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Pin the Tail on the Donkey: The Problem with Modern Political Revolution

pin the tail donkey  by AYS

Pin the Blame on the Dictator

Now it’s Australia’s turn. The people have had enough and have taken to the streets in protest. Tony Abbott and his oppressive “government” must go down.

Sound familiar? It should. These days, people’s revolutions come out as often as blockbuster movies with equally predictable plots and endings. They have all the thrills and excitement of blockbuster movies.  But just like the movies, they are over in the blink of an eye and everyone eventually goes back to the hum drum of life under draconian government policies when the roller coaster ride is over.

Sure, most of these revolutions are successful at removing the oppressive bogeyman puppet dictator, be he/she democratically elected or propped up via coup d’état.  But that is the job of these “front men”…to “take the heat”. They are paid well by their puppet masters to do so.

Sometimes the smarter people even catch on to the fact that these political leaders are merely puppets for a larger global network of dark cabalists working towards the same totalitarian end game of global control by a few wealthy power families.  But very rarely do the people ever carry on after removing the puppet dictator and go after the actual puppeteers behind the curtain who are pulling the strings of these puppets in the first place.

So why doesn’t anything ever change after these revolutions?  Why is a new slick talking bogeyman put into power, who talks a great game and then goes back on everything they say? Well that’s why the good actors get paid the big bucks, whether in Hollywood or politics.

Who dares question the all-powerful Oz?

The real problem is that people may be aware that the dictator is a puppet and that there are puppet masters behind the curtain pulling the strings, but we forget the one vital thing that is never addressed by these populist revolutions.  We forget the fact that the whole thing is just a play!

It’s fiction.  It’s nothing more than a big show put on for the public to make government seem like something so real and legitimate that we have to conform to it.  It’s a “Wag the Dog” scenario on a global scale and they have us sucked in with baited breath.

So rather than trying to get the lead actor of the play removed or getting the script writers and puppet masters replaced, why don’t we all just stand up and walk out of the theatre altogether?  Hell, let’s get our money back on the way out while we’re at it.  Why don’t we all just say enough is enough, we’re sick of watching this exact same theatrical play over and over again, even when they give us new villains and new plot twists?

Global non-compliance is the correct term for this, since the puppet masters have corrupted the true meaning of the dirty “A” word in most people’s minds.  That word being Anarchy.

But let’s set aside our emotional feelings and mind controlled images for just one second of dangerous men in black hoodies and baseball bats smashing in windows, looting TV sets from Wal-Mart, setting fires to day care centers, stealing candy from babies and tearing purses out of old ladies hands and think this through rationally.

Semantics 101: You say tomato, I say tomato

The truth is, whether we have a king/dictator, or whether we have a “democratically elected government” of a few hundred or few thousand employees, we still have the exact same thing!

With a “king/dictator” we have “power vested in one“, meaning the people disempower ourselves by agreeing one person has the right to tell us how to live our lives outside of Common Law/Natural Law. Common Law/Natural Law is also known as Universal Law, which simply means “do no harm to any person or property/environment“.

There must be a victim of your action for there to be punishment under Universal Common Law/Natural Law.

Yet in a system of “power vested in one” the king/dictator can impose whatever statutes he likes, as many as he likes, whenever he likes and it is always enforced with violence or threat of violence. This includes being kidnapped and imprisoned against your will by his police and or military officers, despite not breaking the Universal Common law/Natural law.

But Government of any form is “Power vested in few”, which is the exact same thing as having a king/dictator!

Only now we give away our power to a few hundred or thousand elected “officials” (kings/dictators) and allow them to control us with as many statutes as they like, outlawing whatever they like, whenever they like.

Just like with the king/dictator, these statutes are enforced by violence or threat of violence by their police and or military officers, including threat of kidnapping and imprisonment. It matters not whether you violate Common/Natural/Universal law or not.

So how is elected democratic government any different from a feudal system under a king/dictator?  It isn’t.  Are we now learning why these populist revolutions are not achieving what we want yet?

The dirty “A” word

The real problem is that the elites have been using propaganda for eons to make people misunderstand the word Anarchy. An being Latin for “without, in absence of” and archy coming from the Greek term “Archon” meaning ruler, controller. So anarchy means a society living without a ruler/controller.

Under a true system of anarchy, used in the positive sense, the citizens must be educated and self motivated to help each other out.  They must band together to stop any peers who are violating Natural/Common/Universal law by doing harm to another person, people, property or common property.  Citizens must be moral, ethical, self educated, motivated and active in their community.  With great power comes great responsibility.

Mass public insanity

Voting for anyone, be it a benevolent democratically elected government or a malevolent king/dictator who will carry out a book of 30,000 victimless statutory policies against it’s own represented people under violence or threat of violence in order to raise revenue is insanity!

We need to get up and walk out of the theatre, literally.  People need to stop complying to this whole system, not continue to condone statutory violence by electing people to break our fellow citizens balls and bank accounts over victimless “crimes”.  There is really only one crime: doing harm to another person, property or environment.

Every single time a law, policy or statute is created that restricts a person’s actions, despite no harm being caused to any person, property or environment, a crime is created.  To make something illegal that doesn’t hurt anyone is to create crime, hence it creates criminals.  You are probably breaking the so-called law 20 times a day and don’t even realize it.  Why do we purposely hold up a system that creates crime and criminals?

Who died and made you king?

Nobody has the right to tell anyone else what to do, ever, whether they are an elected-official or not. They only have the right to enforce retribution/punishment after a Common law/Natural/Universal law has been violated, end of story.

Democracy, socialism, capitalism, communism, dictatorial fascism and even Royalist feudalism  are all systems of “power vested in one/few” based on threat of violence over breaking trivial, victimless statutes. They are mass displays of public insanity, ignorance and cowardice on a global scale. The controllers and enforcers of these systems of government only get away with it because we the people empower them to do so, generation after generation.

The only form of “government” ever conceived and tested that worked were true Republics, not corporate Republics. The citizens made the arrests of those who violate Universal/Natural/Common law and the trials were all by jury of peers, never corporate judges. Money retribution was not an accepted form of punishment.  Jail or personal harm was retribution for violating sacred law and doing harm.

There were no tickets, fines, taxes, pre-crime, etc. There must have first been an actual physical violation of Common/Natural/Universal law before trial and punishment could be enacted against an individual.

The government of a true republic had absolutely no power whatsoever; they were administrators of the public will and trust, not their rulers.

Game over

We’re not as helpless as these governments would have us believe.  There is a reason they contaminate our schoolbooks and constantly bombard us with images and stories of the worst in humanity on their TV and newspaper propaganda networks.  If we ever realised we are more competent than they could ever be, should we help each other out, the game would be over.  Rather than sitting here century after century watching their same fictional play over and over again, we would simply leave the theatre and participate in creating a non-fictional benevolent society together.

People have to get this notion out of our heads that if we get rid of the evil government people and put so called benevolent people in these positions that it’s o.k. for them to boss us all around with statutes that they deem “good for us”.  It’s far from o.k.  It’s all BS hogwash.

All men and women are created equal, to govern themselves and to defend and pay justice to harm done against our fellow man, property and environment, that’s it. If the people do not replace these forms of so called government with either a true Republic or Anarchy (as it was meant in the positive aspect), or even something new and not yet tried but based solely on the principles of upholding Universal/Natural/Common law, nothing will ever change.


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