorn vibration in astrology and cymatic biochemistry.

The creative vibration of nature changes every 2 and a half days, corresponding to the time the moon remains in each sign of the zodiac.  In order to find these variations in the correct days of the month, in each Zodiacal sign, the twelve total signs of the Zodiac must also all be represented IN each sign individually as well.

(As Inez Perry states, to do this, each deacon of any of the 12 Zodiac signs is divided up into four parts of two and a half degrees each.   It is most interesting to study the astrology charts of people by this method.  She is convinced that it is really the only method by which character as well as the physical condition can be correctly analyzed.  The rising sign must not be used and no degree of Aries must be on the ascendant.)

Getting back to Hallowe’en, the character and nature of this period is essentially Capricornian.  the word Capricorn comes from two words, “Capri” and “corn”.  The word Capri means “goat” and Corn is a general term for “seed”.   Therefor, Capricorn simply means Goat seed, or “animal seed“.

In plain English, Capricorn is referring to the procreative or venal seed. Corpuscles turned into sperm and ovum.  Corn also means “horn”.

Another coincidence with the Satanists, perhaps, to use the goat of Mendes to symbolize their worship of carnal and material pleasures?

It has been known since ancient times that the Sacral vertebrae allocate with Capricorn in esoteric biochemistry, but no explanation of the reason for this has ever been given.  There is much evidence to show that the festival of Halloween was originally based on some special fact having to do with procreation.

None of the traditions and pastimes of this holiday attract any attention to this biochemical secret, but nevertheless the Encyclopedia Britannica states “On or about the first of November the Druids held their great autumn festival and lighted fires in honor of their Sun-god, in Thanksgiving for the fall harvest.

Further, it was the Druidic belief that on the eve of this festival Saman, the Lord of Death, called together the wicked souls that within the past 12 months have been condemned to inhabit the bodies of animals.”

Richard Hinkley Allen states in his book Star Names and Their Meanings “the Greek word for Graffias, one of the stars in the constellation of Scorpio means CRAB”  He states “It may be that here lies the origin of the title, for it is well-known that the ideas and words for crab and scorpion were almost interchangeable in early days, from the belief that the scorpion was generated from the crab.  This opinion was held by the learned Saints Augustine and Basil of the 4th century, and confidently expressed by Saint Isidore in his Origines et Etymologiae“.

Without some understanding of astrology from an esoteric and physiological standpoint, the full significance of the two references cannot be understood.  They seem more like some Darwinian macro-evolution statements from long before his theories ever existed.

But esoteric and biological astrology show that the Crab is actually changed into the Scorpion, metaphorically, in the human body, not literally in the animal kingdom.

A corpuscle is defined as a minute particle regarded as the basic constituent of matter or light, and a minute body or cell in an organism, especially a red or white cell in the blood of vertebrates, meaning an animal of a large group distinguished by the possession of a backbone or spinal column, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes.

the corpuscles of the body, all of which rightfully belong to the body, under the vibration of the lower carnal mind, are attracted and drawn down into the testes, an organ which produces spermatozoa (male reproductive cells).

There in the testes, the corpuscles are physically changed into animal germs or corpuscles! 

When a man is the lower animal mind and sexually aroused mentally, the blood rushes to his groin..the same with a woman who swells vaginally when properly mentally aroused.  In the case of a male “wet dream”, the mind can actually magnetically attract corpuscles to the groin and cause corpuscle semen discharge without frictional release.

These may be termed negative in nature, because they are animal.  The true physiological corpuscles are neutral or neuter in themselves, and can reproduce by their own efforts.

In other words, the two sexes are in harmonious relationship with each other, and hence can divide and produce “daughter cells” indefinitely, or as required, provided that the necessary materials are furnished!

You cannot build something out of nothing!   You can produce a child, but if you do not feed it, it will not grow and produce its own children. It will die. The same goes with your neuter corpuscles. They can split and reproduce, but if there is no electro-chemical energy and physical organized (organic) mineral salts to grow, they will eventually die and not reproduce again.  This means your physical body will die with them.

The corpuscles are our queen bees, for they are of the same nature.  They can reproduce themselves and are also capable of developing or mutating/morphing from a regenerative cell into a completely different pro-generative germ cell (from red or white blood cell into sperm or ovum).

The above is only one of the many mighty physiological secrets which knowledge of real astrology and the etymological analysis of words and mythologies can provide.  Back to Scorpio.

The Dutch termed late October and really November the “slaughter animal germs (spermatozoa).  In the sexual act of fornication, these germs are literally slaughtered, since it is a scientific fact that only one spermatozoa is required to impregnate the ovum.

A fertile male human ejaculates between 2 and 5 (ml) of semen (on average about a teaspoon). In each ml there are normally about 100 million sperm. If the concentration falls below 20 million sperm per (ml), there is usually some trouble with fertility.  This means 200 million and 500 million corpuscles are slaughtered in each ejaculation

As we will cover later, those corpuscles are a part of your body, and were meant to be purified down in the genital organs and morphed back again from pro-generative to regenerative cells, and returned to other parts of the body that need them for sustaining life and health function.

Remember Rocky’s manager said “Women weaken legs”.  To gauge the amount of electro-chemical esse or energy released in that teaspoon of ejaculation, watch how quickly your exhausted man falls asleep after the sexual act, as if he’s just climbed Mount Everest, and you wonder why he doesn’t have energy or desire to talk or bond afterwards.

The millions of spermatozoa corpuscles which have been uselessly expended into a vagina, dirty sock or bedside tissue of course die, and as the Bible states “Their dead bodies lie around the streets of the city.

The above may not be a pleasant picture and may even seem quite comical to horrific to think about.  Most people know practically nothing relative to the body and its functions.  Unless the study of this most important subject is seriously taken, the disastrous effect of wrong living will not be realized.

There is a reason Taoists practice tantric sex without physical orgasm for the male or squirting for the female..it is vital to their renowned health and longevity of life span.

Physically, this terrible waste of corpuscles scourges and causes great suffering to the brain. Scourge means “to punish, to cause great trouble and suffering”.   It causes both the body and brain to deteriorate slowly or quickly, according to the extent of the sex life.  Only those who do not want this fact to be true will find it difficult to realize.

Degeneration, generation and regeneration.  These are the three stages in the lives of the triune being, meaning trinity, or consisting of and existing as three in one.  Degeneration is animal man, generation is human man, regeneration is spiritual man within you.”  Aries, the cerebrum, higher spiritual mind.

Real thinkers realize with horror and regret, that the majority of us are still in the first stage, the degenerating animal man, focused on physical, material and carnal pleasure, thought, emotion and activities.  In the light of physiological fact, we cannot deny that this is true.

In the Old Testament Bible parables, although the characters never historically existed, people often wonder why these characters were stated to be 600 to 900 years old.  In Chinese mythology, their Yellow Emperor is said to have lived nearly 1,000 years.

Is it just possible that though the characters are fictional, it was quite reasonable for people to live that long, if they possessed this knowledge and ability to live as regenerative spiritual people in mind, thought, body and activity?

Degeneration means that one cohabit solely for the sake of pleasurable sensation.  We are definitely in the era of the one night stand cultures, Netflix and Chill, etc.

Generation means “to generate, to become parents”, therefore to engage in the sexual act, solely that a child may result.  What are our cultural viewpoints towards this?

Regeneration means that there is no longer any thought of sex, therefor it is not indulged in at all, nor masturbation and ejaculation.

As the body loses neither creative substance nor electrical energy, body and brain are not robbed of any of their corpuscles.  Therefor they attain the highest stage of efficiency.

Thomas Vaughn states in his remarkable work, that the seed which the body creates must be used to feed and therefore, recreate the body which forms itself.  This is a self-evident fact.

The Scorpion and its sting have been known from ancient times as the “Angel of Death”, but as mentioned earlier, the “White Eagle” is its esoteric symbol, and it is symbolic of the Divine promise of life everlasting to “him who overcometh“.

The Christians have completely perverted the meaning of life everlasting , as you can read in the link.  It is not meant as a metaphor for eternal life in heaven with angels, clouds and Jimmi Hendrix performing on the harp for eternity and your pleasure.

It is meant literally, meaning actual physical lifespans here on this earth, as in the fictional Biblical characters, 600 to 1000 years old, which would seem everlasting, would it not?

When the Bible states “and he shall go no more out“, it refers to the secret of overcoming natural death.  Natural Death cannot take place when there are sufficient corpuscles to sustain life.

Is it any wonder then, that the ancients referred to Scorpio as “The Gate of Hell”?  Not only is it the gateway to the 5 hellish winter months of the year in the Zodiacal major Arcana, but it is the gateway to early death by loss of corpuscle in our bodies in the esoteric biochemical minor Arcana as well.

One really has to wonder if these Satanic and elite blood drinking cults are learning these kept secrets in their masonic lodges and cults, and literally drinking the blood corpuscles of young children in hopes of replacing their own, so that they can continue to fornicate like animal man while still prolonging their lifespans.  It is certainly possible and food for thought, at any rate.

In lore and mythology stories, the scorpion is usually said to be the slayer of the giant-man.  In his book Star Names and Their Meanings, Richard Hinkley Allen starts his section on Scorpio with “classical authors saw it in the monster that caused the disastrous runaway of the steeds (seeds) of Phaebus, Apollo in the inexperienced hands of Phaeton.”  Energy became a consuming fire rather than healing, so body and brain were both destroyed.

In the constellation Scorpio, a brilliant star named Antares represents the heart of the Scorpion.  The word Antares is is made up of ANT and ARES.  Ant means “against or in opposition to” and ARES is obviously the Roman name for the planet Mars and also Aries, both the constellation and the cerebrum in the human brain, where the semi-fluidic gray matter waxy oils and glandular fluids are produced in the first place.

As we touched on earlier, one of the interpretations of Scorpio is “opposite to the foundation”, meaning that it seeks to undermine and destroy the foundation of life itself, represented by the higher spiritual brain, the cerebrum, Aries, just as it does every year in the fall of our seasons.  As above, so below.

Aries is the first sign of the regenerative spring and summer months of the year, the part of the body formed first in utero and producer of the chemical functions to sustain and regenerate the human body.  Antares refers to Mars in a negative or destructive sense, as Mars is the ruler of Scorpio in the Piscean age of evolution.  Mars rules Aries and Scorpio in astrology.

As ruler of Aries, Mars’ interpretation there is a positive one of energy used constructively to create or build up, in both the human body and in the spring and summer years that return life to the planet after winter.

But also as ruler of Scorpio, Mars’ interpretation is a negative one there, and becomes the “Angel of Death”.

We live in a universe of duality and polarity.  There is a positive and negative side or pole to everything.  In Scorpio in our genitals and in the fall of the year, as opposed to in Aries in the cerebrum and the spring of our year, Mars does not create, but it tears down and destroys, as both the gateway to the 5 winter months in November and in the waste of corpuscle in the pro-generative organs.

Mars rules the first 7 signs of the Zodiac positively and constructively.  Mars is energy, and as such creates and operates the 7 vital organs of the body, from Aries to and inclusive of Libra, as seen from 9 o’clock to 2 o’clock counter-clockwise on the Zodiac wheel around the human body and year below.


Mars rules Scorpio and the other four parts of the body negatively and hence destructively, as seen from 2 o’clock to 9 o’clock counter-clockwise on the above Zodiac wheel around the human body and year.

It has lost its spiritual vibration and has become animal, both in winter and in the lower regions of the human body.  It is no accident the lower chakra is red, and Mars is the red planet or energy.

In mythology it is said that “Æsculapius stole fire from heaven and chained it to the earth.”  Meaning it took the creative esse cerebro-spinal fluid from the cerebrum Aries, and brought it down to the genital area in Scorpio, and also in the year, took to generative sun energy of the spring and reduced it to the destructive dying energy of the plant life and fauna in the fall and winter.

You can see in the Zodiac chart above that Scorpio is next to and after Libra, which is the balancing sign.  If one passes beyond the balance point (Phæton was told to keep the middle course) he sees the claws of the scorpion reaching out to grasp him, and feels its poisonous breath upon his face.  As Madame Blavatsky stated “He must not go beyond the “Ring pass Not“.

It’s no wonder then that Mars has been interpreted as the “god of War” by those living in its negative destructive lower vibration in the Piscean age, who cannot interpret it as anything otherwise.   If the Greek and Roman god Mars/Aries was created today, in the age of Aquarius, where the sacred knowledge and light are returning, he would be revered in a positive sense like Mercury.  (see synthesis of Gemini article)

Back to Antares, the heart star of Scorpio.  The Chinese call Antares “Ta Who” which means the Great Fire.  A very appropriate name, since there is no more consuming fire of life force than that of the sexual act.

It is also interesting to note that in the Bible Concordance, there are seven different interpretations of the serpent, just as there are seven different interpretations given under the Lion (Leo).  Think of the 7 deadly sins and their positive opposite virtues.  They deal with the different stages or conditions of the material which is studied on Scorpio.

In Revelation it refers to “the old serpent which is the devil“.  Ignorance (hence sin or wrong doing) is the negative interpretation, while wisdom (right action) is the positive interpretation.  “Be ye wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.” Matthew 10:16

In Isaiah we find direct reference to the other esoteric symbol of Scorpio as the Flying Serpent.  “For out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a cockatrice (two-legged dragon with a rooster head), and his fruit shall be a fiery serpent.”  This plainly means that the serpent fire in the sacral and coccygeal region, or base of the spine.  Some of this fire (the fire of wisdom) is lost in sexual congress.  The serpent “must be lifted up“.   But what does that mean?

It means that if the corpuscle seed/germ is left alone and not lost or wasted, it will eventually go back up to where it came from.

A scientific explanation for this is that where there is no break in energetic and physical circulation, there is no lossCirculation means “to move, to revolve in a circle”.  This is where we get the word circuit for electronics or a race track.  Because humanity, in its present state of evolution, has such a break in its glandular circulation, loss is inevitable.

The Divine Fire of Æsculapius can NOT ascend back up the spinal cord, nor can all of the essence created in the cerebrum return back to it in the circuit, if it is wasted or ejaculated at the other end of the circuit.

It is true of many persons that very little of it returns back to the cerebrum, and their cerebro-spinal system struggles immensely and works overtime to supply enough essence to keep the physical body mechanism alive and functioning.  Thought and intelligence also diminishes as the corpuscles needed for a fully functioning brain are constantly manufactured and sent elsewhere to replenish the wasted supplies.

According to Richard Allen “the Akkadians called it Girtab, the “seizer or stinger”.  It seizes or steals the corpuscles of the body, in truth.  This same name Girtab is given another interpretation- “the place where one bows down”.

This is also an appropriate interpretation since one of the three male sexual glands is expressive of the same meaning.  The prostate, which means “to prostrate, reduce someone to physical weakness or bow down”.

The prostate receives the male germ seeds after they have been perfected in the testes.  They are stored here until either ejaculated or purified, morphed and returned to the cerebrum up the spinal column. 

The female uterus, correspondingly, receives the ovum, a mature female reproductive cell, which can divide to give rise to an embryo usually only after fertilization by a male cell.  If fertilized, it remains, if not, it passes out of her body.  Both go down, which is the same as bowing down.

In early planispheres, the Scorpion was represented as grasping at the scales of Libra, its preceding sign.  This definitely proves that our ancients were well aware of the fact that sex imbalances physiological and metaphysical functions.

These were intended by the Divine Architect and Chemist to be perfect, therefor balanced, as in the scales of balance in the depiction of Libra.

It is said that Odilo, the Abbot of Clugny, appointed November 2nd, the day after Halloween, as the time set aside to pray for the lost souls in purgatory.  Lost human procreative germs!  Are these not truly lost souls?  Indeed, there are no lost souls except these.

It is believed by many cultures and esoteric circles that there is physical life here on Earth again after this current life, reincarnation, where our spirit returns here again and again in a new baby body to learn to build constructively, like spiritual school.

But the way back into this physical realm is through the procreative germ, which is being wasted.  Whether you believe in this or not, it is food for thought and the origin of the idea of souls lost in purgatory until their physical “ride” here comes up again.

Richard Allan also states “but the alchemists held Scorpio in high regard, for only when the sun was in this sign could the transmutation of iron into gold be performed.”

As Iron is the allocating mineral salt of Mars, and Mars is energy, in its true esoteric significance, all of the old alchemical stories really referred to the transmutation of the inferior and imperfect products of the human body into perfect ones.

The special place of Mars in Scorpio was said to be in its tail and sting.  “The claws were especially related to the star Jungum in the Yoke of the Balance (Libra), being associated with Venus, because this goddess united persons under the yoke of matrimony” says Richard Allen.


He also states of Scorpio “although nominally in the zodiac, the sun actually occupies only 9 days in passing through the two portions that project upward into the constellation Ophiucus, so far south of the ecliptic it is, indeed, except for these projections, it could not be claimed as a member of the zodiac.”

Perhaps this is what the scriptures refer to in the passage which says: “and except those (9?) days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved, but for the elects’ sake those days shall be shortened.”

The above no doubt refers particularly to the ten degrees of the first decan (each of three equal ten-degree divisions of a sign of the zodiac) of Scorpio, which covers the part of the human body assigned to the creation of animal germs.

If more space on the overall human body had been allocated for this function, it is undeniably true that “no flesh could survive”, for the flesh itself would be robbed of many more corpuscles than is already the case in our current anatomical make up.

Another interesting name given to the star Antares by the ancient Euphrateans was Bilu-sha-ziri or “Lord of the Seed“.  This proves that Antares really does belong to the first decon of Scorpio, where seed is created.

It has to be remembered that the zodiac is physiological as well as anatomical.  The first decan of Scorpio is related to the glands,  testes or ovaries for women.

The middle decan is related to Cowpers Glands in the male and Bartholin glands in the female.

The third decan covers the male prostate and female uterus.

The Euphrateans clearly knew their esoteric biochemistry, as they called Antares Ka-shisa, “the Creator of Prosperity“.  One is very rich, who has much grain in his physiological granary.

This may have been the origins of the Biblical story of the rich man.  He was told to exchange what he had, and give it to the poor (the poor, starved cells in his body).  “But he went away sorrowful, for he had much possessions.”  (Earthly physical carnal desires and money and means to indulge in them at will.)

In Egyptian astronomy, Scorpio represented the goddess Selkit or Serk-t and was the symbol of Isis in the pyramid ceremonies.  Isis is simply the ancient name of the moon.  The nature of Isis, or the moon is fertility.

True fertility is actually considered under the astrological sign of Cancer, and is connected with the creation of Corpuscles, just as seeds germinate after the first full moon after they are planted, but in Scorpio, a certain number of these corpuscles are changed to animal germ.  This is why the Egyptians associated Scorpio with Isis.

As stated before, ancient astrologers believed that scorpions were generated from crabs.  That is because Cancer has to do with the generation of corpuscles and Scorpio with the transformation of them into pro-generative seed.

The early fathers of Christianity, Saint Augustine, Basil and Isadore confidently expressed this knowledge of this profound secret.  It is obvious the ancients were aware of it.

Absolute purity is the foundation of the structure of the real church.  The purified body is a holy place, a sanctuary, the Holy of Holies.  Otherwise it is just a house to abide in for a little while, sometimes it is a mere shack.

Akrab, one of the names of Scorpio means “wounding or physical injury/harm”.  In astrological lore, Venus was said to have arisen from the foam of the sea, at the wounding of Uranus.

Since Uranus is the Savior or the Son of Man in astrological lore, this story really refers to the saline solution of the blood being robbed of its corpuscles (cells).  Aquarius (which is ruled by Uranus in astrology) relates to the blood serum, the saline or vitalizing portion.

Richard Allen states that “another star in this Euphratean planisphere is Gis-gan-gu-sur, “the light of the hero or the Tree of the Garden of Light, placed in the midst of the abyss and reminding us of that other tree, the Tree of Life in the midst of the garden of Eden.

It is obvious that it is the metaphorical Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”, otherwise known as positive and negative charge, yin and yang, duality, polarity, compression and radiation, binding and loss, etc. etc.

This same star was also called the “crown”.  There is no doubt of it’s thorns.  There are two other stars in this constellation, named Al Shaulah and Vicritau, interpreted as “the two releasers”, which are an analogy to the two ejaculatory glands, called Caput Gallinaginis or Vermontanum, in physiology.

In Hindu lore, we find many of the stars of the Scorpio constellation grouped under one name, translated to that of “Calamity“.  Here, this name refers to the negative or destructive aspect and character of Scorpio, obviously.  It is interesting that the Euphrateans depicted its positive nature as Prosperity, which thus allocates with its esoteric symbol of the White Eagle.

In his Polynesian Researches, Richard Allen states  that the name and legend of Ellis actually applies to Castor and Pollux.  Castor and Pollux were already considered under the article on the synthesis of Gemini (the twins, lungs, hands, pleura glands, bronchial tubes, shoulders and ALL fibers and tissues) ,where an analysis of the two names were given.

But it is easy to believe they were related also intricately related to the sign Scorpio, since Aries is the higher mind and Gemini is the lower mind , or carnal animal mind,  which dwells for the most part on the activities of that part of the body allocated with the first decan of Scorpio, the sexual organs.

Actually, another name for Pollux, or Bollus, is the English term for the male genitals, bollocks.  In fact, a Danish slang word meaning “to fuck” is at bolle, which also means “bread roll (seed germ)”.   The word castrate, meaning “to emasculate by removing the testes or make sterile” is derived from the same root as Pollux’ twin, Castor. 

In describing the actual scorpion, dictionaries state that “it is distinguishable at a glance from all other existing members by having the last six (sex) segments of its body modified to form a highly flexible tail, armed at the end with a sting consisting of a vesicle holding a pair of poison glands, and of a sharp spine behind the tip of which the ducts of the glands open. Despite living in the heat, they are extraordinarily susceptible to heat and when they feel it beating down upon them they brandish their tails and strike right and left as if to drive off  the unseen enemy.”  This is why they mostly hide in the cool shade o the palm tree bark.

Since the scorpion really corresponds with and has to do with the last five sings of the zodiac, its corresponding parts of the lower body and even the sexual organs, the number of its segments is appropriate.

The fact that it is extraordinarily susceptible to heat is another allocation verified by the well-known fact that the sexual organs are equally susceptible, metaphorically speaking.  They react instantly to the fire of passion.  The reaction of the scorpion to heat, as it brandishes its tail and strikes, is equally applicable to the sexual organs.

At this point we should get into explaining the actual meaning of the ancient symbol for Scorpio.


It is clearly the letter “M” (the 13th letter in gematria, or 4th in reductional gematria) with the last stroke extended down below the line and a string (sting) placed at the end.

An article on Virgo (M, Mar, Marina, Maritime, water, Mary, Virgin Mary, Magnetism, etc.) will follow to help you understand the full significance of this letter.  Upside down it is a W, as in water.  In Hebrew, it is spelled MEM, and means “mother, the female, the creative fluid, sea water (because it contains all the eleMents which sustain life)”.

The fish in the sea water (saline) correspond to the corpuscles in the saline solution of the blood.  MEM means “substance or material”, and when material or substance has become pure it is Virgin Mary.

It is the corpuscles themselves in the blood, not the saline solution of the blood, that becomes the Virgin Mary.


The sting on the tail of Scorpio’s M glyph should be recognized as Cupid’s dart, as Cupid is the hunter whose arrow has ever been known to wound.   Enough has been written here to show you why Libra,the scales of balance, has been placed between the signs of Virgo/Virgin and Scorpio in the genius ancient Zodiac.



The two natures are diametrically opposed to each other.  Down through all of the ages, these three signs have stared humanity right in the face, as a veritable picturization of creation’s plan for mankind again in the great energetic cycles.

Harmony and balance must exist between Virgo and Scorpio in the human body and mind, just as it does every year in nature, has always done and always will, as only then will Scorpio again be able to replace its symbol of scorpion with that of the white Eagle.

The glandular fluid of man will have metaphorically turned to molten gold and ascended to the heights in the human body, the cerebrum, the “Place of the Most High.”


So many other strange and interesting scriptural statements relating to Scorpio and the reproductive glands of the body could be stated here, but there is more to understand and this article is carrying on, but there is one more that won’t be out-of-place.

Since the Two Releasers spoken about earlier, the stars allocating with the reproductive gland part of the body correspond to Caput Gallinaginis, or Verumontanum, An elevated portion of the urethral crest upon which open the two ejaculatory ducts and the prostatic utricle, which in Latin means “head of the woodcock” and both “wood” and “cock” are slang physiological terms for the glands ejaculating the procreative fluid.


In the scriptures, cock is mentioned in reference to Peter’s denial of Jesus.  (Peter, being yet another slang for the penis or scorpion’s tail)  It is a fact that the word “Gever” in Hebrew means both “man” and “cock”.

When the complete interpretation and histology of this barnyard bird fowl is known, we realize why there are so many references to it in occult literature.

Animal glyphs always typify and are symbolic of, the animal or carnal nature.  Always.   The crowing of this most electrical of all animals exactly corresponds to, and is analogous to, the physiological action of the caput gallinaginis (Verumontanum) in a man.

Why does the domestic farm cock chanticleer crow while it is still dark? It heralds the approach of the SUN, that electrical orb, the nature of which exactly corresponds to that of the cock itself.  It senses the coming of the positive rays or vibrations of the sun, which impregnate all things with new life and energy every day.  And so the cock, master of his own harem, knows that it is his special business to do the same on his own plane.

Madame Blavatsky, in her Secret Doctrine, has the following to say about it: “A very occult bird, much appreciated in ancient augury and symbolism.  According to the Zohar, the cock crows three times before the death of a person; and in Russia and all Slavonian countries whenever a person is ill on the premises where a cock is kept, its crowing is held to be a sign of inevitable death, unless the bird crows at the hour of midnight, or immediately afterward, when it’s crowing is considered natural.”

As the cock was sacred to Æsculapius, and as the latter was called Soter (Saviour), who raised the dead to life, the Socratic exclamation “We owe a cock to Æsculapius” just before the Sage’s death, is very suggestive.

As the cock was always connected in symbology with the Sun or solar gods depicting the sun, Death and Destruction, it has found its place in the four gospels in the prophecy about Peter repudiating (refusing to accept or denying the truth of validity of) his master before the cock crowed three times.

The cock is the most magnetic and electric bird of all birds, hence its Greek name Electrum.

The word chanticleer means “shrill singer”, since the bird has a hoarse and shrill grating voice that can wake a being from the deepest of sleep.  The opposite harmony is friction, and this is entirely applicable to the cock in every aspect, even to its physiological correspondence to what it takes to cause ejaculation on the male penis.

Friction must be initiated in order the enable the ejaculatory glands to produce the spasmodic convulsion necessary to force out the procreative fluid from the body.

All etymological interpretations of the word cock given in dictionaries add to the verification concerning physiological correspondence.  Cock means “a leader, boss or master”.  In Danish it means a “lump or heap”.  It also means “to contend or fight, a small conical pine, to turn or stick up”.  All of which goes to prove the magic which the study of words reveals.

How scandalized most ministers of the Gospel and church would be, to learn the real interpretation of the cock on the church steeple!  If asked to explain, they would no doubt reply that the cock is mentioned in the Bible in connection with Peter’s repudiation of Jesus.  Indeed it is, when you are ejaculating constantly, Peter denies your Christos oil the chance to purify and rise again into the cerebrum and ignite your Christ consciousness.

It is therefore an ever-present minder to humanity today to watch out and not deny Him (the cerebrum, Aries, the Ram or Lamb of God, the most high in the body) .

In light of the points given above, as well as the story told in each Zodiacal sign, it should be clear this bird was used in the parable of Peter because it is analogous to the procreative gland.

The 18th Symbolic Saying in the Protreptics of Iamblichus states “Nourish a cock, but offer it not in sacrifice.”    The cock was sacred to the goddess of Wisdom, Minerva and also to the Sun and Moon, and it would be impious, or showing a lack of respect, to offer a sacrilegious offering to the gods.  What is already consecrated to god cannot be offered in sacrifice.

It is interesting that one of the main figures in the constellation of Scorpio is Ophiuchus, struggling with the serpent.  Stung in one heel, he crushes it with the other heel.  Mars (Aries), as a negative ruler of Scorpio and the lower 5 constellations, is said in Greek mythology to be the lover of the goddess of beauty herself, Venus (Aphrodite).

But the oldest known statue of Mars, the alleged God of War, is that of a seated Mars with Eros (Cupid) at his feet, symbolical of energy, the great creative power which ensouls the erotes, or spirits of life.

mars eros

The temple and oldest altar of Mars was situated at the Campus Martinus.  His sacred emblems were the shield and the spear, which it was believed had fallen from heaven.  These were carried by the priests at the different festivals held in his honor.

The first of these was celebrated in March (Mars is Aries, the spring equinox on March (MARsCH) 21st, the pillar of Joachim in Freemasonry) but the others took place in October.

These two periods were known as the Opening and Closing of the Campaign Season.  These correspond to the creation of the vital organs and the activities taking place within them.  The word campaign means “any organized action or movement.

In October, a special event took place, the Lustrum.  It was a solemn ceremony of expiation (the act of making amends or reparation for guilt or wrongdoing; atonement) and purification.

Just as the declared day after Holloween spoken about before.  Mars, as ruler of Scorpio, is the scourge (whip of punishment) of mortals, and in this sign only is it interpreted as having to do with rapine and murder, or the veritable slaughterkeep his place on the heights.

In Pet 2:11 we read “Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.”

The whole point of this forgotten or suppressed science behind our religions and mythologies is that mankind must be become self-redeemed, through knowledge of self.  The physical self.  The soul may very well be eternal, but there is only life in the physical flesh.

If you are religious and looking for eternal life or life everlasting, it happens here, during life on earth, not after death.

Various religious organizations are profiting handsomely by selling promises they themselves either do not understand the meaning of in their own scriptures, or do not care that you do not understand.

In Smith’s Bible Dictionary, we can find this reference to scorpion “the Biblical references to the scorpion have clearly no reference to the animal, but to some instrument of scourging, probably a whip with iron points, unless indeed the expression is a mere figure of speech.  The punishment of scourging was prescribed by the law in cases of unchastity.

In his very unique and interesting article on medicine, this same author seems to have been awake to the real cause of death and disease, for he further stated “Youthful lusts die out, and their organs, of which the “grasshopper” is perhaps a figure, are relaxed.

The “silver cord” may be that of nervous sensation, or motion, or even the spinal marrow itself.  Perhaps some incapacity of retention may be signified by the “golden bowl broken”, the “pitcher broken at the well” suggest some vital supply stopping at the usual source, derangement perhaps, of the digestion of respiration, the “wheel shivered at the cistern” conveys, through the image of the water lifting process familiar in irrigation, the motion of the blood, pumped as it were, through the vessels, and fertilizing the whole system: for the blood IS the life.

The Bible is nothing less than an Astro-Physio-Chemical science manual, encoded in fictional supernatural parables, numerology, tarot and gematria, to describe the very natural workings of the physical ways of nature and creation in biology and astronomy.

Such statements as the above prove that the consciousness of the author, Dr. Smith, was striving to bring through the true explanation and interpretation of the Bible, which is physiological.   No other modern Bible dictionary shows anywhere near the intuition and scholarship or knowledge of Dr. William Smith.

His book was published in 1860-63 in three different volumes of nearly 3200 pages.  Sadly, now it has been re-edited and the information contained is reduced to less than half the number of pages.

“The three wise men”, “the payment of taxes”, “redemption money”, “tithes”, “vine and fig tree” as well as hundreds of other curious statements become easily intelligible, if studied in the in the light that the astrological interpretation of Scorpio casts on these subjects.

In his Dictionary of the Sacred Languages of All Scriptures and Myths, G.A. Gaskell says about Scorpio “It is a symbol of the eighth period of the cycle of life (also the eighth zodiac sign and why the month October has the root octo-meaning eight..because Aries is the first cardinal sign, so March is really the first month of the astrological year), in which the desire nature is predominant in the soul. 

It signifies the mental emotional procreative function – that which can procreate and re-create mental concepts and states.  This is the multiplying function which ties to re-birth, and so Scorpio becomes the sign of the “fall into generation” (the month of October also landing in the season called “fall”) on the physical plane in the middle of the Third Root Race, when mind commenced to function in early human bodies.

The present method of the life cycle in which humanity is gaining experience and evolving its nature is still that of the sign of Scorpio.”  To put that in modern slang, we’re still thinking with our genitals and emotions.

As Scorpio the sign is exactly opposite Taurus on the zodiacal cross and wheel, these two signs are compliments of each other.


Gaskell also writes “A symbol of the lower aspect of the emotion nature.  As seen in the sculptures of the God Mithra slaying the Bull, it signifies that the human emotions are active through contact with matter.”

Swedenborg says: “by a scorpion is signified deadly persuasion, and by a scorpion the earth persuasion, that falses are truths in things related to the church, for a scorpion when he stings a man induces a stupor upon his limbs.   The disciplined qualities of the soul, which possess the power of Christ, the love of goodness and truth, within them, are able to overcome the lower desires and emotions, and the power of the lower principle, and illusion can not effect them, for they have knowledge of truth.”

Unfortunately, knowledge of truth is the result of experience induced by suffering, in this case.  It is the negative and harmful effect on the physical human body, as well as the mind, that eventually causes a person to cease doing a thing that causes suffering.  Thus, chemical, physiological, anatomical and astrological information are absolutely essential.

Back to Gaskell, who continues: “Now the desire-mind (the serpent) is more insidious than any of the simple lower desires or appetites (the beasts), and thus is able to lead the emotion-nature astray from the higher intuitions, and to divert the vibrations of energy downward to the plane of the desires.  And so the emotion-nature is drawn to the sense objects.”

If you are comprehending this article, the fictional parable of Adam and Eve is probably on your mind now.  The serpent (desire-mind) coming to Eve in the garden.  Their embarrassment as god finds them suddenly wearing loin clothes over their genitals, the biting of the apple of the knowledge of good and evil, etc.  We’ll get back to that in a moment.

The above statement by Gaskell is a direct reference to Leo, the sign dealing with this subject of emotion-nature.  But no matter how much these topics are considered by all of these genius writers, none actually reveal the real method for remedying the situation.  Chemistry alone will not solve the problem, for all creation is accomplished because certain elements are able to do certain work.

So when a certain particular kind of work is required, the perfect chemical plan must be supplied,  otherwise the desired results cannot be attained.

Gaskell continues: “Then, the desire-mind represents to the emotion-nature that death or extinction shall not supervene for such behavior, for the Divine nature knows that when the fruits of action are tasted, experience shall be acquired which will be the means by which Godhood will eventually be achieved through cleaving to the good, and shunning evil.”

We can find elsewhere: “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, by which man fell, changed into the Tree of Life by which Satan perished; the fruit of disobedience becoming the fruit of the Tree that is in the midst of paradise: the garden whence the first Adam was driven forth (out), replaced by the garden where the second Adam arose from the dead.”  J.M. Neal, Com. Psalms Vol 1, p. 139

The quote from Neal speaks about two Adams, which is confusing.  Adam in Hebrew means “man or red earth”, because of the color of the flesh, and the fact that the physical body IS made of earth, for earth is the meaning of the word “SALT“.  The 12 different mineral salts that build the body.

This is what the Bible means when it says “And God made man from the dust of the earth.”  Simply that our physical bodies are made from 12 mineral salts found in the earth, fused with water, light and oxygen.  (spirit).

R.J. Campbell, in his Sermon “The Tree of Knowledge”, writes understandingly on this subject.  He claims the Bible is not history.  He says: “I admit that the Genesis story (of the fall) as it stands can not be reasonably regarded as history: it is not history, it is something better, it is a symbolic statement of certain facts of experience.” 

This said, there is no magical or Godly cursed laid out against humanity for seeking self preservation or the continuing of the human race through sexual generation and reproduction.  Even the Bible states “go forth and multiply”.

It is the only means whereby human evolution can work out and human perfection can be achieved, attained and sustained.  Generation is a step toward that perfection and an absolutely necessary preliminary phase.  We call each wave of children born a “generation”.  “Talking bout my generation”.  “Generation X.” etc.  But the word generation means exactly that:  No sexual cohabitation except for the purpose of creating children.

Madam Blavatsky laid it out in the Secret Doctrine, Vol. II page 410:  “Nor was the curse of Karma called down upon them for seeking natural union, as all the mindless animal-world does in its proper seasons; but for abusing the creative power, for desecrating the divine gift, and wasting the life-essence for no purpose except bestial personal gratification.”  This is indeed emphatic language and there is no mistaking its meaning.

The statement in Genesis “multiply, replenish and subdue the earth” now takes on a new meaning and has reference to only one thing.  Subdue the earthly body of man/woman.  The Bible is not commanding man to fuck like rabbits, replenish with a Gatorade sports drink and then take over the Earth.

With weather engineering technology aside, man cannot subdue a cyclone, hurricane, earthquake, volcano or tsunami.  The only earth a man can subdue is that of our own bodies and animal passion.  We can also multiply and replenish the cells of our own earthly bodies once we subdue the carnal animal-mind.

Before we get into the chemical analysis of Scorpio, it is interesting to think about why the Bible blames Eve for this fall, the stories about the Scarlet Whore of Babylon (there’s that color red again, as in Mars, which rules Scorpio), why a patriarchy has arisen after misinterpretation of these ancient doctrines and why women outlive men by anywhere from 5 to 15 years on average.

The male loses the most corpuscles and life force during the sexual act or even masturbation.  The culture today is riddled with pornography and women are made to feel sexual failures if they cannot bring their man to ejaculation during the sexual act.  Oh the horror if they knew the years they were taking off of their man’s life every time they felt a success in “getting him off. ”

But now let’s consider the electro-chemical side of the scorpion.  As we discussed earlier, Dr. Carey allocated it with Calcium Sulph, or Lime Sulfate, which is commonly known as Gypsum or plaster or Paris.  The origin of the term plaster of Paris is not really known.

To hide this fact, the dictionaries state that plaster of Paris derived its name from the fact that it was first discovered near Paris.

There is no doubt the word Paris is derived from a hybrid of the word Isis, meaning “the moon” and the Latin verb pareo, which means “to become visible, to appear, to bring forth, to lay (as concerning eggs)”.  Very appropriate, since eggs are protected by shells of this salt, plaster of Paris.  This is why we are told to eat the egg shells, if we are going to eat eggs.


Calcium sulphate appears native as anhydrite, which means “destitute of water”.   It is well known that when this salt is mixed with water to form plaster, the water quickly evaporates, leaving a hard surface, which serves as a protection.

Gypsum is another term for it.  The root of the word Gypsum means “to wander without a fixed purpose, to go around or gyrate, a circular motion.”  It is probably of eastern origin and the word gypsy is derived from the same root, since this race or tribe of people are noted for their nomadic nature.

Nomas is the Latin word from which nomadic is derived, and means to “distribute or allot”.  This characteristic also applies to this salt Calcium sulph /Lime sulphate).



As you can see above, the gyri of the cerebrum are its convolutions, or twisted coils, and it is easy to see that this salt plays an important part in forming them.

Because of the real electromagnetic rotating toroidal field nature of physical reality, we can see that all movement in nature is circular.   In the building of all forms, cosmic and microscopic, this circular movement is necessary.

The slang phrase “to gyp” somebody means “to swindle or cheat a person”.  As it is also the root of the word Gypsum or Calcium sulphate, we see that it is truly applicable to the sign Scorpio in a negative sense, since all who do not make the right use of the procreative material are actually gyping themselves of their most precious possession, and are not even aware of the fact.

It is said that the Romans marked the feet of slaves put up for sale with Gypsum.  This applies also to Scorpio, since human beings are yet enslaved and will continue to be until sexual commerce and exchange ceases.

Calcium Sulph or Gypsum is used as a dressing for soil and also in making plaster casts and for stiff bandages.

The word gypsy is related to the word Ægyptus, from which Egypt is derived, meaning “a place of darkness and plagues”.

As a gypsy may be regarded by some as a vagrant and fugitive, is is easy to see the analogy of this word to the procreative germs, since they float about and are driven to and fro without any certain direction.  In this analogy, most of us are vagabonds and fugitives, since we are traveling away from home (Aries, the cerebrum, Godhead), instead of towards it.

As stated above, after a period of suffering disease (cellular dis-ease) and falling by the wayside, unable to travel further, we finally cry for help.  This is called “knocking at the door of self-knowledge”.  That door either opens a little or wide open, depending on the sincerity of the cry.

Applied to grape vines, Calcium sulph is said to improve the color and keeping qualities of the grapes themselves.  Biochemistry enables us to understand why.  The skins are harder and healthier and therefor furnish better protection for their inner contents. The same is true of egg shells, since they are formed from this same material.

In certain combinations, this Gypsum salt can be made to take up and hold a certain large quantity of water, or it may be made to release nearly all of it.  Hydrous sulphate of Lime is soft and easily scratched by the nails; but curiously enough, it is affected very little by acid.  This is a fact which must be remembered in studying the association of this mineral cell salt with the human body.

This salt has one very important use in the human body.  It coats ALL vascular surfaces! Vascular means “relating to, affecting, or consisting of a vessel or vessels, especially those which carry blood.”  The vascular surfaces must be protected from contact with fluids.  Therefor the anhydrous form plays its part well in physiological and anatomical well-being.

We never stop and think why our stomach lining is not itself digested from our strong stomach acid.  The reason is that the stomach walls are vascular and coated with plaster of Paris.

This mineral cell salt supplement is perfect remedy for those suffering stomach ulcers.  When this salt is not present in our diet and becomes deficient, naturally the coating on the stomach becomes very thin and easily abrased by irritating particles of any foreign substance.  Also by the continued presence of acid.


The fact that this lining is not quickly affected by acid is one of the wise provisions of beneficent Nature and Nature’s God, otherwise we would not have the wonderful opportunities for recovering that we now have.  We wouldn’t have the time to even recover.

The eyeballs, nasal passages, mouth, throat, the passageway into the stomach, the bladder, vessels, in fact all parts in the human body that come into contact with moisture must have a certain number of Calcium sulph salt for protection.

Dr. Schuessler’s treatise on biochemistry, as well as all works by subsequent writers on this subject, gives certain definite modalities by which anyone may recognize a symptom and its cause.

One of the modalities of a lack of Calcium sulph is a burning sensation.   Even the skin may have this feeling.   Sometimes you meet people who suffer burning sensations on their feet and are very uncomfortable in bed.  They usually stick their feet out from under the covers.  They feel great relief when they contact any cold surface.  This salt should be taken intensively and generously, to ease this trouble.

As stated above, ulcerated stomach is caused by a Calcium sulph deficiency and there is no symptom more quickly relieved and cured, since as soon as this cell salt is ingested it is taken into the stomach and can at once coat the surface, since it is not obliged to go into the blood first before being carried to the surface or part requiring it.

Once we realize that Calcium sulph or plaster of Paris forms egg shells, without which the contents of eggs would not be preserved to fulfill their function, we understand the relationship which this salt bears to the sign of Scorpio.





This part of the body, the procreative glands, CREATES and PRESERVES the procreative germ cells from the creative corpuscles until the spasmodic action of the nerves results in their prostration.


These germ cells are little eggs, differentiated corpuscles, and must have shells to protect them!  This enables their contents to be preserved intact.  Science has named these shells casts.   Coincidence? As yet, doctors have not be able to explain why casts are sometimes found in the blood.  Schuessler’s system is the only method which throws any light on this subject.

When Calcium sulph becomes very deficient in our bodies, there is insufficient material to make the corpuscles or human egg-shells.  The result is that their contents are unable to remain intact.  The turn into pus!


loss of the casts and disintegration (dis-integration) of the organic substances in the corpuscles is the cause of the pus!

Medical science has never explained this.  This salt, Calcium sulph is one of the specifics in venereal diseases, and Kali Mur (Chloride of Potassium), the lower mind salt, is the other.

Infertility in females is a huge problem right now.  One of the three causes of barrenness in females is a lack of Calcium sulph.  Without it, the ovum are unable to obtain sufficient material to complete their casts.

pus is frequently found in the ovaries and ovarian tubes.  It is not uncommon for males to suffer from a collection of pus in the testes or prostate, although found more often in the prostate.

Fistulas, or an abnormal made passages between a hollow or tubular organ and the body surface, or between two hollow or tubular organs, are nature’s effort to rid the system and body of pus.

She forces openings which remain until all pus has drained away, and Calcium sulph has been supplied!  Modern medicine uses man made surgical fistulas to drain pus, but they never prescribe Calcium sulph tablets to CURE the problem!


Long continued suppuration, meaning pus creation, is caused by starvation of the blood in this cell salt, Calcium sulph.  Indeed it is one of three causes of anemia.  Disintegration of both creative and procreative corpuscles or cells result from an insufficient supply of this cell salt.  People who have yellowish or pasty-colored complexions require Calcium sulphate.

This remarkable salt is natural cement and it is no wonder that it is termed “potters stone“, as man’s body is made from the clay/earth, as the Bible tells us and biochemistry confirms.  Indeed, it is especially applicable to Scorpio.

The scriptures contain many references to clay, potter’s wheel, etc.  In Isaiah 64:6, 7, 8, 11th verses, we find :

  • “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags, and we all do fade as a leaf, and our iniquities, like the wind, do take us away.”
  • “But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter, and we all are the work of thy hand.”
  • “Our holy and our beautiful house (our body), where our fathers praised thee, is burned up with fire, and all our pleasant things are laid to waste.”

Recalling the interpretation given to this period of the year by the ancients, that it is the gate of the abyss or bottomless pit, we find the above quotations appropriate.  They also fit in well with this analysis of the sign Scorpio.

It is well to read our article on Gemini to link up here with the Latin word Cadus, meaning “vessel”.  This is an analogy for the human form.  made of earth or clay, and actually shaped by means of the gyrating motion of the cerebral currents following a path formed like the figure 8, a toroidal field.  This is a physiological fact.

man toroidtoroid

Now we can see why the burial ground for strangers, paupers and criminals (thieves) is called the Potter’s Field.  It is based on the fact that the sign Scorpio is intimately related to death and burial.

It is also true that death and burial are the result of pauperizing ourselves, becoming strangers to our higher selves and therefor criminals, in the esoteric sense of the words.  We have sinned against the most high (our Cerebrum, Aries, the Ram or Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world).

The ancients made funeral urns out of alabaster, which is a beautiful form of Calcium sulph.  A cadaver, meaning “dead body” wa sealed in a sarcophagus by the ancients.  These burial urns were a form of Lime (Calcium) which was believed by them to slowly consume the body.

It is very ironic and paradoxical that we make every effort, or at least have in the past,to preserve dead bodies, yet are very little concerned with preserving the corpuscles of our living bodies.  It is a very good thing that cremation is coming more and more into use.  A marvelous change gradually takes place within the physical vessel, containing as it does the dead and dying cells.

It will eventually become a beautiful alabaster vase from which not one drop of the precious oil of life is spilled.  “For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ (our Christos oil, cerebro-spinal fluid); that everyone may receive the things done in his body, according that he hath done, whether it is good or bad.” 2 Cor. 5:10

Let’s get into physical symptoms of cellular dis-ease (disease) that are caused by a deficiency in Calcium sulph:

  • suppurations (pus forming) of yellow, purulent matter
  • abscess of the eye cornea
  • deep-seated ulcers of the eye
  • discharge of pus from the ear,
  • third stage of cold, when discharge is thick and yellow,
  • chronic catarrh ( excessive discharge or build-up of mucus in the nose or throat, associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane.)
  • mattery pimples on the face, especially at puberty
  • purulent (consisting of, containing, or discharging pus) secretions in the mouth
  • ulcerations of the roots of the teeth
  • swollen gums and cheeks
  • third stage of sore throat and quinsy
  • discharge of matter or blood and matter from the bowels
  • running off of the bowels
  • chronic inflammation of the bladder
  • suppurating abscess of the prostate in the male or the ovaries of the female
  • syphilis or gonorrhea in the suppurative stage
  • yellow leucorrhea
  • inflammation of the breast
  • last stages of tuberculosis (actually all stages, since TB is caused by lack of Calcium sulph)
  • cough with mattery sputa
  • burning of the soles of feet
  • skin festering easily, especially around the nails
  • neglected wounds which do not seem able to heal, due to a deficiency in this cast making material
  • This salt should follow the use of Silicea, the surgeon which cleans out Pus



























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