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Truth Serum News is a non-profit alternative news media site dedicated to bringing you a variety of international news articles, videos and audio interviews regarding a wide range of vital topics that are normally blacked out or avoided by corporate owned globalist mainstream media factions.  We cover politics, holistic health information, alternative science, esoteric interests, free energy breakthroughs and new inventions,  trans-humanism, space news and weather, economic alternatives and sovereign law, expose think tanks and philosophical societies and their hidden agendas, false flag operations, ancient history and archeological discoveries, biochemistry, religious and esoteric symbolism, weather modification /manipulation and most other topics that are kept hidden from humanity.

We feel that knowledge is true power and strive to empower as many people as we possibly can in order to affect positive change in the world.  Our admins come from various countries around the world and we usually try to deliver our news with a touch of humour, for as Oscar Wilde wrote: “If you are going to tell the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”

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