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THE CHEMISRY OF GEMINI (the twins, i.e. the Lungs) : MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Dr. George Carey & Inez Perry)


BIOCHEMICAL CELL SALT: KALI MUR (Kali Muriaticum, POTASSIUM CHLORIDE)Lungs, Pleura Glands, Bronchial Tubes, all Fibres and Tissues, Shoulders and HandsSymptoms showing lack of this mineral cell salt include: exudations through skin as in scarlet fever, measles, chicken pox, swollen glands, throat irritation such as diphtheria, tonsillitis, mumps, inflammatory rheumatism, hawking of thick white mucus, sick headache from sluggish liver, want of bile, thick white mucus from the eyes, granulated eyelids, earache with swelling glands and gray or white furred tongue, catarrhal condition of the middle ear, cracking noises, dullness of hearing from throat affections or swelling of middle ear, stuffy colds in the head, thick white discharge from the throat, faceache from swelling of gums and cheeks, canker of the mouth, ulcerated sore throat, gastritis, constipation, typhoid, cancer, peritonitis, cystitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, leucorrhea, pleurisy, epilepsy, acne, boils, chronic swelling of feet and legs, creaking of muscles, eczema, erysipelas.
One of the chief characteristics of the Gemini native is expression. The cell salt KALI MURIATICUM (POTASSIUM CHLORIDE) is the mineral worker of blood that forms FIBRIN and PROPERLY DIFFUSES IT THROUGHOUT THE TISSUES OF THE BODY. This salt must not be confused with the Chlorate of Potash, a poison (chemical formula KC1O3). The formula of the Chloride of Potassium (Kali Mur) is KC1.
Kali Mur molecules are the principal agents used in the chemistry of life to build fibrin into the human organism. The skin that covers the face contains the lines and angles that give expression, and thus differentiates one person from another via sacred geometry, therefor the maker of fibrin has been designated as the birth salt of the Gemini born native.
In venous blood, fibrin amounts to three in one thousand parts. When the molecules of Kali Mur fall below the standard three in one thousand parts, the blood fibrin thickens, causing what is known as PLEURISY, PNEUMONIA, CATARRH, DIPTHERIA, ETC.
When the circulation fails to throw out the thickened fibrin via the glands or mucous membranes, it may stop the action of the heart. EMBOLUS is a Latin word meaning “little lump”, or “balls”, therefor to die of Embolus or “heart failure” generally means that the heart’s action was stopped by little lumps of fibrin clogging the auricles and ventricles of the heart. WHEN THE BLOOD CONTAINS THE PROPER AMOUNT OF KALI MUR (POTASSIUM CHLORIDE), FIBRIN IS FUNCTIONAL AND THE SYMPTOMS REFERRED TO ABOVE DO NOT MANIFEST. Gemini means “Twins”.
Gemini is the sign which governs the United States. The astral colors of Gemini are Red, White and Blue.
MERCURY (or kali MUR-cury) is the governing planet of Gemini. The gems are beryl, aquamarine, and dark blue stones. In BIBLE ALCHEMY, Gemini represents Issachar, the 9th son of Jacob, and means “price, reward or recompense.” In the symbolic allegories of the New Testament, Gemini corresponds to Judas, which means “service or necessity.” The perverted ideas of an ignorant dark-age priesthood made “service and necessity” infamous by a literal rendering of the alchemical symbol, but during the present Aquarian Age, the Judas symbol will be understood and the disciple of “service” will no longer have to submit to “third degree methods”.
Walt Whitman.. ”A noiseless, patient spider, I mark’d where, on a little promontory it stood, isolated, Mark’d how to explore the vacant, vast surrounding, it launched forth filament, filament, filament out of itself, Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them. And you, O my soul, where you stand, surrounded, surrounded in measureless oceans of space, ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing – seeking spheres to connect them, till the bridge you will need be formed, till the ductile anchor hold, Till the gossamer thread you fling, catch somewhere, O my soul.”
The spider is a creature of air as well as of earth. Standing, as our poet so beautifully expresses it, on a material foundation, it launches forth into space, fairy like threads, spun from the substance of its own body, a thick, viscous fluid, secreted by certain glands in the abdominal region. Air currents lift this aerial raft, bearing its creator on its way and eventually, by means of this silken cable, it ties up another port.
The student of ESOTERIC BIOCHEMISTRY revels in the perfect analogy existing between the above lines, the METAPHYSICAL, PHYSIOLOGICAL and ASTROLOGICAL interpretations of GEMINI, and it’s allocation with POTASSIUM CHLORIDE or KALI MUR. For the entire story has to do with OFFSHOOTS, THREADS, FILLAMENTS, FIBRES or OFFSPRING.
In the preceding chapters we have considered the outpouring of energy into undifferentiated matter, the creative “esse” (essence) of life , and it’s impregnation by fire. It manifests in nature as the Spring time, and it manifests in the human body by the generation of electrical energy in the cerebrum ( or Aries, the lamb of God) .
Then, by the addition of Natrium Sulph to Kali Phos, a different chemical product results. The GREAT WORK at last begins, a protuberance appears, Aaron’s Rod buds and the back brain, or Cerebellum forms.
The Sun in its journey now enters the sign of Gemini on May 21, and as there are three weeks of June and only one week of May in this period, it is termed the JUNE month. The word June is derived from the Latin verb “Jungo”, and means a “joining or joint, a fibre or shoot”. It is a “thread”, a filament branching off from the main stalk, whose source is the bud (gemma) or swelling brought forth by the Sun in Taurus from the previous month’s energy and chemistry. We have an identical interpretation of the word “bulb”, a “protuberance”, derived from the same root as “Bull”, which is the animal glyph for the sign Taurus, by no coincidence.
In the term “Gemmation”, we have direct evidence of the true meaning of Gemini, as it refers to a new organism developed from a “projection”. It may be separated off or remain attached, the shoots of a plant being an example of the latter attached, and human progeny (offspring) an example of the former detached. This latter differs in that it takes place within the body.
Juno, a consort of Jupiter, refers to this sign, Gemini and Sagittarius (Jove’s house) constituting the two ends of one pole, that pole of growth and travel.
Under the name Juno, Lucina, the goddess of childbirth is represented, which again checks the original interpretation and the glyph of the twins, or Gemini. In India, the twins were popularly termed Mithuna, or the boy and the girl, while in Arabian astrology they are Al Tau’aman, a term replete with esoteric significance. AL or EL meaning “God”, TAU meaning “cross”, and AMEN or AMAN meaning “concealed or hidden” (the biochemical cross of god hidden within the human body).
As the inner meaning of Taurus (“Tau” or cross and “Rus” or dew) is the “dew cross” corresponding with Golgotha, or “the place of the skull”, this MANNA (or “Man”) or “BRAIN ESSE”, (ESSENCE) comes down to FORM MAN, which is an anatomical fact. Thus, the DIVINE MAN OR SPIRIT IN US ACTUALLY BECOMES SUSPENDED ON A CROSS OF MATTER. It’s body constitutes that cross (TREE OF NERVES, TREE OF LIFE). The oldest glyphs brought down from times remote picture man crucified on a tree. Later, much of the true interpretation was lost because of the change from tree to cross.
The brain and nerves have a chemical formula, as do all parts of the body, and NOT UNTIL THEY ARE CHEMICALLY PERFECT WILL ABSOLUTE SELF CONTROL BE POSSIBLE. This is why the story of Freemasonry is not relative to “character” building, as has been perverted in their own learning, but ACTUALLY REFERS TO BODY BUILDING, human character will take care of itself WHEN THE BRAIN CELLS ARE CHEMICALLY PERFECT.
On page 167 of Part 1 of the “Secret Doctrine”, Madam Blavatsky quotes the following: “Lead the life necessary for the acquisition of such knowledge and powers, and wisdom will come to you naturally.” (Perfect the body’s chemistry and achieve enlightenment or Christ consciousness).
As the Sun is exalted in Aries and the Moon in Taurus, neither one can accomplish anything in the great work without Mercury (Kali Mur, potassium chloride), who truly is the messenger of the gods (the builder of the fibers of the two nervous systems which carry out the desires via the mind fluid, the bearer or carrier of light or electricity).
The CEREBRO-SPINAL SYSTEM IS THE GENERATOR AND CARRIER OF PHYSIO-CHEMICAL ELECTRICITY, WHICH IS ENERGY OR LIFE. This explains why Mercury is associated with Gemini as its ruler, meaning that all the activities which have to do with this Zodiac sign and house are of a Mercurial nature.
The different RATES OF VIBRATION by means of which all Nature’s work is accomplished have received the names of Planets, in order that humanity may study them and the effects they produce, not only in nature, BUT IN THE HUMAN BODY. Metaphysically, Mercury is MIND, physiologically, the Cerebro-Spinal system (THE NERVES), chemically it is QUICKSILVER, which is an oily or fatty substance, the “argentum vivum” or “living philosophical silver”, for we learn that the true interpretation of “quick” is “living”. Quicksilver means “living silver”.
The root of the word Mercury is the Latin word “Merx”, meaning “goods” or “merchandise”, and when the various offices and attributes ascribed to him are analyzed, a vast treasure house of information is available.
In ancient times this god Mercury (Mind) was identified as the Greek god Hermes, Son of Jupiter and Maia. He was the messenger of the gods, inventor of the lyre, god of oratory, conductor of the souls of the dead to the lower world (animal desires and senses) and he was the patron father of merchants and “thieves”.
As messenger, Mercury (Mind and Sensory Nerves) utilizes the electrical energy of thought and the subtle nerve fluids created by Father Jupiter, the giver of all good things. In action he may do this positively and hence beneficially, or negatively and destructively. In either case Mercury stands for “Merchandise, wares or goods”, utilized in commerce or exchange by the mind in the body. As god of oratory he REFERS TO THE MENTAL POWER NECESSARY TO BECOME A GOOD SPEAKER, one who voices truth.
The reference to the lyre is concerned with a mysterious ORGAN IN THE BRAIN having that name and which is the REAL SOURCE OF THE SINGING VOICE. It is the positive pole, while the negative is the place where sound is emitted, or the vocal chords in the throat.
The explanation of Mercury as “father” of merchants and thieves is the same as that given above. MIND (THE FATHER OF THOUGHT), CAN ACTUALLY ROB THE BODY BY BECOMING THE PRODIGAL SON AS THE BIBLE STATES, AND WASTING IT’S MERCHANDISE ON RIOTOUS LIVING.
THE BRAIN “ESSE” OR ESSENCE AND THOUGHT POWER OR ELECTRICITY CONSTITUTE THE TRUE MERCHANDISE OF EVERY HUMAN BODY AND THE “GREAT WORK” IS TO PERFECT IT SO THAT IT WILL BE ABLE TO ATTRACT THE HIGHEST FORM OF ETHER (AKASHA) INTO THE BODY! We become “thieves” when we make no effort to do this, stealing not only from ourselves, but from others as well. To rob another or one’s self of this most precious merchandise is truly the SIN AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST.
In the Scorpio division of the Zodiac, astrology gives us complete information relative to thieving. The human body is the rightful owner of all this is created in it by mind and when this is understood, the Biblical statement relative to “inheriting the earth” will at last become clear. To inherit means to “hold possession of”.
DEATH IS THE SEPERATION OF SPIRIT FROM THE BODY-MEANING THERE IS INSUFFICIENT CELL SALT MATERIAL FOR IT TO WORK OR FUNCTION THROUGH, it’s piece of real estate (body) is of poor quality, IT’S MINERAL OR CHEMICAL FOMULA IS IMPERFECT, SO MUCH SO THAT IT CANNOT SUPPORT LIFE. Hence it leaves. When the chemical formula created by the Divine Chemist for the perfect man is complied with, then indeed will the GREAT WORK have been accomplished.
And thus we find the true interpretation of “merchandise” perverted along with everything else, for the words Mercury and Mind are derived from the same root. OUR MIND MUST HAVE GOODS WITH WHICH AND THROUGH WHICH TO EXPRESS. The old slang phrase “you haven’t got the goods” is accurate even though it cannot be termed “attic wisdom”, delicate wit.
As the mind (Mercury) can be capable of recognizing facts or their absence while surrounded by a mass of mental rubbish in the literature of today, or of any age, even so is the CHEMICAL Mercury endowed with the same power. It is an “amalgam” and can separate gold and silver from other ores-truly releasing them from their bondage with impurities. It is also a solvent of metals. It’s work in nature is analogous with that of the human body.
Again we have another and perfect correspondence in the thermometer and the barometer, whose tubes are filled with mercury which measures air temperature and pressure. Mercury expands and rises in the tube under the influence of heat vibrations. It was invented and named by man for the simple reason that it was patterned from his own spinal canal which contains living (Quick) Silver. The lower or negative bulb is the Sacral (sacred) Ganglia, the upper and positive being the Cerebrum.
Another mechanical device patterned from the spinal canal is the syringe, the Latin word for which is “syrinx”. One end is attached to a source of supply, (the Cerebrum), and pressure applied to a bulb at the lower end releases the fluid. Even so in the human body Euphrates, the River of God, is robbed of the Water of Life.
In Astrology, Gemini is a NEUTRAL sign, and the three other neutral signs Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces constitute the neutral, harmonious or purification cross. You will find them placed accordingly on the cross of the Zodiac. It has been understood by most students of Astrology that beginning with Aries as positive and masculine, every alternating sign is feminine. It can however be very illuminating to consider every third sign as neuter or neutral.
When the fact is recalled that there are neuter planets it is only logical to differentiate the Zodiac signs in the same way and the true astrological story will never become clear unless Gemini, Virgo, Saggitarius and Pisces are viewed in the neutral way. The information which actually proves this to be true can be found by studying the nature and use of the 4 mineral salts which
Dr. Carey allocated with them, namely Kali Mur, Silicea, Kali Sulph and Ferrum Phos. After carefully studying every point in each of the twelve chapters you will readily see on reconsidering the information given relative to the purification of the cross, that the amazing story it tells is none other than that of PURITY, HARMONY AND PURFECTION, THEREFOR IS NEUTER.
In his Dictionary of Sacred Language of All Scriptures and Myths, G.A. Gaskell says of Gemini: “A symbol of the third period of the cycle of life. The “twins” signifying the HIGHER AND LOWER SELVES, or the individuality and personality on the mental plane. These are the two centers of consciousness in the soul for the higher and lower activities. In the constellation Gemini are the two stars, Castor and Pollux, which are symbols of the personality and the individuality, in accordance with the story of the Dioscuri.”
While the above definition is one of the best we have had, it is rather misleading in the light which PHYSIOLOGY throws on it. THERE IS REALLY BUT ONE SELF, AND THAT IS THE SPIRIT, THE INDIVIDUAL.
WHEN THE PHYSICAL VEHICLE, THE BRAIN, IS CHEMICALLY PERFECT, THEN SPIRIT, THE INDIVIDUALITY, MANIFESTS AS SUCH UNHAMPERED. It’s manifestation is limited and colored by the imperfect vehicle in and through which it endeavors to function. It is cramped, chaotic and spasmodic. It harms the body and injures others. This, in its various and varied manifestations, we term PERSONALITY or LOWER MIND.
A concrete example of this is the difference between the vibrations produced by a perfect musical instrument and one dilapidated and utterly incapable of producing anything but discordant sounds. Both keyboards are manipulated by a gifted artist, THE SPIRIT.
Mr. Gaskell quotes from Smith’s Classical Dictionary relative to Dioscuri, the Twins, or Castor and Pollux, the two principle stars of Gemini. “They were the sons of Leda. Pollux and Helen only were children of Zeus, and Castor was the son of Tyndareus, also the daughter Clytemnestra.” The fact that their mother was mortal (living in the lower mind) makes them half human, half divine, and emphasizes the dual nature of the brothers.
The key to the real meaning of Castor and Pollux is in their etymology. Castor is derived from the Latin word “Castus”, meaning pure, spotless, abstinence from sensual pleasure, chastity, while “Pollux” means to defile or pollute.
THUS SPIRIT UTILIZES THE WARES OF THE BODY OR PHYSICAL MERCHANDISE IN PERFECTING IT AND MAKING IT SPOTLESS AND PURE. If the substance of the body is otherwise employed it defiles and pollutes. It is needless to say that the great majority of human beings come under the negative interpretation of Gemini. THEY ARE LIVING IN THE LOWER MIND.
Gradually we will learn, through the suffering which inevitably results from misuse of the cerebro-spinal substance and electrical energy the great lesson which must be driven home to each one.
Madam Blavatsky says, on page 122 of Part II “But the variant of the Leda allegory which has a direct reference to mystic man is found in Pindar only, with a slighter reference to it in Homeric hymns. Castor and Pollux are, in it, no longer the Dioscuri, but become the highly significant symbol of the DUAL MAN, THE MORTAL AND THE IMMORTAL.
Not only this, but as will now be seen, they are also the symbol of the Third Race, and it’s transformation from the Animal Man into a God-Man with only an animal body.”
In the Greek allegory we read “Pollux will either remain immortal, living eternally in Olympus, or, if he would SHARE his brother’s fate in all things, he must pass half his existence underground, and the other half in the golden heavenly abodes.”
This semi-immortality which is also to be shared by Castor is accepted by Pollux. And thus the twin brothers live alternately, one during the day and the other during the night. IN ALL ESOTERIC WRITINGS REFERENCES TO DAY HAVE TO DO WITH THE HIGHER MIND, LIVING THE LIFE WHICH LEADS TO ILLUMINATION, WHILE THE NIGHT SYMBOLIZES THE LIFE OF SPIRITUAL DARKNESS.
Exoterically, Gemini deals with short journeys, letters, mail carriers, message boys, telegrams, and methods of communication, children and relatives, all of those things which have underlying them the idea of threads (of thought), fibers, twigs, emanations..that which branches off from a parent.
In the India Vedas, the Twins are called “the physicians of Heaven”, and this probably refers to the influence of Mercury, whose Caduceus is, to this day, used as the official insignia of our army medical corps and among physicians generally.
The explanation of caduceus is one with which real students must become thoroughly conversant, as there is no one thing which so clearly links us up with , and at the same time gives us the physiological key to what we have termed “Religion”.
The word is derived from the Latin “Cadus” meaning a vessel or jar, also from the verb “cado” meaning to fall. A dead body is termed a “cadaver” and is derived from the same root. Webster’s Dictionary informs us that caduceus is derived from “cadere”—meaning to fall. Summing up our various interpretations, we find the HUMAN BODY IS A JAR OR VESSEL CONTAINING THE WATER OF LIFE.
When a living body falls lifeless it is considered a cadaver. It is a desert, a deserted place from which the Water of Life has departed.
THE INNER MEANING OF CADUCEUS THEN IS CONCERNED WITH THE FALL OF MAN. If this is the negative interpretation, since it deals with destruction, then the positive interpretation we find the plan for the rise or ascent of man from the animal man back to the god-man.
In other words, this is the RETURN TO THE FATHER, which consummation is the atonement (at-one-ment). As the word “ment” is derived from the Latin “mentis” meaning “mind”, right here we have the complete explanation, ONE MIND, MIND FOREVER MANIFESTING HARMONIOUSLY, BENEVOLENTLY, THE CHRIST MIND.
The vehicle (body) has been chemically perfected, therefore there is no longer any antagonism, no mental chaos causes by mind-Spirit-SEARCHING FOR MATERIAL WITH WHICH TO MANIFEST. THE FATHER NOW HAS SUFFIENT MOTHER (MATER-MATERIAL) WITH WHICH TO PRODUCE HARMONY.
This brings us to our physiological allocation of Gemini, and to the consideration of those parts assigned by the ancients to Gemini, the BRONCHIAL TUBES AND LUNGS, THE SHOULDERS, ARMS AND HANDS. Some astrologers include the nerves, which is correct if one considers their basic formation as fibers, for other cell salts must be present in order that they may respond to either sensory or motor impulses. THE SENSORY NERVES MUST BE STUDIED UNDER ARIES, THE MOTOR NERVES UNDER LEO.
All nerves are essentially filaments. TO THE ABOVE LIST I ADD SKIN AND GLANDS ESPECIALLY, but it must be remembered that ALL FLESH is constituted of fibers and filaments, so there is very little of the body which does not have flesh filaments for its basis. These constitute “man’s garment”.
Referring to the interpretation of June from the Latin word meaning Join or Joining, we must bear in mind the fact that nerves and bronchial tubes represent the part of the body which first “branches off”, after the formation of the cerebrum, cord and cerebellum.
How amusing it becomes to the student of synthesis, when he reads that this “supposed” turning of water into wine in an ancient city in times remote may today serve as a reason for even ministers of the gospel voting against prohibition (written in 1920’s). They say “At least give us wine, for since Jesus himself made it to serve to wedding guests, it must be quite alright.”
The word “Cana” means “reeds” in Hebrew, while “Galilee” means “circle”.
Is it not clear now how utterly perverted the whole subject of beverages has become? A clean, healthy, pure body nourished by THIS brand of wine, the wine of life, makes for a CLEAR INTELLECT AND A BRAIN WITHOUT COBWEBS, WHICH IS THE NECESSARY QUALIFICATION FOR UNDERSTANDING.
Thus we have a good foundation for wisdom. On the other hand, a stomach filled with any other kind of wine results in a befuddled brain and the entire absence of reason. We have as yet so little sense that it behooves us not to drown it.
We link up again with Mercury (mind) as ruler of Gemini when we dwell on the fact that air, breath, oxygen and Spirit energize and make active the mind for which Mercury stands. The following quotation from the scriptures gives us a clear cut picture of it: “there is a spirit in man, an inspiration (inbreathing) of the Almighty giveth it understanding”. The KIND of air and the amount we inbreath depends on our physical chemistry, but that is another story.
The eager, open minded searcher for truth will find many questions relative to religion answered in these pages. Truth is very simple and easily understood, when the brain is in good condition, for there is a clear and logical explanation for every problem. BUT THE CEREBRAL CELLS AS WELL AS ALL OTHER CELLS MUST BE SUPPLIED WITH THE PROPER MINERAL FOODS AND SALTS, AND KEPT FREE FROM ACID ACCUMULATIONS AND POISON. It is a process like everything else, and time is required.
In the myth of the Three Fates, Clotho, Lachesis and Atrophos were the SPINNERS OF THE THREADS OF HUMAN DESTINY. They were provided with shears with which to cut it off when they pleased, and according to Hesiod, were the daughters of Night (lower mind). Clotho held the distaff, Lachesis spun the thread and Atrophos cut it off when it was ended. The Fates dwelt in the deep abyss of Demogorgon, and with unwearied fingers DREW OUT THE THREADS OF LIFE.
Demogorgon was said to be the genius of the soil or earth, fabled to be the LIFE AND SUBSTANCE OF THE PLANTS. He was depicted as a little old man covered with moss who lived underground.
Gemini is the branching off month or period of the year (late May-June). It has to do, in utero, with the branching off of the nerves from the head, to form the body. Thus it does not require much imagination to see that the story of the Three Fates is concerned with the three decans (divisions) of Gemini.
The distaff refers to the bass of the brain, where 75% of the nerves of the head concentrate and CROSS, appearing to “wind” themselves up. In some mythological pictures the thread is represented as first appearing at the feet of Jove and his heavenly spouse. Clotho, the youngest of the Three Fates is allocated with the first decan of the sign Gemini, and is holder of the distaff. Lachesis spins or draws out the thread, while Atrophos DIVIDES it so that it may form the great nerve branch in either leg.
While the interpretation of the story is tht Atrophos cuts off the thread, much research into the etymology of the word “shear” reveals the fact that it also means “the parting fork of the human body”, hence the limbs. The nerves do not terminate at the end of the human spine but continue to the end of the extremities, after BRANCHING OFF. It is also true that LIFE CEASES when NERVE ACTION ENDS. An archaic interpretation of “shear” is to make an incision or cleft.
It is also true that fate or destiny of each individual depends on the extent and degree to which the spirit in man is able to control, direct and manifest the threads of life through the cerebro- spinal nervous system. The electricity of life truly flows through them.
The three fates were termed the Parcae by the Romans, while the Greeks called them Maerae, meaning to divide or to apportion. Other interpretations are a tree-shoot, a cutting, or a “lot” of anything. From this no doubt came the notion of casting lots, or drawing lots for one’s fate or destiny. There is then, from every evidence of it’s synthetic analysis, that the branching off of the nerves from the base of the brain, the formation of the air passages and growth of blood vessels and arteries to form the torso and extremities must be studied under Gemini.
In the astronomical story of Gemini we find that in the feet of the Twins, a brilliant white star named Almeisan or Al Maisan is described by Al Biruni as “winding” around each other, as though the stars of this station were winding around each other, or curving from the central star. In Babylonia this star marked the tenth ecliptic constellation, Mash-mashu-sha-Risu, “the Twins of the Shepherd” and may have been the Babylonian lunar mansion called Khigalla, the Canal”.
There is every evidence to suggest that the Canal represented by the stars in the constellation of Gemini refers to the spinal canal in the human body. In the human body and blood, fibrin is distinguished from albumin and casein by its separation, in a solid state, into delicate “filaments” in any fluid in which it is dissolved, shortly after the fluid is taken from the organism.
It is clearly shown by bio-chemists that WITHOUT THE INORGANIC SALT POTASSIUM CHLORIDE, NO FIBRIN CAN BE MADE, and it is further shown that the normal amount of fibrin can not be held in proper solution in the blood without proper balance of that cell salt. Fibrin results from the union of certain fibrin-plastic substances (albuminoids), but this union does not take place in the absence of the Chloride of Potash molecules.
In venous blood the fibrin amounts to three in 1000 parts. Arterial blood contains less, and lymph a still smaller amount. In inflammatory exudations we find Fibrin in the serous cavities-such as pleura and peritoneum, and on the mucous membrane, as in croup, diphtheria, catarrh, etc. In all inflammatory conditions, Ferrum Phos (the Pisces salt) should be given with Kali Mur, for iron particles carry oxygen which becomes deficient when the proper balance is disturbed by the outflow of fibrin.
It is quite clear that fibrin is produced by the action of the chloride of potash, with the assistance of oxygen, on certain albuminoids.
The definition of Fibrin is “A whitish proteid from the blood and the serous fluids of the body. It is seen in elastic fibrillar masses.” It is not recongnized as fibrin in the blood but as coagulum from which fibers or filaments, threads are spun. The definition of fiber is “an elongated, thread like structure of organic tissue”.
Potassium Chloride is the mineral Sylvite, termed in Latin, “sal digestivus” or the digestive salt. The word “digest” in Latin is derived from “dis” meaning apart, and “gerere” meaning to carry. It thus means “to carry apart in different directions.” Thus Kali Mur is assigned to Gemini, the branching off sign of the zodiac, since this salt has the power to carry apart in different directions.
As we study anatomy and physiology, it is evident that with the exception of the bones, fibrin is necessary in the formation of the neres, ligaments, veins, skin, tissue, in fact ALL flesh. From a deep realization of this fact Potassium Chloride (Kali Mur) is the spinning salt, for it spins the threads from which the seamless garment of flesh is woven.
Let us refer to Mercury (mind) as the messenger of the gods (spirit) or ruling powers of Mt. Olympus (the cerebrum). Let us picture for ourselves the character of the message that Mercury held in itself from the past. From what pattern did it reconstruct the garment which serves in this incarnation? What is the texture of our Mercury? What of the garments commonly known as mind and body? Is the mind capable of boring like a gimlet into a subject, revealing hidden treasures of truth?
Is mind able to stand, towering like an impregnable fortress of strength against the blows of adversity nd sorrow which sooner or later come to test each one of us? Do we find “reason” tottering and mental confusion resulting when difficult situations arise? Are we fearful or panicky, lonely, homesick and discouraged? Are we stiff, lame and rheumatic as the years go by? Do we find some symptom more or less constantly manifesting, until finally, there is no mental or physical rest, and life becomes merely a painful existence, death at last coming as a relief?
Such then is the Mercury we brought with us into incarnation. It was INTENDED by the Great Chemist to be “argentum vivum” or “living silver”, but we were prodigal sons in our past incarnations, and in the depths to which we descended this silver became polluted. That which is so quick to attract itself became an amalgam which indeed chained us to the mire and filth of earth.
Mercury’s wings seem to have been broken. Instead of soaring into the higher realms of mind which is the result of the EXPANSION of a purified and LIVING SILVER in the spinal canal (our physiological thermometer and barometer), Mercury has instead been coagulated with lead by Saturn. Heavy instead of light are those winged feet. Mind (Mercury) functions very, very slowly and crudely (Saturn) and we drag ourselves along as though weighted down by lead, Saturn’s allocating metal.
Is it strange then, that lead coagulates mercury, and is the only metal having the power to do so?
What is the process whereby we may free our mercury from the burden of impurities it bears-BOTH the tangible, physical mercury and the intangible , abstract Mercury of mind? By exactly the same process used by the chemist-BY RAISING IT’S VIBRATIONS AND VAPORIZING IT. Remember, our Mercury ( mind) is a true creature of the Air. The heights are its home. Gemini is an air sign. Mercury originates in Aries , it was GOLD there, but in the the lower regions it became ARGENTUM VIVUM, living silver or the WATER OF LIFE.
It’s passageway, the spinal canal, is both the Rivers Euphrates and the Jordan. By this process of vaporization all incumbrances fall away. In metallurgy we are informed that wen minute pauntities of either gold or silver cannot be extracted from a mass, they are mixed with mercury, to which the precious particles are attracted. It PICKS UP just as the mind does, either that which is valuable or valueless. The mercury is separated and vaporized, and the gold or silver is released.
Thus we find the reason why Mercury is a symbol of mind, free at last of all that would prevent its soaring into those realms where only pure Spirit is at home. When the brain is at last completely purified and perfected, which means that it is formed of the ULTIMATE CHEMICAL ATOMS, this will be possible. Why do we delay this Divine Messenger on his journey back to Olympus?
Obviously because we have not known the road or the direction in which it lies. Perhaps until recently we had not wished to journey, or dreamed ever so vaguely, of the golden glory and the peace beyond words to be found at the journey’s end.
And so once more, let us take up the THREADS of Gemini and review, again, the ancient story of the Caduceus of Mercury. Although it is used as the symbol of healing by the American and British Medical corps, how many physicians among them know of its immemorial metaphysical and physiological tradition? About as many as those having knowledge of the real interpretation of Freemasonry, of Astrology or Christianity.
Mercury, as has been explained, means mind, also that through which mind expresses in the physical body, namely the CEREBRO-SPINAL SYSTEM OR SEMI FLUIDIC MATERIAL WHICH CONSTITUTES “SOUL”. SPIRIT MUST HAVE A MEDIUM THROUGH WHICH TO IMPRESS THE DENSE PHYSICAL ATOMS. It is our psyche, the tender mother substance which can be more easily manipulated.
SPIRIT IS NOT SOUL, NEITHER IS SOUL SPIRIT, but how often we find these terms used interchangeably. They shou ld not be. The scriptures state that BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT EXIST, BODY and SOUL being detachable from Spirit and subject to dissolution.
Mercury’s symbol, poised on winged feet on the lips of Gaia or Mother Earth, the right arm lifted and forefinger pointed directly overhead, is crowed with a winged hat. In the left hand and grasped by a handle extending from the middle pole or wand is the Caduceus, resting against the forearm and in the hollow made by the elbow. A very short distance from the Caduceus wand are the two wings. Twined around the pole with their bodies meeting and CROSSING AT FOUR POINTS are TWO SERPENTS, their heads turned inward.
Study carefully the position in which the Caduceus is held. Ordinarily the natural way of holding a thing is outward or forward a little way away from the body. In Mercury’s symbol, the arm is FORCED BACKWARD AND AWAY FROM THE BODY, instead, an unnatural and awkward position.
This was planned as means of attracting one’s attention to its relation to the BACK of Mercury, for THE CADUCEUS WAND IS THE HUMAN SPINE, and we find this fact expressed in Hindu literature as the STICK OF BRAHM. Brahmarhandra (Spirit or the Bee) enters the body through the door of Brahm (suture in the skull) and leans on his stick. The backbone is the SUPPORT of the body, and there is much more to this statement than appears on the surface, for does not “lack of character” mean “spineless” or a “weak backbone”?
In terms of Freemasonry it certainly does, in spite of the French pronunciation of the Pass-word. In Hebraic literature the back bone is the ROD OF MOSES. Thus we learn that the same story, the fall and rise of man, is universal among all nations and all people.
The meaning of SPINE is THORN, and that is exactly what it looks like, the skull forming it’s head and the coccyx forming it’s thorn or point. As flesh is torn and bruised on contacting a thorn, SO DOES THE POINT OF OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL THORN IN THE FLESH BLEED US OF THE WATER OF LIFE AND TORTURE US TO MADNESS. (see Pisces). The spinal canal is humanity’s Euphrates and it’s Jordan.
The wings on the hat of Mercury REPRESENT THE TWO HEMISPHERES OF THE BRAIN, our “thinking cap”. The TWO SERPENTS ARE SYMBOLIC OF THE RIGHT AND LEFT SYMPATHETIC SYSTEMS and correspond to the two thieves allegory in the Bible. For when life is lived negatively, they “steal” from us.
All around us today we see it’s effect, humanity as a whole floundering in chaos, a sea of EMOTION (energy wasted, substance lost). Why was the symbol of the Lion allocated with Leo, away back in the morning of time? Why is it the ONLY BEAST OF PREY symbol in the entire circle of the Zodiac? Because it has to do with the process of SELF-CONTROL. The taming of the beast in man, the EMOTIONS WHICH TEAR US TO PIECES AND CONSUME US.
The heads of the two thieves and the heads of the sperents CROSS or are CRUCIFIED AT THE BASE OF THE BRAIN AT THE CEREBELLUM (Taurus). Lest there be any to whom the foregoing explanation is not yet clear, let it be further stated that under the winged hat of Mercury is the nectar and embrosia of the gods- THAT WHICH NOURISHES. IT IS THE ELECTRICITY OF LIFE WHICH RUNS THE BODY, AND WITH WHICH WE THINK. IT FORMS THE PROTOPLASMIC BASIS OF ALL THE FLUIDS OF THE BODY INCLUDING THE PRO-CREATIVE (semen and egg).
No wonder then, Mercury was said to be a patron of merchants and thieves, the merchants devoid of perversion to deal legitimately with goods, and the thieves taking by stealth, WITHOUT REIMBURSING. Here we note the distinction between the positive and negative mind, one functioning constructively, the other functioning destructively. As the positive mind, Mercury expands under the rapid vibrations (heat) of Spirit, as the negative he is cold, congealed, stagnant.
In the study of Schuessler’s Biochemic System, we note how the symptoms arising from deficient Kali Mur cell salt check with the last statement of the foregoing paragraph, for the SPINNING process stops, the threads thicken, tangle, and the parts feel enlarged, congested, swollen. The thread fiber takes up too much room. This is the true explanation for swellings, glandular enlargements, etc, etc.
Thick blood or embolus results from need of this Kali Mur salt, causing the heart to work harder, as more energy is required to circulate the blood. Biochemistry states that Kali Mur is a specific for Children’s Diseases, for they have to do with disturbances in the fibrin, and are usually accompanied by exudations through the skin, as in scarlet fever, measles, chicken pox, or in swollen glands, and throat irritation such as diphtheria, tonsillitis, mumps, etc. And to the degree in which iron or Ferrum Phos (Pisces salt) is deficient, fever will manifest.
Inflammatory rheumatism has to do with the fibers or threads of flesh deficient in this Gemini salt, and is augmented by the need for more oxygen due to iron deficiency. The brain becomes congested because the blood is thick and circulation slow, causing it to feel dull and heavy. One is unable to think clearly. The “thread” of thought is broken.
It must be repeated that THE BASIS FOR ALL FIBER IS KALI MUR, but as there are many different uses for it, the fibers are differentiated by the addition of other minerals or inorganic salts. WHEN THESE SALTS ARE PUT TOGETHER-COMBINED WITH THE PROTOPLASM FORMED BY THE CEREBRUM, THEY BECOME ORGANIC..which merely means “put together, as bricks with mortar”.
 Joseph of the Bible story is the Mecury of Astrology. Is not his coat of many colors symbolic of the countless shades and hues of THOUGHT? The mental as well as the physical garment is SEAMLESS. Religion, so absolutely and entirely perverted down the ages, begins now to blossom forth as a new and wondrous story, and we realize at last that EACH INDIVIDUAL HAS HIS OWN TREE OF LIFE, HIS OWN GARDEN OF EDEN. NO ONE BUT HIMSELF CAN DESTROY THAT TREE. NO ONE BUT HIMSELF CAN CULTIVATE IT OR SUPPLY IT WITH NUTRIMENT, SO THAT IN TIME IT MAY BEAR TWELVE KINDS OF PERFECT FRUIT (THE 12 DIVISIONS OF THE HUMAN BODY).
This process means THE OVERCOMING OF DEATH. Barring accidents, no one dies except from dis-ease, and even the former will be done away with as the cerebral centers having to do with intuition are perfected, for one will then be forewarned.
It is very interesting to note that both Castor and Pollux have dual and seemingly contradictory interpretations. For while it is a fact that Castor is derived from “castus”, meaning “pure”, while Pollux means to taint or pollute, yet at the same time we analyze the Latin derivation, “polluere” meaning “to wash forth”, we divide the word into POLL and LUX. Here we have the basis of another interpretation. Poll is the middle English word for the TOP OF THE HEAD, WHICH PHYSIOLOGICALLY IS THE SOURCE OF LIGHT OR UNDERSTANDING, while LUX means LIGHT.
The word “Cast” means to throw violently, to cast off, to shed, etc. It also means to expurge. This conglomeration of dual meanings for both Castor and Pollux substantiates the statement that each alternately goes to a higher vibration (living in heaven one day) and to a lower vibration (living in the earth / dirt the next day).
When the information embodied in the Zodiac sign of Gemini is acquired, humanity will strive more and more to live positively, creatively and no longer destructively, thus dividing it’s merchandise, the bread which comes down from heaven daily TOO FEED it. Mercury, the great physician, will at last fulfill his divine mission, which is TO HEAL ALL DISEASES.
Do not become confused by the statement and say “yes, I know that mind can heal.” And forget the fact that on the mater-ial plane of expression the cerebro-spinal system is Mercury also. One cannot get along without the other. BOTH REQUIRE SUSTENANCE-food corresponding to their own individual needs.
Faith without works is dead, and in all work MATERIAL is required. We can never separate ourselves from this fact, for it is purely scientific. It is the basis for the following statement taken from Matthew 9:12 “THEY THAT BE WHOLE NEED NOT A PHYSICIAN. PHYSICIAN, HEAL THYSELF.”
In biochemistry, the following physical conditions are manifestations of the lack of Potassium Chloride (Kali Mur) in the human body:
hawking of thick white mucus, sick headache from sluggish liver, want of bile, thick white mucus from the eyes, granulated eyelids, earaches with swollen glands and gray or white furred tongue, catarrhal condition of the middle ear, cracking noises in the head and joints, dullness of hearing from throat affections or swelling of the middle ear, stuffy colds in the head, thick white discharge from the throat, catarrh (mucus build up and discharge in the nose and throat), face ache from swelling in the gums or cheek, canker sores in the mouth, ulcerated sore throats, MUMPS, poor appetite from sluggish liver, gastritis, constipation, typhoid, SMALLPOX, CANCER, peritonitis, cystitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, leucorrhea, pneumonia, pleurisy, coughs, embolism (thick blood), poor circulation, rheumatism of the joints, chief remedy in epilepsy, acne, boils, chronic swelling from the feet and legs, creaking of muscles, all swellings, ECZEMA, erysipelas, children’s diseases, glandular swellings, typhoid and typhus fever, rheumatic fever.
As these are tissue and fiber diseases, pains are increased and aggravated by motion.




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  3. […] is the actual, secret, hidden and misunderstood esoteric meaning of Mercury — the metaphoric symbol representing the higher mind, spirit and belief. In the Cerebrum and his […]

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